The Singapore Erotic Princess Real Life Story

The Singapore Erotic Princess Real Life Story

A Lavish Party at Sentosa Cove

Singapore Erotic Princess – The music is still playing, as Michelle Lee has invited a couple of bands to play live tonight. The people are really enjoying her party. The huge lawn and the big hall in her mansion in Sentosa Cove, located in the eastern part of Sentosa Island in Singapore, are filled with guests. Some have just arrived and greet her when she happens to be by the door or whenever they see her.

Michelle Lee’s Life and Loneliness

At the age of twenty-seven, she is the most powerful businesswoman in the entire world, being the daughter of a billionaire. She has a huge empire that sells textiles and beauty products—the Wajahnya brand—to women all over the world. She goes up to the balcony to get some fresh air; the Singaporean weather is humid with a refreshing breeze that night, an hour or so later. One hand holds a glass of champagne. She sighs. She’s alone up here. Being independent is sometimes lonely, she realizes. This is just another night of her weekend cocktail parties. It still seems uneventful. Even though she has all the attention from her guests whenever she is in the room with them, she feels that deep down inside of her, there is emptiness and something big missing in her life.

An Unexpected Arrival

She downs her drink and starts to come down the stairs to get herself another drink. Only the ground floor is freely used by all her guests. From the second floor and up, they are off-limits. Her security details see to it that no one makes the mistake of stumbling or getting lost in her mansion, whether or not it’s intentional.

In the middle of the wide stairs, she stops. Her hand is on the beautiful and well-sculpted wooden handrail. Someone she doesn’t expect to see has just arrived.

Encounter with Damien Summers

Damien Summers.

She slightly gasps. However, she appears confident and cool as ever, especially when he looks up to watch her.

God! She has only met him a couple of times before—once when they both jogged around the block, passing by each other. She thinks that was a year ago. That’s when she saw him at close proximity even though they’re sort of neighbors in Sentosa Cove, Singapore. At the time, she noticed his tattoos. She had one of her employees search for the meaning of those. She happens to have a photographic memory.

A couple of them are Tibetan tattoos on his arm. One is in beautiful Tibetan calligraphy. The strokes are very unique and graceful. It means “truth” and “freedom.” But she doesn’t buy it for a minute. She just instantly knows his type, and she is very certain that he has some very dirty secrets that she must find out.

The second time they made eye contact was when they bumped into each other at a gallery exhibit. She supposes it’s been half a year ago.

Damien’s Intriguing Presence

Damien is a foreign billionaire from down the road, not too far from where she lives. He’s in his thirty-second year. Like her, he’s a very powerful man. He is always too busy to ever come to her cocktail parties. But she’s not sure why he suddenly comes to her party this particular night. Just like this. But, of course, she doesn’t mind at all. He’s a yummy hunk she wants to wrap her arms around.

His eyes are still fixed on her. She just knows those probing eyes. Even at this distance, they are still quite intense. They are truly of the deep ocean’s color.

An Unspoken Connection

Those eyes are still on her when she continues to go down the stairs, biding her time and looking at his face. She keeps herself from smirking.

Tonight, he’s wearing a men’s blue waistcoat, white dress shirt, charcoal dress pants, and tie paired with dark brown leather brogues. His attire alone sets him apart from the crowd. Not to mention, it seems to match her cocktail dress tonight as if they’ve agreed on their outfits or something. It is an unforgettable illusion halter cocktail dress of light blue in color. The top is merely made of lace, which has a decent cover over her breasts. It is backless and the length runs down half of her thigh. Her past-shoulder length, shiny black hair is swept to one side, styled with elegant curls. Her makeup is smoky and seductive so men would stare at her for a long time, as if stunned by even her mere presence.

“Good evening, Miss Lee,” he greets her formally. However, his eyes are less formal. They openly admire her every curve and every exposed creamy skin.

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A Chance Encounter

She smiles at him a little. “Mr. Summers, nice of you to join my party,” she softly drawls. She also gives him an equal look of admiration with her sherry brown eyes. His nose is prominent as ever, his eyebrows are well-defined, his chin and jaw are strong, and his lips are quite kissable. Also, his short beard—like Jackson’s from the TV vampire series “The Originals”—looks amazing on him.

“Just call me Damien. We’re neighbors after all.”

“Right. So you can call me Michelle in return,” she slightly nods. Their eyes lock. She doesn’t mind people staring at them or even starting to wag their tongues about them. “Let me show you the buffet table.”

He gives her a slow grin. “No need. I just want some drink.”

She signals a young waiter who immediately comes at her beck.

“I have here champagne, bourbon, vodka, and Bloody Mary, sir,” the waiter informs her guest.

