Desirous Public Sex In Amazing Singapore!

Desirous Public Sex In Amazing Singapore!

Coffee at Nylon Coffee Roasters

Sex In Amazing Singapore – We’re having coffee at Nylon Coffee Roasters on Everton Park in Singapore. I’m having black coffee, and he’s having a cappuccino. He is handsome. Brown hair slicked back, glasses that fit his face, hazel eyes, and the most beautiful lips I’ve seen.

He is well built, with incredible arms and a chest that stands out in this sweater. We’re standing in front of each other, talking about our lives, what we want for the future, and what we’re looking for in another person. He starts telling me that he has been rejected a lot of times.

A Surprising Conversation

‘Why, Andrew? You’re so handsome. I’d never reject you,’ I say. He smiles at me, biting his lip.

‘Oh, I don’t know. Everything happens for a reason, right? But tell me, you wouldn’t reject me, would you, Ana?’ he says.

‘No, how could I?’ I reply.

‘So, you wouldn’t mind if I kissed you right now?’ he says as I get closer to him and kiss him.

‘Next time, don’t ask, just do it,’ I reply.

‘I like how you think,’ he says.

In the meantime, I start scrubbing my high heel on his leg, massaging it slowly. ‘What do you like in women? And, Andrew, don’t spare me the details,’ I ask.

‘I love determined women. Someone who knows what they want. Someone that won’t say yes just because I said yes. Someone who’s not afraid of trying new things,’ he says. ‘I’m never afraid of trying new things, especially when it comes to making new things in the bedroom,’ I intimate. ‘And I love women who are direct, who cut through the chase, like you just did. To be honest, that’s a huge turn-on.’

‘Let’s go to another place, shall we?’ I say as we walk to his car. Soon we get in his car, close by the coffee shop we were at. It is a brand new Merc, all shiny.

A Drive to Marina Park

He asks, ‘Where do you want to go?’

‘Let’s go to Marina Park. I love it there. It’s beautiful,’ I say.

As we drive there, we talk about how we ended up traveling through Singapore’s beautiful landscapes. He’s from Italy but now he teaches English to teens and kids here in Singapore. I tell him about me. How I was raised in a small village in the Transvaal of South Africa, with a traditional family. But as I got older, I knew that place wasn’t for me, with all the racial tension, so I just bought an airplane ticket to Singapore and have been living here ever since. Funny how life works out!

A Walk in the Park

We finally arrive at the park, where there are a few couples and many people just walking by alone, with someone, or with a dog. While we walk, we keep talking.

‘Have you ever been in a relationship? A serious one?’ he asks me.

‘Yes, I have. Even though I’m only 24 and you’re 10 years older, it doesn’t mean I haven’t fallen in love and that someone hasn’t loved me back. But it ended, fortunately. It was actually a man from the city.’

‘From Singapore?’

‘Yeah. It was… intense. You know, very emotional. He was not stable, and I wanted stability.’

He asks, ‘What do you want now?’

‘Can I be honest?’

‘Yes, sure. I don’t mind honesty; I appreciate it,’ he says.

‘I have no idea. Maybe a relationship, maybe just sex. What about you?’ – He kisses me. I gasp. I feel warm inside and am already wet down there.

A Confident Kiss

He says confidently, ‘I just did what I wanted to do. Definitely something to repeat.’ He kisses me again, this time longer and harder.

‘You can repeat it anytime. But tell me, what is it that you are after?’ I ask.

A Park In Singapore
Photo: Everton Park Singapore

A Heartfelt Confession

He replies, “I really want a relationship. You may not believe me, but I do. I’m tired of being alone. It can be fun just having sex with women, but I want someone to share my life with, have meaningful sex with, and travel Singapore with. Maybe adopt a dog, have a kid, buy a house in the countryside, and stay there until I die. You know… the cliché.”

I laugh as I reply, “That’s definitely cliché, but yeah, it’s normal. But I thought you wanted something more spontaneous, something less real.”

He says seriously, looking me in the eyes, “That’s what I say to most women. But I just told you what I really want for my life.”

I laugh. I start looking at him, staring even, but then my eyes waver from his as I notice he has a great bulge—it has to be big—no, huge—this man is certainly gifted. His arms are big, and it’s possible to see his flat stomach from the tight sweater he’s wearing. He caught me staring at his cock, and I blush, looking away.

A Walk by the Marina

He puts his arm around my waist and leads me along the walkway. I motion for him to go ahead, and I follow him, behind him so I can see his ass in his chinos. A bubble butt. It’s perfect. His phone rings, and he answers it and sits on a bench seat overlooking the Marina. He is totally involved in the call, and I sit on the grass next to him. I can hear a woman speaking, and he seems agitated. I immediately conclude it has to be his wife. He answers mostly yes and no. He hangs up after 2 or 3 minutes.

