A Passionate Night – Sex On The Beach in Singapore

A Passionate Night – Sex On The Beach in Singapore

A Birthday Disaster

A Story about Sex On The Beach in Singapore – Visiting a childhood friend on his birthday turned into something disastrous. Nadia never imagined that the birthday boy would be the reason for it. All this started last year at Daniel’s birthday party. Daniel is a successful businessman who lives near Pulau Sekudu Island, also known as Frog Island. A clear view of the island can be seen from his house, making it an ideal spot for social gatherings.

The Legend of Frog Island

According to local legend, this place got its name from a race between three animals: an elephant, a pig, and a frog. The frog won the race, and the island was named after the frog. The remaining animals were turned into a big rock, now known as Pulau Ubin Island. This place has its own scenic beauty that attracts many Singaporean locals and worldwide travelers.

An Unwanted Proposal

As Nadia walked inside through the front door, Daniel muttered softly in her ear, “I love you.” Daniel was determined to propose to Nadia this time. He had loved her since school days and wanted to be with her for life. He didn’t waste any time and expressed all of his feelings to her without any fear of the consequences. He tightened his grip around her waist and pulled her in closer.

Suddenly, a tight slap resonated across Daniel’s face. It shocked Daniel enough to step back from her. Nadia got her chance and escaped the party immediately. Something had changed. Daniel wasn’t like this before! Since the school days, Nadia had always known that Daniel had a huge crush on her. He had never tried to express it so physically and forcefully before this incident. She thought it would be a normal birthday party, which is why she was there.

Seeking Solace on Frog Island

She wanted peace of mind, and only one place could provide her with that: Pulau Sekudu Island in Singapore. It was a beautiful night, and the sky was full of stars. Still water surrounded the island reflected the light of the moon as the stars enhanced the perfection of the nightlife.

The quietness of this place had given her some much-needed relaxation. She closed her eyes to absorb the tranquility as the wind against her body gently took her soul away. She was so lost in the beauty of nature that she failed to hear someone approach her.

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A Mysterious Encounter

A question landed on her ears: “It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it?” said the husky voice from behind. She jumped in fright. She turned so fast that she was about to fall but found herself being held by a pair of strong muscular arms. They were gentle in touch yet full of strength and power. Her eyes met the stranger’s, and then she almost forgot to breathe.

“He is beautiful!” Nadia thought, “and very handsome too.”

The stranger was a tall man with muscular arms, broad shoulders, and eyes that could attract anyone. She had always imagined those very shoulders looming over her in the darkness of the night. She bit her bottom lip a little and continued to gaze at the handsome stranger. He had a wide forehead and a smile curled up at his very kissable lips.

“Okay, Nadia! Time to stop acting like this,” she thought to herself. “This is enough.” Her inner voice asked, “What is wrong with you? Why are you doing this while you don’t even know who the man is?”

The last question brought her back to the real world. Suddenly, she got her senses back and started to bombard questions at the stranger.

Questions and Confessions

“I am sorry, but do I know you?” she asked softly.

He replied, “Not at all, Miss!” The hunk continued, “I was at the birthday party too, and I noticed you two.” He added, “Daniel did terribly wrong by you. I’m sorry for his act.”

“Huh! Sorry, then. I did not see you there because of what happened.” Mentally, she cursed herself for missing this handsome hunk at the party.

“You seemed to be engaged,” the stranger murmured with a nod. He chuckled, “But look at my luck! You ended up landing at this lonely place.”

Nadia felt a wave of happiness come over her; she was thankful for this chance.

Finding Calm Amidst Chaos

Nadia gave a long, slow look around and told the stranger, “Pulau Sekudu Island is my favorite place in the world.” She used to come here during school days whenever anything went wrong, as the calmness of this place gave her tranquility.

“And now it is mine too,” Leo replied back spontaneously.

It forced Nadia to look at him in his eyes. Her breath was caught in her throat. She could feel the intensity of his stare all the way to her core. She couldn’t look away as Leo gazed at her heatedly. He took a step closer to her, which she countered by taking a step back.

Romantic Eskimo Kiss Photo
Photo: A Passionate Night at Pulau Sekudu Island – Romantic Eskimo Kiss

A Long-Time Watcher

“I have been watching you for a long time,” he uttered softly to her and took another step forward. Nadia took one step back.