He takes the vodka and thanks the waiter.

A Walk in the Garden

“So, what makes you come to check out my party?” she asks him, walking him toward the back of the house, at the garden where there are some scattered guests grouped by twos. Yes, the lovers’ rendezvous point is her huge garden with a couple of gazebos where they can have sex if they want to. They think it’s discreet enough because of the dim lights that create a somewhat romantic—or perhaps horny—atmosphere.

“You sent me a couple of invitations in the past, which I was unable to attend. So, I’m making it up tonight,” he simply says. He gives her that sexy smirk of his once again.

She had stopped sending him invitations last year when he didn’t attend any of her parties. It was to save herself from humiliation and offense, she supposes. He’s the only person who seems to be uninterested in her weekly cocktail parties. Thus, his being here tonight is quite intriguing in itself.

“Okay. It sounds… a good reason enough for me. So, just enjoy the party. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll see to my other guests,” she tells him.

He just simply nods and follows her with his eyes. It has not gone unnoticed that he is checking out her sexy bottom.

Arousal and Anticipation

‘Shit! The man makes my hormones go all over the place!’ she thinks just when she thinks his eyes are still fixed on her bottom when she turns her back on him. He makes her so aware that she’s merely wearing a scanty thong underneath her dress.

Wherever she is, he’s following her. She has noticed that he has already had the third glass in just a matter of ten minutes since crashing her party. Their eyes occasionally bump into each other as he moves through the crowd as well. He also occasionally talks to some women, but his eyes always find her, even when she’s talking to some business associates or friends.

A Seductive Plan

‘What is he really doing at my party?’ she wonders. Then, just when he’s not looking as he gives his attention to the band for a minute, a plot forms in her naughty mind. She’s going to seduce this billionaire hunk. Tonight. If possible. ’Oh, it should be,’ her mind says.

She pauses, contemplating what to do next. She suddenly feels that she’s completely thrown off by how much she feels right now like she needs him. ‘Shit!’ she curses silently. She can’t seem to believe this immediate realization. Just when she’s about to go to him, she doesn’t see him where he was anymore. Her eyes stealthily look for him, smiling at her guests though as she walks toward where she last saw Damien.

The Search

‘Don’t tell me he has already found someone to hook up with tonight!’ she thinks. She suddenly feels a little bit distraught at this idea. It is not a far-fetched thought because the man can just stand there, and a woman will come right over to him and give him a blowjob with a demand merely done by his eyes. He has that effect on women, judging by the looks that she has witnessed earlier.

‘Damn it! I can’t find him anywhere in this crowd,’ her mind says. She slowly goes back inside the mansion on the left wing, still looking for him but in a discreet way. She grabs another drink, and yup, bottoms up. She shoves the empty glass into a bodyguard’s hand nearby. He then calls the closest waiter to get it.

A Surprising Discovery

She marches inside the house, and she almost skids to a halt. Damien is talking to one of her security details.

‘What is he doing right now?’ she muses for a moment. But she pretends not to see him. She proceeds down the hallway that is miraculously empty. It seems that the guests who had been here earlier have already gone out to the lawn when the second band plays on the temporary stage set up for tonight. It is apparent that the second band she hired for tonight is more popular than the first one.

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Unexpected Desires

She stops and leans one shoulder on the wall, trying to think about what step she’s going to take next. Damien has just unexpectedly shown up at her party, and here she is, lusting for him in less than fifteen minutes.

She’s about to curse herself when she feels a warm breath fanning her nape. Although all her senses are so aware right now because of the perfume he’s wearing, she knows that it’s him right behind her. Then, she feels his warm lips kissing her bare shoulder.

A Heated Encounter

She slowly turns around to look at him. She holds her breath for a moment and looks him in the eye.

“Damien…” she whispers his name.

His sudden move, sooner than what she expected, seems to be an answer to her raging need. He traps her between his rock-hard body and the wall where her bare back is leaning. He grinds his hips against hers, letting her know of his arousal.

‘Oh, shit! My honey pot throbs and gets damper by the second,’ she realizes.

His lips claim hers with open urgency. His kiss is so hot and wild and wet.

Taking It Upstairs

“Let’s go to your room. Right now,” he demands in between kisses.

“Okay,” she agrees without thinking. Well, her body is at least thinking at the moment. So, there’s that.

She holds his hand and drags him upstairs, passing by one of her bodyguards who steps aside to let them through. She lets him into her master bedroom, which is lit only by a lampshade. Just as the lock clicks, he immediately carries her. Her thighs are wide apart with her legs wrapped around his hips and her arms clinging to his neck. His mouth ravages her.

