Experience Asian Pornstars in A Whole New Way In VR

Experience Asian Pornstars in A Whole New Way In VR

VR porn sees more traffic than any other virtual reality medium out there, and with good reason too! Virtual reality has transformed the way people experience porn, it’s filled in the void of so many things that traditional porn is missing – feeling like you’re part of the scene and being completely immersed into it. 


You may already be closely familiar with VR porn, or perhaps you’re just starting out. But if you’re looking to experience some sexy Asian beauties, then virtual reality is the next best thing to real life. Here we have a look at a few of our favourite stars. 


If you would like to fuck them in virtual reality, you can find plenty of Asia VR Pornstars here.


Mai Honda


This cute Japanese girl is an exchange student from Tokyo and she just arrived in Europe. She’s extremely shy but is looking to make some friends quickly, which is why she decided to try shooting porn – to help her build more confidence and practise her English, as she doesn’t speak it much at all. 


Mai Honda is kind, polite, very respectful and has those big anime eyes that just add to her overall teenage cuteness. 


Polly Pons


Polly pons is a porn sensation – a petite Thai girl from France, she is the perfect exotic teen. With a passion for sex on and off-screen, natural B cup breasts and a pierced clit, there’s more to this girl than first meets the eye! Polly pons has just recently stepped into the virtual reality world, will you join her?


Jade Kush 


Where to even start with Jade? This nineteen-year-old Asian-American stunner has already exploded in popularity, and she’s still in the first year of her career. The first thing you’ll probably notice are her natural 32 triple D’s and when you see those cans wrapped around your dick in VR, you’ll never want to take your headset off. 


This girl was simply made for VR, and if you’re into small tattoos and piercings, then you won’t want to miss Jade Kush!

Avery Black


Do you like a shy girl who’s a freak in the sheets? Then this stunning Filipina is the girl for you. Avery Black is most well known for her cam work – she’s got some of the most intense masturbation videos out there and now you can watch her play with her tight little pussy right in front of your eyes. Oh and if you’re lucky, you might even catch her streaming a hot cam session with her bestie Mary Moody. 


You’ll love Avery Black if you love watching hot Asian girls masturbate and if you’re into tattoos and a petite little body.




Who doesn’t love a bit of cosplay, especially when it’s with someone as sexy as Katana? So put down your Play Station and get some [almost] real action with a fantasy character of your choice! You’ll love her in one of her latest videos where she’s dressed as Mulan. 


Oh, and did we mention she’s bisexual too? Also, she likes sex to be intense, rough and reckless, so we hope she’s not too much for you! Normally she prefers oral cumshots but she’ll also happily receive the occasional vaginal and anal creampie.


Marica Hase


Are you ready for a delicate little frame with some extremely hardcore content? Then join Marica Hase, who’s with us all the way from Tokyo!


To summarise, Marica HAse is like a sexy Anime character come to life, but she’s certainly not shy! She became famous due to her wild kinks which include double anal, triple penetration, bukkake cum guzzling, watersports, and a few other activities that should almost be forbidden. Rough bondage and getting choked are just part of her regular Tuesday, so if you’re looking for a rough fantasy with an Asian twist, Marica Hase will show you how it’s done. 


Ayumi Anime


We just have 3 words for you – absolute body perfection! Ayumi Anime actually looks like she could be on the cover of a fitness magazine, with a gorgeously toned body and flawless skin, not a tattoo in sight. 


Ayumi Anime is not big on hardcore scenes, but she does on occasion get a little naughty by putting things into her tight little asshole. 


Honey Gold


Lastly, if you’re looking for a very exotic mix, Honey Gold is as exotic as it gets with her Chinese, Black, Cherokee Indian, Mongolian and Irish roots. She’s got a gorgeous slim body, lots of sexy tattoos and those 32 B cans look so good that upon first glance, you’d swear they are fake.

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