He says, “Sorry about that. It was one of my colleagues asking me if I had a document in English, so I sent it to her from my emails because she needed it urgently.”

I say, “Oh, I assumed it was your wife.”

“Hell, no, I’m not married, I swear,” he says.

“If you were, you’d make her super happy,” I reply.

“What do you mean?” he asks.

“You’re incredibly handsome, successful, intelligent, have a great body and a cute butt, and I couldn’t help but notice that bulge you had down there.” He starts laughing like a kid.

“I can’t believe you actually noticed my cock. But thanks! I would love to see some parts of your anatomy and give you my opinion.” He smiles.

“I wouldn’t mind showing all of it to you, and you have permission to do more than just look,” I state.

An Intimate Moment

I cannot believe how forward I am being with him, and he immediately kisses me, hard. His tongue on mine. I feel his breath. I put my hand on his head, caressing his hair. When we stop, we’re both out of air, and I’m a bit wet.

“That was too direct. You can’t say that to a man.”

“But it’s the truth. You can. I find you incredibly hot!” I say.

“Should we go somewhere more private? Where you can show me your gorgeous ass?” he asks.

“Yes, but I’m not sure where,” I say.

He points to some trees.

“How about in the middle, there? Is that okay?” he asks.

“What if someone sees us? It’s not like it is the middle of nowhere. There are people everywhere,” I say.

“Maybe they’d want to join?” he laughs.

“I’m not joking. This is Singapore. You know what the law and police are like. We could get into some serious trouble,” I say.

“No one will see us. Besides, we’re not going to do anything. I just want to kiss you while feeling that sexy ass. We’re not going to do anything we shouldn’t do. Don’t worry,” he says.

A Secret Rendezvous

He gets up and helps me to get off the grass. While walking to the trees, we look at each other, and I know I want him inside me—I don’t think a bit of slap and tickle is going to do it for me. When we get to the middle of the clump of trees, he starts getting close to me. I look around, and there’s no one near. Besides, I think to myself, we’re not doing anything less appropriate. Just some kissing and touching.

We start kissing again. He starts feeling my ass, grabbing it with his enormous hands.

“Yeah, that’s a nice butt,” he comments.

“Thanks,” I reply.

He continues kissing me while feeling me up, but this time he moves his hands to my breasts. Then he moves his hands to my waist, and I put my hands on him. He gets under my shirt, and I can feel his skin on my stomach. He’s cold, but I’m hot. He caresses my stomach while kissing me. He moves his hands up a bit, touching my breasts, and I immediately start getting wet. He gets closer to me, and I can feel his boner. He’s hard and massive. I put my hand on his chest under his sweater. It’s hairy, just the way I like. I slowly move it down until I can feel his bulge—it’s not just massive; it is ginormous.

“Wow, it feels huge,” I comment.

“It definitely is. Do you want it?” he says.

“Here? Now?” I ask.

“There’s no one around… So, why not?” he says.

A Bold Decision

“I’m not sure about this. We’re in Singapore, remember?”

“It’s not going to be hard forever, you know. Make the most of it while you can.”

That does it for me. It’s true what he is saying. I get on my knees, he gets even closer to me, unzips his chinos, and takes it out. And yes, it is big. The biggest I’ve ever seen—even in those porn magazines. I start touching it with my hands, it gets harder and harder. He’s uncut, something that makes me get even more wet. I start to jerk it off with my hands, and I feel it, it’s heavy and veiny.

“Not with your hands, Ana. With your mouth,” he says.


Seductive Lips
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An Unexpected Intimacy

He touches my chin, then puts two fingers in my mouth. I suck them. He puts three in my mouth and forces his fist in my mouth. I suck it, slurping with saliva running down the sides. This is really turning me on.

A Bold Move

“Now you’re going to do it on the real thing, girl,” he says.

I start sucking it, and he moans, out loud. I stop and look around to see if someone heard. My heart accelerates, hoping no one heard. If they did, we’re screwed.

“No one heard or saw, don’t worry, Ana. Keep sucking. Don’t stop,” he says.

A Deeper Connection

I keep sucking it while he caresses my hair and my face. This was an amazing Singapore erotic story. He starts to put it deeper in my throat, and I gag, then I gag again, and he pulls my head up and looks at me and says, “If you don’t want to, let me know.”

I nod. I want it. I want him. I get up, after getting him as hard as a rock. I whisper in his ear, “I want that huge cock inside me.”

“I don’t have a condom,” he says.

