How to Shoot Your Cum Further

How to Shoot Your Cum Further

It’s curious how a man is supposed to determine when he’s reached the goal or that magic Shoot Your Cum distance with his ejaculation. Society, maybe social networks, maybe porn sites have set a bar that’s unreachable not just for how much semen you produce but stamina, penis size, and on.

For those who have a genuine concern that the volume and how far they’re shooting is below average, a medical practitioner will look at behavioral patterns and lifestyle. These impact general and sexual health with the potential to affect semen volume. These things can include:

  • Reducing stress and maintaining a healthy mental status
  • Nutritious diet/fitness regimen with a healthy weight
  • Reduced alcohol/tobacco use
  • Recommended amount of sleep

Shoot Your Cum

As most recognize, you’ll produce a larger volume when you haven’t masturbated or had sex for a longer period. Your body has a greater amount of seminal fluid built up, which adds to the volume.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine indicates men average from “1.25 to 5 mL” of semen with orgasm, roughly “one teaspoon or a fluid ounce.” If you’re concerned about your volume, a medical provider can take a sample to see if you’re in the average range.

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How To Shoot Cum Further Naturally

Some men are concerned about the volume of semen they produce, how far they can shoot their cum. From the medical standpoint, the average “normal” range produced with orgasm ranges up to as much as 5 mL, which equates to roughly a teaspoon or a fluid ounce.

For men who feel they fall below average, it’s important to speak with a medical practitioner about your concerns to ensure there are no underlying health considerations.

Behavioral patterns and lifestyle have an impact on general and sexual health, ultimately resulting in physical effects like lower a lower volume of cum.

Still, you can make lifestyle changes and follow tips on how to cum further, helping to possibly improve your overall ejaculatory function in time. Here are a few suggestions.

Pelvic floor routine

If the pelvic muscles are weak, it can lead to difficulty shooting cum from the body since these muscles play a primary part in the velocity. If you want to be able to produce more, that might not be the issue. It could be that you need to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

You can do this through Kegel exercises. These can not only help with greater ejaculation but help to decrease the chance of premature ejaculation and reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. You should perform these for a few minutes every day for adequate training.

Smoking cessation

Everyone knows that smoking is terrible for overall well-being, but it can be awful for sexual health. If you smoke and have a concern about weak ejaculation, it’s time to consider quitting the habit as one of your lifestyle changes.

Aside from leading to erectile dysfunction, two separate studies indicated smoking as being associated with reduced semen in volume and lower sperm count in what were otherwise healthy men. According to one study, “cessation had a potential restorative effect for those who quit.”

Nutritious diet – healthy weight

Including a nutritious diet in your lifestyle provides many benefits for overall wellness, is exceptional for sexual health, and adds to sexual performance with an indication that research has shown good nutrition to be linked to healthier sperm.

Medical providers will advise that a nutritious, balanced diet comprises fresh fruits, vegetables, and a lean protein. Anything high in saturated fat or salt should be limited.

It’s suggested maintaining a healthy weight and a balanced diet could help enhance sexual stimulation, make improvements in blood flow to the penis, and possibly reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.


If you’re concerned about the volume of semen you’re producing when having sex, you might consider the fact that you’re masturbating before your planned sexual encounter.

That will undoubtedly reduce the amount of cum you’re able to shoot since your body needs ample time to refill its reserve. Go here for more ways to shoot cum further.

Final Thought

The takeaway is no simple one-size-fits-all approach for shooting cum further exists. Most often, the concern deals with the wrong aspects of the volume issue. The primary things to consider include:

Work through behavioral patterns and lifestyle changes

A few changes include incorporating pelvic exercises like Kegels, smoking cessation, maintaining a healthy weight with a nutritious diet, avoid masturbation when you plan sex. These steps can help to potentially positively influence a greater volume.

Medical practitioner

Having a physical exam with a medical doctor can discern if there are any underlying medical concerns affecting sexual performance or optimal ejaculation.

