Singapore Cum Night

Singapore Cum Night

Singapore is a bustling city and Michael was out and exploring the city. The streets are alive with people and cars, and the air is filled with the sound of laughter and conversation. In the midst of all this activity, one man stands out. Michael is a tall, lean man with a slight muscular build. He walks with purpose through the city streets, taking in the sights and sounds of Singapore. As he looks at the midnight blue water, the city lights refract on the surface. He sits down on a park bench next to a Singaporean lady who is also taking a moment to relax.

Michael is taking a moment to enjoy the view. The city lights playfully refract on the surface of the midnight blue water, and the sound of the busy streets is just a distant echo. He sits down on a park bench next to a Singaporean lady who is also enjoying the quiet moment. Even at night there’s always something going on. Whether you’re looking for a night out on the town or just want to take in the sights, Singapore is a city that definitely has something to offer.

Michael had been fantasizing about his wife all day. He loved her curves, and the way her summer dress hugged her thighs. He could tell the girl next to him was wearing lace underwear just like his wife did, and the thought of it made his cock throb. He wanted to pull her dress up to get a better look. Imagining Her bottom was round and perfect, and he couldn’t resist giving it an imaginary squeeze, unzipping his pants and slide his cock between her legs. The feeling of her warm vagina wrapped around him would be unforgettable. Pounding into her hard, until they both reached orgasm. Afterwards, they lwould ay in each other’s arms, gasping for breath. Michael knew that this was just the beginning of hisa fantasy.

It was like she could tell what he was thinking.  She quietly lets out a quivering and urgent moan as her body begins to react to the radiance he is emitting. Her panties are becoming wet at every moment she is imagining sitting on him. He begins gently pushing his penis tip into her wet lace panties that are gently giving way. The panties are pushed to one side and he puts his penis tip in. He has a strong need to use her and give her his load of cum. And so he does, deep and fast, giving it to her as she moans in pleasure. The sensation is intense as his cock fills her pussy and rubs against her g-spot. She cums hard, imagining all over him, and he is loving it. As she rides out her orgasm, he pulls out and comes all over her ass, giving her a nice creampie. She moans in contentment as she feels his cum inside her.

What a hot experience!

And they have not even touched.

Michael looks over to her and she smiles.  He slowly unbuttons her red summer dress exposing the top of her breasts. They are perfectly rounded and soft. He touches them passionately kisses up her neck and bites her ear with need. He unbuttons her dress further down and sees her white laced bra. Her nipples are blushed with pink. Without another thought, he holds her breasts in his hands and begins to lick them through her bra. The sensation of his tongue circling her nipple makes her body shudder with pleasure. She gasps as he teases them both through the delicate fabric of her bra before finally freeing them. He takes a moment to simply look at her, admiring the perfection of her creamy skin before lowering his head to take one hard nipple into his mouth. She moans as he sucks on it, teasing it with his tongue and teeth until she is writhing beneath him, desperate for more.

Her wetness surges heavily, as he touching her make her juices drip down wetting her panties and she imagining his cock and balls. She imagines him slowly inside her deeper as her vagina accepted his entire hard cock. He didn’t move, he just let her vagina consume his cock. Her clitoris had expanded and was so swollen. She began to move back and forth trying to stimulate her clitoris and finally began to fuck him hard. The feeling of his cock slamming in and out of her pussy was unbelievable. She was getting so close to orgasm, she could feel her pussy tighten up around his cock. She screamed out in ecstasy as she came.

He pulls away from sucking on her breasts. Cumming to the reality of where he is and who he is with.  He apologises profusely standing up and leaving quickly.  Leaving her sitting on the bench, wet with desire.

She never imagined she would be having sex in a public place in Singapore. But there she was, her pussy dripping with precum, her heart racing as he strode off into a corner of the park. The risk of getting caught only made the experience more intense, and she moaned uncontrollably as she came again to orgasm. What was she going to do to fulfil her dirty erotic fantasy?



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