Singapore Stories – A Hard ride in the backseat

Singapore Stories – A Hard ride in the backseat

A Hard ride in the backseat

It was a late summer night, and i was headed home from the Loft gym in Singapore, taking the same route as i always did. I noticed my the petrol gauge was on the red and decided it would be best if I stopped to fuel up before going any further. I drove a few more miles on the Central Expressway before coming upon an exit where I could find a gas station.  I took the nearest one and stopped at the Esso gas station right off the exit and fueled my vehicle – filling it right to the brim.

I entered the gas station to pay for it and noticed a gentleman starring at me. Not wanting to make too much of it, I continued to grab a soda and pay for my drink and fuel, disregarding the looks that I was getting from this stranger. After approaching the counter and paying for my items, I couldn’t help but notice that the stranger who had been starring at me was no longer visible, and I felt a bit of relief. I paid for my items and made my way back to my car, ready to head home for the night.

I started my car and headed back out onto the expressway, and nothing felt unusual to me until I heard a low mumble that sounded like it was coming from the back seat. I checked my rear view mirror, and that’s when I noticed that I had picked up a little extra company along the way. While trying not to seem so obvious, I continued to drive and remain calm, while at the same time I needed him to realize that I knew he was there.

Before I could do anything else, he called out from the back, “Stay calm, I’m not here to hurt you!”

I hoped he was telling the truth, and i briefly met his gaze in my mirror. He had remarkable blue eyes. As he climbed through between the seats making his way up to the front passenger seat.

He said, ‘Don’t be afreaid.  I’m not going to hurt you.  I just needed a ride.’

The stranger made himself more comfortable in the front passenger seat of the vehicle.

He could feel his eyes looking her up and down and began to talk dirty to her – starting off meekly with ‘you are a lovely looking woman’ and progressing to saying things ‘I bet you taste nice down there.  I would love to drink your pussy juices and have you cum in my mouth’.

Her fear and reluctance to him being there subsided and she actually started to enjoy his dirty talk and even more disturbing could feel herself becoming wet between her long legs.  Sensing this t he stranger in the vehicle reached over and lightly touched the outside of her thigh, and she jerked a little in return.

He told her to continue to drive until he gave her other instructions, and she obeyed. Not knowing where she was going or what to expect, she kept her eyes steady on the road. Every once in a while, he would touch her in a way that she was unfamiliar with and his hand moved from the outside of her thigh to her inner thight. As time passed and distance they traveled along the road ahead became longer, his hands started to explore her more and more. Now reaching for her breast, he fully cupped both of them and commented on how nice they were. After being in the vehicle with this stranger for some time now, she had started to get more comfortable with his actions, and it didn’t alarm her when he touched her abruptly right between the legs.

He Touched Her In Different Places

As he continued to caress her tits and touch her in different places, she found herself becoming aroused and thought of this as something odd to be feeling in these particular circumstances. Either way, she couldn’t deny that the touch of his hands on her breasts aroused her more and more, He worked his way down from her breast and followed the lining of her stomach all the way down to her pelvic area. As soon as he reached her private area between her legs, he looked at her and told her to pull over at the next rest stop.

She took the first turn off that she could find and shut the car down as soon as the vehicle come to a stop. Still in a little fear for her life, yet somehow aroused, she continued to do as he said. He demanded that she remove all of her clothes which she did – even though it was difficult due to the constraints of the car.  When she was naked he just sat there and stared at her – she could see herself and breasts in the rear view mirror and was more than happy with what she say – however felt a little uncomfortable with this completer stranger staring at her.

She said. “What do you want from me?”

He replied, “All of you!”

“What do you mean, when you say all of me?” she asked.

‘You will know soon enough,’ he replied.

“I don’t have any money if that’s what your after.” she told him.

He said, “I don’t need your money, sweetie i just want your sweet pussy!”

She was naked and her whole body was exposed to him and had never felt more alive.  The adrenaline was pumping and her skin felt like pins and needs from the tip of her head to her toes.

He said, ‘Get in the back.’

She then moved to the back and could only imagine what he would be seeing with her ass up and pussy exposed whilst she moved there.

He got up and unzipped his pants she saw tha this cock was engorged.  The delicate veins protruding from the shaft.  A glistening of pre cum on the pee hole.  He then took off his shirt and she could see that he had rippling muscles, but no fat and worked his way to the back seat and on top of her,  He gently slid his throbbing hard cock into her while looking her in the eyes, she felt more aroused at the thought of this being something so unexpected.

His Cock Entered Her Sweet Pussy

He said, ‘I have been following you since you were at the gym.  You were so hot.  I just had to have you.’  Whilst he was saying this his cock grew harder and harder and he pumped himself into her sweet wet pussy.

She was not resisting and opened her legs further.  Her moans turning into guttural moans as some sort of primal instinct took over and she grabbed his ass forcing him to fuck her harder.  He could tell she was not resisting and this turned him on more as he used his cock as a weapon, a sword as he tried to destroy her pussy.  He grabbed her by the back of the neck and turned her round so she was in the doggie position.  Grabbing her long dark hair he pulled her back on his cock and thrust himself deeper in her, biting the back of her neck.  She screamed in pleasure and pain as this wild sex scene progressed into almost an act of sexual violence.

Her resistance had totally vanished and he could do anything to her,  she didn’t understand how she could be so horny and turned on by such an incident as this but nonetheless here she was, so she decided to go all out. She gathered up her courage to turn him over and slammed him down in the seat beside her as she climbed on top.

She slid down on his rock hard cock and rode it like she had never done before. “Is this what you want?” she asked.

She bounced up and down on his dick.

“OH yes!” He replied.

She continued to ride him with all the effort that she had. Feeling herself coming whilst on the top she screamed, ‘I am about to explode’ and whilst saying this began to feel waves of orgasms.  Feeling this he lifted her whilst moving his head under her pussy and licked and sucked her hole as she spurted orgasm after orgasm into his mouth.  He had become her male cum bucket.

Finally she stopped orgasming and leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth.  He began to suck it, taking it deep in her mouth, allowing it to go past her tonsils – deep throating it and feeling the throbbing in his now rock hard cock increase.

He yelled out, ‘Fuck. I’m cumming’.

No sooner had he said that than she felt the first sweet spurt of sperm entering her throat.  She swallowed this as he then shot his load over and over again.  She tried to swallow it all but some of the jism was on her face and around her lips.  He collapsed, spent on the back seat.  This had been some intense hard sex.

After a few minutes they began to collect their senses and began giggling.  As they dressed She said, ‘That was awesome Peter.”

He said,  ‘Sure was Prue.  Next week Can we do it on the Transit SBS.’

She giggled and said, ‘Sure sounds neat.  What do you want to get to eat on the way home.  Pizza?’

‘Pizza sounds fine’ as they made their way to the front seat and made the journey home.

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