Getting Dirty In Pleasures Resort!

Getting Dirty In Pleasures Resort!

When Ben got into the office of the Singapore Resort,  he slammed the door hard that he could feel the vibration in his bones.

He was mad and there was no denying how he felt. As he began to pace around his office, he could feel his chest heaving up and down underneath the long sleeve Polo he was wearing. He always kept fit by going to the on-site  gym and in the city gym on weekends for workout sessions that lasted at least two to three hours a stretch. This fact was evidenced in the bulging biceps and wide thick chest underneath his Polo.

But he was not mindful of his admirable physique as he paced to and fro inside the office like a caged lion waiting to pounce out into freedom.  He was furious and he clenched his fists tightly and began to shake his head. He stopped in front of the window. looking at his reflection as he ran a lose hand through his hair which reminded him of a well cut garden of black grass.

What was he going to do, he wondered. What had happened was simply not acceptable and he had to do something about it.

He stopped pacing around and pulled out his leather chair from behind the wide desk. He sat down heavily and starred up at the ceiling.

Just then, he heard a knock on his door.

“Who is it?” he hollered.

In response the door opened and a Singaporean woman popped in through the ajar door. She came in and closed the door behind her. Ben sized her up. She was wearing a black and white apron which served to conceal and perhaps protect whatever attire she had underneath. In her hands were a brush and a napkin. He felt slightly annoyed at himself that her work tools reminded him of something a little more erotic than just cleaning utensils. She was always with them, just like the other resort cleaners, ready to clean up any mess that they found anywhere in their Pleasure resort.

“Nina, what are you doing here? Are you not supposed to be busy at work?”

The woman smiled, revealing a set of white teeth accentuated by her asian complexion. “I have already completed my round of chores for this morning. I decided to come and check up on you.”

“I see. You’re welcome then,” Ben replied as he studied her briefly.

She was petite to medium sized and no matter how tall she stood, Ben knew she would always end up under his chin, which made her at least five foot tall. Her legs were straight and firm and reminded him of athletes who were good at athletics and other sports – obviously a result of being on her feet all day. He remembered her easily. She was one of the several cleaners that worked there. She was a native of Singapore and he always seemed fascinated by her round face, slanted eyes and broad smile.

She smiled again. “I am really sorry about what happened back there.”

“You mean with that guest?” Ben asked before dismissing the talk with the wave of his hand. “It was nothing.”

“But I saw you were quite angry, sir.”

Ben sniggered. “Angry? No, I wasn’t angry. Or was I? Hell no, I wasn’t. I was as mad and angry as a raging bull.”

As he said this he slammed his fist down on his table, an action that startled Nina. She backed away and held her brush and napkin close to her bosom like a frightened pet.

Ben saw her reaction and shook his head. “I apologise. I mean, I didn’t mean to startle you or anything like that. But the truth is that I don’t like how Mr. Mendez treats us staff like we are…we are…we are…” He was searching for the right word but could not just get it.

“Trash or dirt?” Nina offered.

He snapped his fingers. “Exactly. Yes, you got it right – trash, dirt, scum of the earth. What does he take us all for?”

“Dirt,” Nina said simply and he noticed that she seemed a bit more relaxed, as she lowered her hands. “He owns this resort, doesn’t he? So everyone working in here must be his dirt, to be trampled on anyhow.”

“Really? That is wrong, completely wrong,” Ben insisted. “I mean, everyone could see that it was the guest who was at fault. He should have booked for a room in advance. I mean, who ever does such a thing – to come to a resort as big as this and just begin to expect and demand for a room of your choice?”

“Well, he is Mr. Mendez’s…” Nina began to say.

“Bosom friend or associate,” Ben offered. “Who cares if he is our employer’s father? The fact is that there were already other guests here. What am I supposed to do – throw them out simply because he is in town and needs a room?”

“I think you did the best you could do by pointing all that out to him.”

Ben nodded. “Yes. I know I did my best. I was very polite too. But clearly he did not like my approach. And what does the douche bag do? Right in front of me he calls Mr. Mendez. And what does our employer do? He orders – Nina can you imagine that – he actually orders me to get him a room at all costs. At all costs, even if it meant moving our VIP guest or even worse sending them away.”

