Tantric Sex For The First Time At MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Tantric Sex For The First Time At MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Burnout and a Breakup

I was about to burn out when I booked my holiday to Singapore and Tantric Sex For The First Time was the furthest thought. My job as a sales consultant was very stressful, and my boss suggested a holiday with meditation in an Oriental country. She gave me the contact details for a monastery in Singapore and also advised me to visit MacRitchie Reservoir Park. I decided to give it a go since my boyfriend had recently dumped me, and I felt that I had nothing keeping me from going. It sounded like a lovely experience, but it ended up being so much more. I not only nursed my broken heart back to health, but I also learned about my own body and the desires it can have and how to do something about it…

The Monastery Experience

Kong Meng San Phor Kark is the name of the famous monastery I stayed at. The monastery was so peaceful, I could feel the stress alleviate the moment we arrived. I had a wonderful, relaxing time and was ready to replace my stupid ex-boyfriend the moment I got back to my hometown. After all the peace and quiet, I was almost human and ready to be on the market again—single and loving life. I wanted to spend some more time in Singapore, though, and I was really looking forward to the reservoir park. I had never been to one before, and it seemed like a very beautiful, serene place.

The Hike at MacRitchie Reservoir Park

I had arranged to join another tour group on a hike, and I was wearing hiking boots, denim shorts, and a little white spaghetti strap top. I didn’t need a bra as the burnout had me eating a lot less, and I was quite pleased with my figure. It was the only good thing my breakup left me with. The hike began, and I noticed a local staring at me. I decided to do the same. He was checking me out, and I was doing the same thing. And it was worth it. He had sleek brown hair, and his eyes seemed darker than should be allowed for a normal human. With every stare, he was undressing me and pulling me towards him. I could feel myself falling into a trap that I knew I was helping to dig.

Meeting Alex

The hike was stunning, and we stopped to take photos constantly. There were many young people in the group of about thirty, and I subtly made my way so that I could walk closer and closer to the man who kept staring at me. At one point, I nearly fell over a large rock, and he caught me by the arm. I thought he would let go of my arm immediately, but he didn’t.

He gently rubbed it and then held my hand. “Better be careful!” he said.

He smiled, and I was lost in it. His touch was electric, and the fact that he didn’t want to let my arm go was just the encouragement I needed to make a pass at him. I thought it was going to be more difficult for me to get out of my shell, but it happened so quickly that I would have had to watch in slow motion had it been recorded. Maybe it was the fresh Singapore air; maybe it was my heart healing after many breakups.

He said his name was Alex and that his mother was also at the monastery. He was going to pick her up after the hike. He hiked without ever breaking a sweat, and I started wondering about his stamina. He seemed very fit, with veins and muscles any American would die for. We snuck to the back of the group in order to disappear a little bit later and get to know each other better. We finally had a moment, not too far from the end, and we wandered off. I was still asking him questions when he took my hand and spun me around.

An Unexpected Encounter

He kissed me as if he had been hungry for me all of his life. I knew that this was merely physical, and I decided to enjoy every moment of it.

I took off my white top, and he was visibly surprised to see my naked body. My denim flew to one side, and he pushed me up against a tree. We fumbled, and we danced long before we made love. He was fascinated by my upper body, and his passion took me by surprise. My breasts had never felt so wanted. I started moaning, and I just couldn’t help myself. I started touching him down there, with the innocence that a long-lasting relationship brings.

It makes you shy when you meet new people, but Alex was a foreigner to me that I would never ever see again, and that is why I grabbed his cock. It was already huge, and the pulses I felt in my hand drove me nearly insane. I had never ever felt so desperate to have someone inside of me.

He was in no rush, though, the reservoir park staying open until late. I touched myself to ease some of the pain, but I wanted him so badly. He finally decided to let me have what I most wanted, and he turned me around. With my naked stomach next to the tree, I felt exposed and vulnerable, but it was the most excited I have ever been.

He gently and slowly put his stiff cock inside of me. I could feel how wet I was. He loved it and moaned with pleasure. He said something in his local dialect that I didn’t understand and I don’t even want to.

Passion Unleashed

I know what he felt because I felt the same thing. Desperation. Powerlessness against our passion. He traced a straight line with his finger down my back, and I decided to take control of the situation. I do not care if his preferred method is doggy, I was the one who was on holiday and nursing a broken heart! I was also the one who hadn’t had sex for two months, but that was not something I would have liked to put on my CV, if you know what I mean.