Damien puts her down on the soft bed, taking off his clothing one by one while his eyes are fixed on her beautiful face. His blue-green eyes are darker than usual, a clear sign of his blazing desire.

Unveiling Desires

As he takes off his clothes, she kicks off her high-heeled shoes to the floor and sheds her fancy dress. She doesn’t wear a bra, so her breasts are immediately free from the clothing, which makes him gasp and his eyes go fiery. She also takes off her thong after that.

Her brown nipples are already taut before he touches them. She looks at his complete nakedness, seeing his wonderfully well-toned body and well-tanned skin, not to mention his strong erection. He kneels down in the middle of the bed and beckons her to come closer to him.

Submissive Pleasures

‘Shit! I’m his submissive, he is my dominant with complete control over me,’ she realizes. This means that she’s going to be forced to release her tension right here in her room where a lot of men have already disappointed her before.

“Please me, Michelle,” he commands.

She doesn’t have to be told twice. With only one look from his eyes, she follows his order. She kneels down facing him and leans lower so that her face is directly in front of his dick. Her two hands stroke it and her tongue sticks out to taste him for the first time.

A Taste of Desire

‘Shit! He smells wonderful and tastes good,’ she thinks as she moans. She licks the head of his dick while stroking the length of it. He’s really huge, so much that her fingers have a gap when speaking of its circumference. She opens her mouth as wide as she can to accommodate his thickness.

She thinks it’s like her lips are going to be torn. Still, she sucks his dick as much as she can and as deep as she can. She feels his slow rhythm as he thrusts at first while his hands are on her shoulders.

She looks up to see his face. Their eyes meet as he also looks down on her. He makes her suck his velvety balls, too. She can’t really say she’s complaining about his orders. She loves doing what he wants her to do, without hesitation or whatever. And she doesn’t think it’s merely his being a persuasive person or her just being cowed to what he wants. She enjoys giving him a blowjob with flavored lubricant.

Intensifying Passion

She continues to suck him in and out of her mouth. He reaches down to her back, her bottom, and finally her honey pot. His fingers play there as she licks the length of his dick.

The man can truly play, as well. He slips and runs a couple of fingers in between her honey pot, toward her clit. This makes her moan. He continues to do so and inserts two fingers inside her.

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Woman On Bed

The Ecstasy Begins

She curses in delight.

She keeps licking and sucking his dick and balls. He groans as well, which hints that he loves what she’s doing to him. That’s good news. It encourages her to suck him deeper and down her throat. He stops inserting his fingers and makes her taste her juice by making her lick his fingers. She can’t believe she actually tastes good! Then, he smiles at her like he reads her mind. He licks the fingers she’s just licked, then holds her chin to kiss her on the mouth.

A Shared Pleasure

He shifts to lie down on the bed. Her face is still right in front of his dick. But now, her honey pot is in front of his face as well. He pulls her legs to get closer to her very wet honey pot. Her knees are on either side of his head; her elbows are leaning on the bed. She continues to flick her tongue on the head of his dick, while the other hand massages his precious balls. She runs her lips up and down the sides of his dick before running her tongue on its underside.

Singapore Erotic Princess

She kisses his balls and sucks them while her hands are busy stroking his dick. Meanwhile, his tongue runs on each of her labia, horizontally and vertically. She groans with pleasure. Her hips wiggle slowly like in a slow dance. She feels so breathtakingly wonderful. Right now, she acknowledges that her truest desires are to be pleased like this by a man as no one has ever done to her yet. Those boyish men are nothing compared to Damien. All they’ve ever done to her is stick their dicks into her honey pot and the deed is done.

Discovering True Pleasure

This is it. There’s more to it than what she’s already experienced. Just as she has always known deep inside, she needs someone like Damien. Yup, like him. It’s damnably good that he’s right here with her right now, pleasing her as she pleases him. He’s French kissing her honey pot, blowing her mind. Her knees are trembling with desire and the need to be fulfilled. To release her sweet honey. He keeps licking, nibbling, and kissing her honey pot while she continues to suck and lick his dick at the same time. Next, she feels his two fingers enter her as he rubs and licks her clit.

She curses, pausing at what she’s doing to his dick.

“Pour your honey on me, My Singapore Princess,” he orders softly.

Her eyes roll up to the ceiling with pleasure. “Oh, damn it!” she whimpers. Then, she calls out his name over and over again.

“Yes, Michelle. Don’t deny yourself what you truly desire,” he coaxes her, his fingers still in and out of her honey pot.

She screams.

Mutual Satisfaction

“Suck my dick, Michelle,” he cajoles.

She does as he says even though it takes a lot of effort for her. She keeps her honey flowing with a moan as she sucks his dick again. He pushes his hips upward in a fast tempo. Her hands are holding his dick, guiding it so that it won’t miss her mouth.

