I Met My Singapore Escort Whilst Walking The Dog

I Met My Singapore Escort Whilst Walking The Dog

You will not believe how I Met My Singapore Escort Whilst Walking The Dog.

I’m an American man who has been living in Singapore for eight years now, I moved here for work and fell in love with the place. I did bring my girlfriend here with me but we broke up three years ago, she moved back to the US and I have been single ever since. I don’t do much except work and walk my dog nowadays and for a while, my balls were ready to explode. Sure, I jerked off from time to time but it definitely wasn’t as good as the real thing.

One day, a couple of months ago on a Sunday morning, I was walking in a quiet area of the town I live in Singapore. Patch likes his daily walks and I enjoy the exercise too. I was turning a corner up against a wooded area and a woman was walking toward me. As I got closer, I couldn’t help but stare. She was slim but with big tits, she wore a little white dress and black heels, her long hair cascaded down her body and framed her pretty face. You could tell that she took care of herself and I definitely appreciated that. I am usually shy around women but I knew I had to speak to her or I would regret it otherwise.

I smiled, and nodded towards her as our paths crossed, “Aren’t you cold?”

She stopped and looked at me, the eye contact was instant and mesmerizing, “I have not been home yet from work last night!” She said.

I stopped too and angled my body into her as we spoke, “Oh, are you a waitress or something”, I asked.

She laughed and then licked her lips, “I’m an escort, baby.”

I stood stunned for a moment, shocked that she came out with it just like that, but I also felt a stirring in my pants as I looked her up and down, I wanted to get her naked, and the fact that she likely only just fucked someone else did not bother me at all. She reached out and stroked my arm, slowly and seductively, I think that she read my mind at that point.

“You want to come back to my place?” She asked, “You can put your dog in the yard while we go upstairs. I think you are very cute so I will even give you a discounted rate”.

I nodded, she grabbed my hand and we walked to her place. I’d never been with an escort before but it was one to tick off the bucket list so I was definitely excited for what was to come. We had a little small talk along the way, I learned that her name was Jun and she has lived in Singapore all her life. When we got back to hers, I gave her some money right away and she started taking her clothes off. I felt like I was in a dream, who would have thought that my daily dog walk would have ended in this? I definitely wasn’t complaining though, her body was incredible. I started taking my clothes off too while she positioned herself on the bed. I looked down at her, she lay on her back, wearing nothing except some red lacy panties that I hoped would be off her soon enough.

“What you want me to do to you first?” She asked.

I pointed down at my erect cock, “Suck it.”

She giggled and crawled over the bed, she was at the perfect height to pleasure me with her mouth, and boy, did she! Those full lips of hers definitely did the job well, and her tongue was pretty magic too – I could tell that she was a pro and seemed very eager to please. After ten minutes or so, I signaled her to stop and I lay her back on the bed before taking off her panties. Her pussy was completely bare with pink lips that were calling for me to lick and suck on. I started eating her out and she moaned in appreciation. I could definitely taste that another guy had been inside her the previous night but that just made me even hornier for her. I could feel my cock throbbing while I ate her pussy, he couldn’t wait to explore too!

Fuck me now,” she said.

I gladly obliged as I positioned myself between her legs and slid my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I was happy to feel that she was so tight and had amazing muscle control too, I knew that this was the type of woman who knew how to keep a man satisfied. I pumped away inside her in the missionary position before bending her over and fucked her doggy style. Her moans were kind of soft but squeaky, just like you see in porn with Asian girls. This got me going even more and when I felt the spunk building in my balls. I screamed out loud that I was going to cum and she begged me to give it to her, I pulled out and shot my load all over her ass. She whimpered in appreciation and we both collapsed onto the bed together in a sweaty heap. We chatted a little before I went on my way and she gave me her number so that we could have a repeat performance soon enough.

I don’t have the time for a girlfriend right now but at least I have Jun in my life whenever I get horny. She is smoking hot, we have amazing sex together, and she is pretty cool to talk to, so what more could I really want? I can’t believe that I met my Singapore escort whilst walking the dog but I am so glad that I did! Jun has mentioned that her friend Crystal wants to join us the next time that we get down and dirty so I am excited about that. Because what is better than one smoking hot Singapore escort? Two of them!

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