He did not seem to mind at all when I turned around and sucked him until he nearly exploded. I used every trick in the book and even thought of new ones. I swirled, and I licked, and I teased with my fingers and my mouth. The moment I realized that he couldn’t bear it any longer without relief, I opened my legs with my back next to the tree. His left hand grabbed a branch for grip, and he started thrusting. His face looked like it was in agony, but then again, who doesn’t ache? I came before he did. And then I came again.

He was still inside of me, body limp and energy depleted when I started touching myself. I made sure to touch him as well. And just as I had hoped, my orgasm gave him new life. He must have felt how silky and inviting my insides were, and his cock started growing again. We didn’t care about the mess or how we looked; we had tantric sex using our sexual instincts. I often think about what happened next when I am bored or making love to someone else.

Reflections on Alex

His strong, hard erection and stamina were definitely something worth writing about. It was almost as if he used a penis pump, but he didn’t—he was all-natural. On the one hand, it was the most barbaric thing I had ever done; on the other, the most erotic and liberating. Alex pulled out and then lit a cigarette. He offered me one, but I declined. I stood there kind of awkwardly when I told myself, hey! You are on holiday.

This man likes you, and you like him. Why not let go for a while and see what happens? I decided not to dress myself immediately and slyly started touching my breasts. When he looked up and saw that I was not getting dressed, he first checked his watch.

An Unexpected Continuation

“We have another hour before I have to go get my mother… I was going to get dressed after the smoke, but now, I am not so very sure,” he said.

He almost immediately started to stiffen again, and he did not pull out of me for what seemed like decades as well as a moment too quick. We did everything imaginable, and he only had one more orgasm just before he had to leave. At some point, we had to rush to find our clothes and ran a bit deeper into the non-designated area. Birds were flying away as we ran from the new hike group. It was the most fun I had ever had in the wild. We quickly chose a new spot and continued making love.

Tantric Sex For The First Time

He was slow at times, teasing me with the tip of his finger on my breasts or kissing my neck, and other times he would get into a rhythm that made me think he was going to expire soon, but Alex was a machine. The only difference was that he listened to my body, and he was always just a bit too fast or a bit too slow.

This drove me mad; I had never met someone with his kind of control over his body. It was a taos experience. He slapped my bum, and the sound made insects and birds scatter. He took flowers and leaves out of my hair to grab hold of it tightly. At times, I was in control of him, on top and touching myself. This had become my favorite position from that day on.

Taking Control

He whispered in my ear, “How do you want to finish? What will make you explode?”

And I chose to sit on top of him. After my heart was broken and my job nearly killed me with stress, I needed to feel in control of something, and that day, I was in control of orgasms. He never stopped touching me, and his hands were all over my breasts and face, and of course, my clit. What a tantric experience this was. His tongue was in my mouth the moment I started to feel that I was losing control. I arched, and I started screaming. Alex had to cover my mouth so quickly that I was afraid it would curb his enthusiasm, but the break was perfect. I felt him thickening from the base, and it was magical.

We came together, my hand on his mouth and his on mine. We exploded and writhed and fell down the rabbit hole together. We were sweaty and disgusting, but we loved it. I had never had such synchronicity before, and I loved it.

A New Perspective

I had never had the wind in my hair or the grass under my bum when making love. This was an eye-opener, and I immediately decided to stop trimming my hedges at home for more privacy. Alex changed my life in more ways than one. We cuddled and held each other for what felt like an eternity. We had to get up after a while and pack up and get dressed. It was a mess, but luckily I had a little brush with me.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

He kissed my lips just after I applied lip gloss, and I had to reapply. He kissed me again, and I realized that we were saying goodbye. My heart! I thought. However, saying goodbye was not as sad as I thought. My heart had been healed, and I think so had my body.

We saw each other a couple of times afterward, but it was just not the same. I left Singapore with a new lease on life and a new grip on my sex life. I am going back there with my family next year, and I hope we don’t run into Alex. I am, however, definitely going to take my husband to the monastery as well as the reservoir. The children will be with their au pair, and my husband is going to wonder why his lazy wife all of a sudden wants to start hiking. He will soon find out. Wink wink!

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