He grunts as he sprays his juice into her mouth.

“Yes, Michelle. Don’t stop sucking until it’s dry.” He groans.

Then he pays attention to her dripping honey pot once again, licking it. Her body convulses, and so does his. In the aftermath, their sexes are very sensitive.

Riding the Wave

“Sit up,” he tells her a few minutes later.

With her back on him, she straddles him. He reaches out for her hips and lifts them up a bit before lowering them, guiding them as his cock slowly sinks into her.

She curses as his dick feels so damn good inside her.

She begins to ride him as she moans at the same time. She doesn’t care if it’s loud. Her master bedroom is soundproof anyway. Besides that, the party is still ongoing downstairs with the loud music.

He guides her moves as he meets them. She touches her breasts as he rocks her body non-stop. Her curses are non-stop as well.

Their breaths are labored, but they don’t stop. He pauses for a moment just to bring her down against his body. She’s now lying on her back with him beneath her. Then, he continues to thrust in and out of her wet and tight honey pot. His one arm is around her waist, and the other hand is kneading her small, perky breasts.

Uncontainable Pleasure

“Aahh… shit!” she cries. “Yes, Damien! Yes!”

“Oohh… my princess,” he whispers. His lips are pressed against the side of her neck.

His one hand that touches her breasts goes down to make circles on her clit. She can’t stop moaning and cursing Damien. He makes her feel so damn good! She’s never had multiple orgasms before. In fact, she seldom orgasms with those men she’s had in the past.

sexual ecstasy
lady in ecstasy

Unlocked Desires

“Shitty men!” she thinks. They’ve never unlocked her desires as Damien has done, and in just a matter of minutes.

She gives out a shrill of delight when she releases her honey once again, bathing Damien’s dick this time. She hears him groan. He withdraws his huge erection and quickly puts it in her mouth where he spills his own juice. His eyes are foggy while looking at her flushed face.

Mutual Satisfaction

She drinks his juice and licks his dick dry. He groans with pleasure. He gently pounds the head of his dick on her tongue and lips, tracing them. She gives it a smack kiss afterward.

He caresses her face and gives her a deep, hot, and wet kiss. He cuddles her after that kiss, which lasts a few minutes.

Pillow Talk

“You’re one damn good screamer, my princess. I like it,” he says, kissing her temple while his hands rub down her breasts and nipples.

She giggles at his compliment and turns her face to look at him. Her hand caresses his hairy and muscled thigh.

“I love your dick. Honestly. You’re the first man that I’ve allowed to sink into my honey pot without rubber.”

“Whoa!” he sniggers.

She chuckles.

“I love your honey pot, too,” he whispers, nibbling her earlobe as his hand caresses her down.

She giggles again and her body squirms with delight. In the process, she rubs his erection that rests against her bottom.

A Confession

“I don’t think I can stay away from you even after this. I thought I could resist you all this time, Michelle. After all, I’ve known that you’re such a playgirl princess.”

She looks at him in shock because of this confession. “W-what do you mean? Is that your reason why you’ve never attended my cocktail parties until tonight?”

“Yup. I thought you were just collecting men.”

“Well, there’s a bit of truth to that. But I generally throw parties to give color to my very dull life. With all the money, without family or real friends, I am lonely, Damien. I must admit it.”

His embrace becomes tighter. “Oh! I thought I was alone in that department,” he reveals.

She smiles at him, peering into his eyes. “No one has ever let me acknowledge my truest desires until you, Damien. Because of that, you’re so special to me.”

Genuine Affection

He gives her a peck on the lips. “Ever since our first meeting, you’ve already captured my mind and heart, Michelle. But I just tried so hard to control myself. I didn’t want to be just one of your strings of men that you cast aside like a useless toy when you’re done playing with them.”

“But tonight, you couldn’t resist me any longer.”

“Yes. It’s a good pretext to come over.”

“So, you planned this to happen all along? Before coming over and crashing my party?”

He grins impishly. “Yes. You got me.”

“Oh, my God!” she laughs softly, turning around to face him. “Really, Damien? Are you serious right now?”

“Yes! I confess, Michelle. I’ve been longing to make love to you ever since I met you.”

“No shit!” she interjects, kissing him on the mouth.

A New Beginning

He groans, kissing her back. They break off slowly.

“I’m really serious, Michelle. So, no more playing with men. Okay? I forbid it. Totally forbid it. I want it to be only me you’re playing with from now on.”

“Oh! I’d love that very much!” she happily wraps her arms around his neck before she gives him a kiss, ending a perfect night in Singapore.

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