He saidsoftly into her ear, “I wanted to come over to you.”

Leo took a few more steps toward Nadia and pinned her against the railings surrounding Frog Island. The two of them were so close they could practically hear each other’s hearts beating against their chests.

An Intense Encounter

“I want you to feel my soul. I also want to feel your soul, all of you,” he murmured softly into her ear.

He sucked on her earlobe, eliciting a deep moan from within her. She was so aroused; she had never felt this turned on by anyone, especially by his voice alone. She didn’t know what would happen if the man actually touched her. Nadia rubbed her thighs against him to soothe the ache between her legs.

The man chuckled sexily. He groaned softly beside her ear, making Nadia gasp again. The handsome stranger drew his nose along her ear, to her cheek, and down to her neck. He placed slow, deep kisses behind her ears. To Nadia’s utter surprise, her weak spot didn’t go unnoticed by him, and he exploited it.

He proceeded to gently swirl his tongue and suck on her neck. Her legs gave way, and she fell upon him. He held her in his strong arms and supported her body. Nadia’s legs had become almost useless. He pulled himself back after a few moments of sweet torture and gazed into her eyes.

Conflicted Desires

The man wanted to continue with his sweet little torture, but he wanted to make sure that she wanted it as well. He set his eyes on her. He had always been confident in his sexual relationships with women. He was comfortable in his own skin, but this woman had suddenly changed all of that. Something about this woman in his arms was different. It was not just lust but something more than that. He wanted to explore these feelings.

“I want you so much. Tell me you want it too,” he uttered softly to Nadia. His breaths washed over her face, intoxicating her soul with his presence. Nadia was unable to speak. She only nodded and gave him permission to exploit her a little more.

She wasn’t sure she could even speak at that moment but was terribly afraid of leaving herself in a stranger’s hands. At the same time, the man moaned and moved his hands to Nadia’s lips. He pulled her closer than ever and planted his lips strongly on hers.

Giving In to Passion

‘Finally,’ both of them thought in unison. They started slowly to arouse each other, but soon it was not enough. Their hands explored each other’s bodies. The man pulled her bottom lip into his mouth and wished to keep it there as he sucked until his last breath. Nadia also opened her mouth when he traced her bottom lip with his own.

Soon they were lost in a deep kiss again. Her hands enclosed his strong muscular arms, broad shoulders, and her fingers gently threaded through his soft silky hair.

She moaned as they kissed, pulling her in a little closer. With one hand, she held his silky hair, and with the other, she traced his shoulders and arms. The hard muscles of his biceps flexed as she touched them. Nadia broke away from the kiss to catch her breath just enough as his lips did not leave her skin for a moment.

He kissed her shoulder blades, chin, and neck. He drew his fingers into her long tresses and pulled her head back to expose the erotic curvature of her neck. He landed a big open-mouth kiss by her neck and sucked the hollow of her neck.

The Height of Desire

“Oh God,” Nadia moaned loudly.

She just could not take those love bites anymore. Both of them wanted each other right at that moment. They could think of no other place close to them, so they made the lonely Frog Island their love bed. Nadia brought him in close and erotically kissed him like there was no tomorrow. She unleashed all of her feelings and did not care whoever could see them. However, the risk of being caught made both of them more ravenous deep down inside. He picked her up and put her on the railings of the island without parting his lips from her. He pulled her skirt up along her soft creamy thighs.

Sex On The Beach

The cold mist of Pulau Sekudu Island made their bodies shiver. The stars twinkled upon the two loving souls, and the tranquility was shaken with the sound of two hearts in rhythm. Through their kisses, he said, “Let us go to my home.”

“No,” Nadia moaned and deepened the kiss again. “I can’t wait any longer. I want you now.” He groaned and took her off the railing into his arms. Nadia refused to go and urged him to play with her like this for the night. She softly asked Leo, “How did you know that I would not slap you like I did with Daniel when you kissed me?”

Leo smiled and passionately pulled her towards his chest. He said, “Seeing you, I could not resist myself from feeling your lips.” Nadia gave a smile. They were deep within passion and continued for another few hours. Both of them could not wait to find out what life had in store for them.

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