Answering Questions About How To Select The Right Penis Sleeve

Answering Questions About How To Select The Right Penis Sleeve

Often in experimenting with different sexual experiences, there may be items that you come across unfamiliar to you. One such h encountered by some is the ‘penis sleeve,’ also known as the ‘penis extender.’ There are people confused by its purpose or what you would need with it.


The name gives you some indication as to a ‘sleeve’ or covering that goes over the penis kind of reminiscent of a condom in rubber or plastic material. ‘Extender’ implies length, but it will add inches in both length and girth.


These are meant to serve as a type of sex toy for gentlemen and give pleasure to their partners available through various online platforms, see Some options come with a top that is closed with others offering an opening.


Features available include stimulating nubs or a smooth surface. The preference is personal, and the choices are many allowing for you to try a variety for different sensations with each experience.


Selecting The Penis Sleeve (Extender) That Is Right For You


Most men typically try the penis extenders honestly because they want to see if it will actually give them a bigger penis. There aren’t too many men who haven’t gone through a stage where they wanted to feel what it would be like to have a penis with more girth and with greater length. And most of those same men fantasize about how it would affect their partner’s sexual pleasure. In using the sleeve, you can try it out in a noninvasive, safe yet stimulating and fun way.


  • Men With Medical Issues:  There are some men who have erectile dysfunction for which this product boasts as being the ideal aid. Most men suffer from one characteristic symptom of losing their erection when trying to engage in sex with their partner causing them to have to stop despite the desire to continue. For men who have trouble due to erectile dysfunction go to how these products can help.


The claim is that the extender can help with the condition. Once you establish an erection, you place the sleeve over your penis and initiate sex without thinking about your degree of hardness. Considering the fact that the material is of a stiff, firm consistency, if you lose your erection, you may not have the pleasure.


  • The Sleeve With The Opening: For those hoping to have more girth, but need to experience the sensation, the open-ended option is most likely your best selection. A majority of the sleeves are closed disallowing for penis head stimulation. The opening gives you pleasure but still increases the measurements.


  • The Close-Topped Option: This choice is the traditional selection for which is the most common that goes over the penis. A lot of the sleeves are simple, user-friendly, and stiff, but this one is more floppy so that it gives you realism in its sensation.


  • The Amazing Feel Of Texture:  This product is meant to stimulate your partner into exhilaration. Nubs and ridges are extending the length implying the addition of lube would create an enduring experience neither of you would forget. Smooth versions are great, but these are of another kind of sensation. This is why you try different varieties for different occasions.


  • Help To The Rescue: Some products come with a ‘testicle loop’ that goes over the balls to keep the piece on you while you have sex. If you don’t enjoy that, there are also harnesses that work like a strap-on dildo, although hollow. These come with straps that are meant to be placed around the body to keep the product in place.


The method of using the penis sleeve or extender is genuinely quite simple. It’s just a matter merely pouring a water-based lube on the inside and to yourself. Once an erection has been established, place the product over your penis. The testicle ring needs to go around the balls. But if you choose the hollow strap-on option, the straps will need to be placed so that they are comfortable going bc around your body, or the sexual experience will not be pleasant for you.Click to learn the advantages of this technique.


It must be said. Hygiene is vital in any situation. Before you engage in a new fantasy, wash your sleeve thoroughly to prepare for your next encounter.

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