Affair with Bisexual Servant Singapore

Affair with Bisexual Servant Singapore

My husband from Singapore gives me his standard bullish fucking, then gets up to leave. I lie in bed listening to him piss in the lavatory. The shower taps on, snaps off. His shaver taps on, snaps off. At 6am decisively my i-phone goes off; the auto is here to take him to the airport. He’s running late. I hear him knocking about and swearing and he leaves without saying farewell. As the entryway snaps shut, I feel a blend of emptiness. I move over to stay away from the wet patch, pull the spreads down, and nod off.

I lie there for a considerable length of time, napping, imagining. I’m still in bed at ten when the entryway snaps open once more: the servant. “Fuck,” I mumble, then get out “Hi!”

The singapore servant shows up in the room entryway. She looks humiliated and says “so too bad.”

It’s another young lady, I see, dim cleaned, perhaps Indonesian. Our eyes meet, and neither of us turns away, her lingerie faintly can be seen through her shirt. Quiet. Something goes between us then; I don’t realize what it is. Seconds go as she stands there in the entryway. In the long run I look down, and hear myself apologizing back: “no, I’m too bad. Simply allow me a couple of minutes and I’ll be out of here”. She holds up in the lobby while I pull on a pullover and trousers and slip out of bed.

I get espresso in the anteroom bar at the Four Seasons and spend the evening shopping on Orchard Road. Yet, my mind continues floating back to that servant; to that look that went between us. What did it mean? What did I feel? Giving before supper I consider her once more, and to my disbelief I encounter a flush of excitement like recent phone sex wow. I discover myself retreating to the bed, lying where I lay, turning upward to where she stood, touching myself.

The following morning I lie in bed once more, however I can’t rest. I’m feeling confounded; stimulated; worried. Ten o’clock comes and I hear the snap of her key in the entryway. She shows up again in the room entryway, unbidden this time. I feel myself becoming flushed. She looks pretty much as I recollected; inconceivably youthful and slight, and strikingly alluring. The look and the emotions are the same.

“Come here,” I say.

Holding my eye, she crosses the room and stands right by me.

“Take a seat.”

She sits close to me. I take a good look at her: the tender bend of her hips; her thin arms; her sensitive lips. She wears a sweet, modest scent, however there’s a musky aroma underneath that is all her own. Cautiously, I touch her on the arm. She doesn’t pull away. As yet investigating her eyes, I discover myself inclining closer; kissing her on the lips. The kiss is delicate and lovely and I feel her body react. Lying back in the pillows, I delicately direct her to bed beside me, and we continue kissing, long and moderate. Our tongues touch, and we murmur with delight.

“Take your garments off,” I say, astonished now by the desperation in my voice.

She sits up and slowly removes her pullover and then her lace black bra, uncovering little bosoms, similar to a teenager’s. She sits like that for a few moments, in regards to me with a look of sheer desire, and I feel a surge of yearning. At that point she slides down her skirt and panties, and slips into bed close to my stripped body. We kiss all the more passionately then, running our hands over each other’s’ bosoms and hips and thighs.

I squirm with delight, as I feel her fingers start to hover round my clit. I swear and groan wildly. She kisses and sucks at my areolas, and strokes my clit quicker and speedier until even my breathing wavers, and everything appears to fall away. As the flood of the climax oversomes me, she’s there, grinning, as yet looking at me. We kiss and kiss, until it’s getting dark outside, and she lets me know she needs to go. I understand hours have passed. She dresses and gets up to go to the entryway. I ask her name.


It’s six more days until my spouse returns to Singapore, and I fill those days with Shira. At ten every morning I hear the snap of her key in the entryway, and minutes after the fact we are in each other’s arms. We pass entire days kissing, gazing into each other’s’ eyes, and having intercourse. Around six o’clock every day she leaves, and never says where she is going. Every night I have supper with the other stock brokers wives, and say nothing in regards to her. Rather I hear them out discussing shops and supper parties, about their spouses’ vocation arranges and aspirations, about whether and when and where to have kids.