Nina shook her head. “Sometimes, Mr. Mendez could be difficult.”

“Sometime or all the time?” he replied.

“Let me get you something to cool off with,” Nina announced and stepped towards the cabinet opposite his table. As she moved he caught sight of her hips as they undulated underneath her apron. He could not help but wonder if she was really as endowed as he imagined. Or was it just her apron that was making him see things?

Ben had always seen her as a dedicated staff of their resort. Right from the first day that she was employed to join the cleaning department, she had always been on his mind. He couldn’t quite place it. She was very hard working, willing to take instructions and corrections, and even work late.

But he knew there was something more to her than her diligence and willingness to work.

Maybe it had to do with her looks. Like all the other female Singaporeans he knew of, she was good looking, if not quite beautiful.Her eyes, her lips, and her long strong legs seemed to stir something in him whenever he happened to encounter her.

And then there was her companionship. Nina was fond of coming around to see him in his office. At first he had felt that it was unusual, because none of the other cleaners came to see him in his office except when he specifically asked them to. But with time, he began to get used to seeing her around.

The first time he had asked why she bothered coming around; she had simply smiled and said that she was grateful to him for selecting her to work in the resort. He hadn’t thought much of it and he had made her know this. But on her subsequent visits, he began to think more about her and her looks.

Of course he did not yet think of anything else could be behind her visits. He didn’t want to be involved with anyone in the resort, not to talk less a junior female employee for that matter.

But now, as he watched her lean over and check through his cabinet, he could not help feel a strong urge to reach for her and a stirring in his pants.  Her ass seemed to be jotting out at him, perhaps touting him or even daring him to make a move for her as she scanned through the shelf in the cabinet.

Ben licked his lips. It was as if he had suddenly woken up from a long slumber. Damn, this girl had got some ass, he muttered silently to himself. If she had been inanimate like one of those sex dolls, he was sure he would have ravaged her with abandon right here and now. And with her napkin and brush at the ready just reminded him of some kinky sex toys.

Nina, Nina, Nina. She really looked like one of those asian love dolls for sale. Did she like sex toys as well, he wondered.

“Which of the drinks would you prefer?”

Ben seemed shocked at her question. He blinked away his gaze from her backside and tried to concentrate on her face as she turned to look at him. “Anyone would do,” he managed to say.


“I think the champagne is okay. Give me the champagne.”

As she nodded and stood up, he felt his manhood twist some and then rise hard in his pants. He frowned at himself. He was getting aroused already and there was no need to ask what was the cause of it.

“You only brought one glass?” Ben noticed as she began to pour the drink for him.

She smiled. “I don’t drink while I am working.”

Ben grinned at her. “But you are not working in my office now, are you?”

She handed the drink to him. “You can say that I am. After all, I am here, am I not?”

Ben nodded. “Yes, you are here. But are you working here or what?”

“You can say I have come to see my boss and sympathize and comfort and encourage him.”

Ben took a sip of the drink. “Yeah, thanks so much. I really appreciate that, Nina. Everyone knows we all need support sometimes, if not every time. Especially when you work for such a resort.”

Just then, Ben began to cough. He had taken another sip too quickly and the drink had gone down the wrong way.

As he sputtered, Nina came over to him and patted his back. As he dropped the cup on the table, it toppled and fell on the ground, spilling the bubbling drink all over the tiled floor.

“Damn, how careless of me,” Ben muttered.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of it,” Nina said and in a flash she was already on the floor in front of him.

As she began to clean the drink with her napkin, Ben felt his manhood stir again. He did not have to wonder why. This was the second time in less than two minutes that he was staring at her ass. And this time, it was close up.

Instinctively, Ben sat up in his chair. As he watched her scrub the drink from the floor with her napkin, her ass began to undulate like a sachet of water. Her ass was bobbing up and down like a ball on a wave of water.

He smacked his lips and sat up. But this time it wasn’t because he wanted to get a better view. He needed to adjust himself because of the bulge that had risen in between his legs. His erection was straining against the fabric of his trouser, like an animal caught in a trap, struggling to burst free.

