A Singapore Business Trip Became A Provocative Sexual Adventure

A Singapore Business Trip Became A Provocative Sexual Adventure

A Trip to Singapore

I had never been to Singapore, but due to some business affairs last February, Who knew it would become A Provocative Sexual Adventure. I had to spend close to a week in this beautiful country. A business trip on your own isn’t the most fun thing in the world, so I thought of a way to make the trip easier for me. My mind kept bringing me to the idea of hiring one of the Singapore escorts, as a colleague previously told me he had great experiences with them.

Considering an Escort

He told me about hiring a transsexual escort. He did it and said it was a really amazing experience, although I personally am not going to take that step. I took a look to see if I really dared, but I couldn’t find any escort that would attract me as much as a young girl with a penetrating look, whom I instantly fell in love with. She was a native Singaporean escort from the area, and I contacted her through the erotic ads.

Past Experiences

I have to be honest and say that it was not the first time that I hired an escort, since in my country I had done it many times before. The first time can always be a little intimidating. Perhaps you may think that the girl is going to do it by obligation and without desire, or it is going to be something that may lead to violence or robbery. It’s not like that at all. In contact networks, most of the girls are independent, and there is no one behind to extort them or you.

They can do what they want, rejecting some specific services or those that they do not trust. Therefore, they do their work with more desire and joy than agency escorts, and their service is magnificent.

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Meeting the Escort

What happened was that I met a young, very helpful girl who seemed desperate to please me. The girl was really beautiful. She would be between 20 and 25 years old, but I had the feeling that she had been doing this for a few years. She looked comfortable, fearless, and enjoying her work. She would be no more than 1.60 cm tall, and her skin was a very subtle brown tone.

She had a young girl’s face, although her eyes were very sexual. Just one look could make you have an erection. Everything was perfect until the hotel room door was knocked on. At first, I assumed it would be hotel staff who wanted to clean up or something, but all of a sudden I heard the voice of the client I had met that afternoon.

An Unexpected Visitor

The meeting with this guy was good. In addition to business deals, we also hit it off immediately, which always helps close deals. When we said goodbye, I gave him my hotel address and told him if he wanted to go out for a beer. Although I liked the guy, I said it rather out of cordiality since he was not from the city either and was in the same lonely situation as me. But I never thought he would come without warning.

I opened the door with a perspiring face and told him I was doing some exercise. He asked if I wanted to go out for a drink and explore Singapore’s nightlife, to which I answered yes. But I asked him to wait downstairs so I could say goodbye to the girl and pay her. At the time, I thought it was a shame, as I really liked the girl and was looking forward to having sex with her. But I didn’t like the idea of one of my clients knowing that I was doing business and sex tourism at the same time, so I paid the girl, got dressed, and went out for a beer with my client and colleague.

Confessions Over Drinks

Unfortunately, after a few beers and a few shots in a bar, I ended up confessing everything between laughter and alcohol. We laughed a lot, but the best thing was that he told me to call her back and to share her. And so we did. I called the same girl again, explained the situation to know if she offered services for more than one person at a time, to which she said yes—she would be delighted to for an extra fee.

She soon arrived and we ended up having a threesome with my client and an escort from Singapore. It was all so much fun. The girl was delighted, as her rate for being with the two of us together was higher, plus having already charged me previously without getting to have sex. The girl was horny, or at least she pretended to be. We got carried away, and although my dream trio is more of 2 girls, I have to confess that I liked it.

A Provocative Sexual Adventure

What was going to be a boring business trip turned out to be a fun experience that will be difficult to repeat. When I got back, the boss was waiting for me, anxious for the good news, which is the same thing—new clients. And of course, my Singapore sex buddy didn’t fail me by giving me a big fat contract. So the trip was perfect: new customers, a happy boss, and new sexual experiences from another country in the world.

Looking Forward

I look forward to my next business trip. Although I really know it’s going to be almost impossible to be better.


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