Sexy Singaporean


I keep a rabbit vibrator in my top drawer by the bed. One day I take it out and reveal to it to Shira my Singapore Servant. She grins. It’s a smooth, half-moon formed thing, from a boutique in Far East Plaza. She takes it, and simply seeing her holding it tops me off with yearning.

“Fuck me hard with it, Shira.” We kiss carefully, and she switches the vibrator on. I lie back, and she runs it in moderate circles round my chests. My areolas cement with shuddering bliss. By then she moves downwards, taking as much time as needed. My body shivers with desire, and I feel myself getting wet. She kisses me, my Singapore Servant, and slips her tongue right inside my mouth essentially as she touches the vibrator to my clit. I’m so aroused I come hard instantly. She withdraws the thing then, moves it go down to my chests. As she takes after circles, I can feel the hot wetness of my cunt against my areolas. She carries on kissing me, direct and significant, and I groan in satisfaction. Continuously Shira moves the vibrator, over my stomach and back to my clit. She holds it there while she kisses me hard, and I return again. I come five or six times more until my body can take no more. Sweat-drenched and shaking, I move over onto my hands and knees. Shira slips the vibrator inside me; fucks me with it hard.

Thursday night comes. Dusk arrives, and Shira takes off. I sit alone in a seat by the bed, feeling cold and puzzled. My husband flies back Saturday morning. I make a stiff vodka & tonic, staying there in the room. I can at present smell Shira. “Fuck.” I get another vodka, then dress and take an auto to Far East Plaza, Singapore.

Ten o’clock Friday and she’s there again. We kiss brutally as she enters and I push her towards the bed. I open her blouse, draw off her bra, and kiss and kiss at her stunning chests. I push her onto the bed, sucking and licking her areolas – I cannot get enough of my Singapore Servant. She’s still in her skirt yet I lift it up and draw down her jeans. She gives a little wheeze of joy as I push three fingers straight into her juicy wet pussy. But then I go down, orbiting my tongue over her clitoris again and again until it quivers, and I feel her body begin to strained as I suck in delightfully her love juices.

I leave her hanging there on the edge of her orgasm, and turn her around around to fucking her with my fingers doggie style. First I put in three fingers, then four, then I push my entire hand inside her body, making her gasp and scream out as I fist fuck her. I then withdraw my hand slowly admiring her wide open gaps, and then circumnavigate my tongue over her clit, speedier and speedier, ’til she bunches up the sheets gripping them in her hand and screams out. She beings to gush and squirt and I am covered in her cum until finally her body shaking collapses on the bed.

“Stay here,” I whisper, kissing her and slipping out of the bed.

When I get back Shira’s eyes enlarge. I’m wearing a huge strap-on dildo. Smiling, she moves over onto all fours on the bed again, pushing her shapely arse up towards me. Lifting her chemise, I encourage the thing into her. It is gigantic – the largest dildo I have ever seen; purchased because by Singapore husband let it be known is not very well endowed in the manliness department. She gives a boisterous groan as it fills her and I push it inside her.

I start to fuck her, steadily at first. It is a brilliant feeling to be penetrating her. As my vitality mounts, my fucking ends up being speedier, more bullish, until the room is stacked with the sound of her cries and of the sound of slapping and sucking as she her love juices pour from within her. When I withdraw, it is to reach over to my top drawer for a holder of lube, which I squirt liberally onto her gorgeous ass. By then I slide the dildo carefully into her sphincter, and begin to fuck it hard and to my amazement she takes the whole huge dildo.

When she can take no more, I remove the dildo, and we kiss and cuddle through until sunset.

As night arrive, she explores my eyes. “I must go,” she says.

“I know.”

I don’t appreciate what I feel. I don’t appreciate what to feel.

She dresses quickly, kisses me and a while later gets out. I hear the gateway of Singapore Airport snap close. I sit in the room seat and cry. After 60 minutes or so, the phone rings. I answer. It’s my husband, calling from his hotel room in Hong Kong. He’s telling me he’ll be home around four o’clock tomorrow, in time for the Chan’s beverage party. He’s telling me he’s missing me. He’s telling me he’s going to issue me the fuck of my life when he returns.

Little does he know that I have had the fuck of my life and now what was I to do?

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