I say, “Just don’t cum inside me.”

He unbuttons my pants, turns me around, and takes my pants down. He turns me around and forces my head down and bum up. “You’re so amazing. I’m going to make you orgasm so hard. You’re going to remember me forever, Ana,” he promises.

The First Thrust

He thrusts it deep inside, fast. I almost scream out loud—thankful that I am so wet; otherwise, I think he would have torn me apart. He covers my mouth with his hand. Then he thrusts faster and faster, deeper and deeper. He is not fully in me yet, but already I feel full with him. His dick must be 14 inches fully erect—it is massive. Then he takes it out and puts it inside, teasing me. I feel each inch of him. Finally, he thrusts, and I feel his balls touching my inner thighs. My god, he is balls-deep in me. Who would have thought I could take such a massive dick? He squeezes my butt cheeks.

“It feels so good. You’re going to make me orgasm so fast,” he says.

A New Position

I say nothing. I want him to cum, and I want to do it too at the same time. He keeps thrusting it so deep.

“Let’s try it straddling,” he says.

He sits on the grass, with his enormous cock hard, and I sit on it facing him. Slowly, I let my wet pussy lips hungrily take his cock slowly, inch after inch. It feels like one of the best sex positions for my G-spot.

Finding a Rhythm

I say, stopping myself from screaming out, “My God, it’s so deep. It’s so thick, it’s opening me right up.”

I’m facing him, so we kiss. When we kiss, I almost orgasm immediately. I get really warm by feeling his tongue on mine. I love it. It’s the best turn-on for me. I am so close to cumming now, and I can see he is too! He thrusts even harder, moaning while doing so. I look at him—he’s perfect and handsome. I start feeling his chest and getting closer to orgasm. I stop bouncing so hard, so I won’t cum without him.

A Gentle Moment

He also slows down, gently caressing my chest. Kissing me while just being inside me, without doing anything. Then he starts pushing it in, but very slowly. I moan, and he does too, very discreetly, so no one hears. It feels amazing having him inside. I start bouncing on him faster and deeper, going up and down on him. We kiss passionately. I go faster and harder, and so does he.

“I’m going to cum,” I say.

“Me too.”

“Don’t cum in me,” I say.

He nods. I start feeling all that warmth while he thrusts deep in me, while he kisses my mouth, and I feel him inside me orgasming. I don’t stop. I cum too, my vagina spasms and contracts while I hear him moaning as he kisses me and grabs me. We both orgasm at the same time, him inside me, and I feel the liquid warmth of his semen filling me inside. We kiss for a while, then it snaps.

A Heated Reaction

I say, “Are you stupid? I said not inside me.” I’m buttoning up and getting dressed quickly as I tell him.

He gets up. “Sorry, I couldn’t just take it out. It felt so good. Are you on contraception or do you take the pill?”

I said, “Yes, but that’s not the point. We only just met.”

He says, “Don’t worry then. I don’t have anything, really. I was tested last month for my sexual checkup, and everything is fine.”

“I hope so.”

“Calm down. Lay on the grass with me for a few minutes.”

Reflecting on the Moment

He lies on the grass, and reluctantly, I lay down too. He puts his hands on his pants, making sure he has straightened everything out as I think to myself how silly this whole thing was. Thinking again about what would have happened if we were caught.

He says, “That was amazing. You’re amazing. I can imagine doing this with you every day for the rest of my life.”

I reply, “I guess I could imagine doing this but not here, that’s for sure.”

He sits up, and I do too. He starts kissing me again. I know he’s not ready for it again, but he’s not leaving, which means he genuinely likes me. He caresses me. We touch again like young lovers, feeling, learning about each other’s bodies.

“You’re so beautiful. I’d love to get to know you better. Really. Know your fears, secrets, what you like to do, where you have traveled to, everything,” he says.

Sex In Amazing Singapore

“You can. We just have to continue talking. You can always call, and we can do this again.”

“No problem. Shall we go? Maybe find somewhere to have dinner?” he asks.

I say, “Are you inviting me to dinner?”

“Yes, why?” he asks.

“Well, you just had sex with me, why the hell would you invite me for dinner? You got what you wanted,” I say.

“I meant what I said before, believe it and me. So, let’s go? Maybe Italian? I know an amazing restaurant. Il Cielo. Do you know it?” he asks.

“No, I don’t. Sure, we can try it! Actually, no, I would love to try it with you.” I reply with a smile appearing on my face.

“After trying such an amazing exotic woman, Italian food sounds perfect.” He winks at me.

He gets up, and we drive to the restaurant. Making love with him in a public space was exhilarating and scary, but I would do it again. And again, any time.

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