Ben cursed. All the emotion he felt inside him from the incidence with the guest seemed to want to burst free just like his demanding cock. He wasn’t sure he was thinking when he unzipped his trouser and let his erect cock out to get some fresh air. As his member literally jumped out, he grinned to himself as he studied the one-eyed monster.

“Do you need help with that too?”

Startled, Ben looked up to see Nina. She was still on her knees. But this time she did not have her back turned. Rather, she was facing him from the floor. There was a coy smile on her face as she watched him holding his erect cock like someone with a whip wondering what to do with it.

“I don’t know –,” Ben began to say.

“Don’t worry, sir,” Nina cooed. “If you don’t know, then let me help you out.”

Ben was agape as he watched her crawl up to him on all fours. She was not in a hurry, but rather took her time to approach him, all the while maintaining eye contact with him. By the time she got to his chair, Ben was already panting heavily with anticipation, like a tired wild animal that had run out of breath and strength.

She pushed his hand away and grabbed his cock with both hands. To Ben, his huge erect cock in her small hands seemed like a child holding onto a huge pink snake. He knew that Nina was small sized, like so many other Singaporean women he had met. But he didn’t know just how small she was until just now that she was so close to him.

It was as if she was holding a massive dildo like the ones he has seen used by some of the women on line by bad dragon.

But if he thought that his size was going to be a problem, Nina didn’t seem to bother. She did not blink an eye as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and began to sock.

Ben threw his head backwards and slapped his forehead. He gasped softly as she began to suck him with so much passion and experience. While she was sucking him, she groped underneath and grabbed his two balls. She then began to squeeze them softly, and then stroke them at the same time.

Ben looked down at her bobbing head and gasped in ecstasy. Nina was killing him with so much pleasure. But there was something else he wanted. He caught sight of her ass as it lay behind her, curled away out of sight.

Singapore Panties

No, you are not going to evade me this time, Ben said to himself. He reached down and grabbed a pound of her backside in his hands and squeezed it. She squirmed and pulled away from his dick. “What are you looking for?”

Ben grinned. “You don’t know for how long I always wanted to do that.”

“Is that all you have always wanted to do?”

Ben did not need any further urging. It was crazy he knew, but this damn, crazy things do happen. Just like in the reception with Mr. Mendez’s friend. And now here in his office, with this smoking hot girl called Nina.

He kicked aside his trousers and turned her around. He then lifted the hem of her apron to reveal the silly thin black thong she was wearing. With two fingers he pushed it aside to reveal a pussy that was not only pink, but moist and glistening.

He remembered how many times she had come to his office in the name of offering companionship, gratitude, and today, comfort. He wondered how long she had been waiting for him to make this move.

He did not wonder anymore as he knelt down behind her and thrust his dick inside her pussy. He did not know if he was going to fit in properly. But surprisingly his huge dick fit in well.

At first, he went in gently, not trying to be hard or rough. But Nina wasn’t playing for hard and soft. She wanted him and she wanted all of him. With her hands placed firmly on the floor, she moved her huge ass backwards forcing his dick to sink deeper and deeper into her. And then she pulled out slowly. She then moved backwards again and he went deeper.

Ben shook his head in disbelief. It wasn’t just that she was riding him in reverse cowgirl. It was how she was taking him all inside her without wincing a bit. How deep was she, he wondered.

As Nina rode him, he grabbed her ass and held on as if for dear life. After a couple of more thrusts, he could feel he was going to soon explode. Nina felt this and continued to thrust her hips.

Eventually, Ben let out a soft moan as he exploded inside her like a volcano.

When she pulled off him, all he could do was grin.

She cleaned him up by expertly wiping away his dick and herself with her napkin.

As he picked up his trousers and pulled it up his legs, she poured him another drink.

“There,” she said as she handed it over to him. “I am sure you would be fine now.”

Ben grinned. “Fine? I am better than fine now. And it’s all thanks to you.”

She smiled. “I was only doing my job, Mr. Ben.”

He threw a gaze at the floor where the drink had spilled. It was sparkling clean. You mean with cleaning up dirt?”

She smiled at him. “What has dirt got to do with it?”

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