Speak with a urology professional, someone capable of discussing sperm motility and testosterone levels, or if there’s another aspect impacting your reproductive health.

Shooting a large volume of cum could possibly invoke confidence, and perhaps it adds a level of play for the bedroom. Still, the priority is health and motility, particularly for those with a goal of conceiving.

Sex Tips For ED: Be Hard Again Is Not Hard

Find out some essential essential sex tips for ED.  Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to the inability of the penis to continuously achieve and maintain a sufficient erection and obtain a satisfactory sex life in the course of sexual life in the past 3-6 months.

With the aging trend of the social population and the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life requirements, according to epidemiological data, ED has a high prevalence in social nowadays, and the prevalence of ED increases with age. The total prevalence of ED in adult males was 26%.
ED is a common disease in adult men, and it is not inexplicable.

Sex Tips To Make Your Penis Erect?

The erection of the penis is a complex vascular activity under the regulation of neuroendocrine. This activity requires the close coordination of nerves, endocrine, blood vessels, cavernous body and psychological factors, and is affected by multiple factors such as systemic diseases, nutrition and drugs.

Why Do You Have ED?

Organic factors:endocrine dysfunction, neurological dysfunction, vascular dysfunction, local penile dysfunction and drug factors.

Psychological factors: emotional abnormalities (such as low excitement, tension, fear, stress, etc.), mood disorders (such as anxiety, depression, etc.), mental illness, etc.

Other factors: smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity, overeating, lack of exercise, irregular sex life and other unhealthy lifestyles; Age factor.

 The Truth That You Want To Hear

ED is a treatable disease.

Clinically, ED patients are generally prone to psychological problems such as decreased happiness, decreased self-esteem and self-confidence.

When there is a psychological problem, you should seek psychological counseling or treatment in time. Some patients may need drug-assisted treatment. At the same time, for men with ED risk factors but normal erectile function, risk factors should be controlled to reduce the possibility of ED.

  1. Quit smoking, physical exercise and weight loss, low-fat and high-fiber diet;
  2. Control accompanying diseases, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc.;
  3. Develop good living habits and regular sex life.

Do Not Be Too Proud To Ask For Help

  1. Doctor

For men with impaired erectile function, they should go to the hospital in time for early intervention to restore and protect their erectile function. For men with erectile dysfunction, they should follow the doctor’s advice and actively treat them to achieve the recovery of erectile function.

Many people will avoid medical problems, but they don’t know that in your fear, indecisiveness will make the illness worse and worse. In fact, life is the same. No matter how you escape from it, you will eventually face it. On the contrary, the sooner you face it, the sooner you can heal yourself. Just face the music is the first step to erect again!

  1. Male sex toys – the instant helper

You know that you use a fruit knife to peel an apple, not your nails. You know that you use a ladder to climb up the stairs instead of bare-handed to do rock climbing. You know that you use a programming language like JavaScript or Swift to program instead of 101010. As human beings, we have intelligence so that we can use tools to enable us to live a good life.

Why are you ashamed to use male sex toys as tool when you have sex? It seems that after using male toys, you lose your masculinity. In fact, the person who loves you cares very much about your feelings, so she can accept it totally!

Sometimes you can’t get tough, just because the hands are not enough to stimulate your penis, or even you have never experienced a virgin channel. At this time, if you can’t find a girlfriend quickly and conveniently to let you experience real sex, the difference between women’s channel and your rough male hands  is worlds apart. At this time, using a realist vaginal-simulator is the best way.

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Manta Penis Trainer – Transparent and Textured, the toy designed as a trainer to make your time longer, your penis stronger  & harder. Vibration drives the entire sleeve, giving the penis the greatest stimulation. Regular use to make your penis stronger and improve endurance.

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Bottom Line

Don’t always worry about your ED problem, and think about it from sunrise to moon-rise. I can tell you responsibly that if a person loves you, she will never just want that sexual value on you. So if you can use tools like male sex toys to help her be happy, you will be happy too.

Sometimes self-esteem is not a big deal in front of a valuable relationship.

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