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Review of Brothel in Singapore | Singapore Brothel Review

My Brothel Visit!

What you can expect going to a brothel in Singapore?

There are 3 standard rates in Singapore Dollars. $50/20 mins, $80/45 mins, $100/60 mins (I've just attempted the last). The nature of the young lady and administration go up (or should at any rate) with the cost. In case you're not a neighborhood regular the pimp may attempt to cheat you so it’s generally best to arrange and agree on the cost before you begin.  Expect to pay $150 class is comprised of PRCs (young ladies from China) as they're viewed as more premium. $50 gets you Thais and $80 has both.

You then go into a cautiously to a brothel (aside from the red house numbers there's no sign that they are brothels) and see what young ladies are available. You can make ask for somebody who's not around but this often takes time and the brothel managers will soon get impatient with you. A few brothels have Thai style fish tanks which allows you to see all the young ladies sitting inside through a glass divider.


young lady group singapore


You pick your young lady, pay and go into the room, with the young lady taking towels in.Both of you enter, she locks the door and you both strip. You begin with a shower where she cleanses you and rubs you (with her hands and bosoms).   Quite often they will ask if you want them to perform a show with a vibrator for women.

After the shower she dries you and you lie down.  She pays particular attention to drying and inspecting your genitals.  Once you are dry she does a cat bath - licking your body. At that point it continues to a slippery caress, which may get you hard – still with no condom.

At that point the fucking begins and you have a chance to put the condom on or not. This goes as you may envision and depending on the time of day or how many clients she has had as to how much enthusiasm or interest she shows.

After you cum you can lie with her until your time is up or get up and leave.


What To Expect In A Singapore Brothel | Singapore Massager Parlor


Two Hot Russian Chicks on Orchard Road


Just having got back into town I headed to Orchard Road and this time I hit upon a Russian angel outside the plantation shopping center. I still had my business clothes on and moved towards her asking her how much for the night.  Her beauty was a 10 out of 10 so I was very happy that we agreed on $800SPD.  We headed to my hotel room and I could hardly contain my excitement.  At the inn we both showered.


Hot Russian Chicks on Orchard Road


Wow you won't believe how this chick sucked my dick. Fabulous aptitudes particularly for a Russian. I came in under 5 minutes I think. After a pleasant clean we continued and she gave me heaps of sucking, touching and kissing. The time had come to begin the real action. I began missionary style with a condom on and she appeared to really appreciate it. Slammed her genuinely hard for 10 minutes or so before she got on top. Crap this young lady has a portion of the best dick floating and pounding styles and her kissing is so loaded with energy and desire that I have never felt up until now. At last we finished with doggie style and blowing load all over her pretty ass. At that point the two of us settled down for some rest and I opened up a bottle of spirits that I had purchased duty free as anyone living in Singapore know how expensive liquor is.  When she saw the full bottle of spirits a smile spread across her face as it was obvious she wanted to party and it looked like Vodka was her favorite drink.

I let you know folks Russian chicks are obsessed with vodka I presume. She quickly asks me if she can ring her companion to join us.  I say ‘Hell yeah’ and she rings her and give our number.  At this time she is dressed just in her G and her marvelous tits are being displayed proudly. 

After 5 mins there is a thump on the entryway and I went to open up! Fuck, I was completely gob smacked. There standing in front of me is a provocative blonde in a mini skirt and a see thru shirt. The young lady inside was a 10 I need to give her companion a 12. Trust me this new chick had one of the most perfect bodies I have ever observed and with the naughtiest look as well. I was already imagining a wild night.

We settled down on the table and began to chat, fuck these young ladies could drink. Half of the bottle was finished before I could complete my first glass. I poured a second glass sand by the time I finished it the whole bottle was gone. The second chick began to talk dirty to me when she noticed I was staring at her tits and she ripped off her top revealing a gorgeous set of boobs.  She asked in a slurred way if I had some more liquor and I grabbed my second bottle from the bag.


two gril with bottle of liquor


She poured a generous amount in a glass and then she did something I did not expect.  She pulled down my jocks and stuck my limp dick into it.  She then took in out and started sucking and licking all the drink off it.  The first girl then grabbed the drink and did the same.  Hell if this is the girls wanted to drink their liquor it was fine by me as each one of the slurped and guzzled over my cock.

Understandably it wasn’t long before my dick was hard and the second chick (the 12) started to take all her clothes off flung me on the bed and started to ride me on top.  What the heck I didn`t make a big deal about it, 2 hot chicks and me.  The first Russia then straddle my face with her pussy inviting me to lick it and I did causing her to moan. The second chick, she begins riding me all the more fiercely and the two of them started kissing above me – this turned me on and I came in her decent wet warm pussy almost immediately.

Not giving me a chance to recuperate the first chick pushes the second off and begins to devour my cum covered cock wow similarly as I was recently recuperating from my past jar this blonde goes straight down and began sucking. It felt like paradise had broken every one of its entryways on me today. This was the third time I was getting it tonight.  After I was spent these two girls who were now pretty drunk didn’t want to stop and they pulled out a JimmyJane vibrator and started using it on each other.  What a sight to behold.

I can only say that this has only happened to me the once but getting two for the price of one in Singapore was an unexpected but pleasurable experience.


Girl Walking At night on Road Side For Customer


Geyland Regular

Being a regular at Geyland for more than four years I was getting a bit bored but you never know when you are going to hit that hidden gem.  The other day I was checking out the merchandise on lor 24 and set eyes on the most beautiful Thai girl that one could imaging. Surprisingly she was friendly as well and I negotiated a great rate.  The service was excellent.  What really amazed me was the size of her labia and she told me that she had a client that liked her to use a pussy pump.

Stay away from the Indians!

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