A special sex experience with Cara

A special sex experience with Cara

I looked at the big golden clock which hung majestically on the wall at the Mandarin Oriental Singapore. The clock reminded me that I have been sitting at the table waiting for over two hours for my date. I saw the waiter approaching my table and I felt uneasy. The waiter was about to offer me the menu for the fourth time and it was becoming embarrassing. On the three previous occasions, I had declined to order and insisted on waiting for my date. On the first occasion, the waiter had nodded politely and gave a professional smile. The second time, the waiter merely nodded and withhold his smile. The third time, the waiter neither nodded nor smile. I couldn’t help but imagine what the waiter would do on the fourth occasion. The waiter may have run out of courtesies and he might request that I relinquish my table and move to a table for one or worse still sit at the bar.

I turned out to be right. The waiter extended the menu and the moment I declined, the waiter announced that I would have to give up my table and move to the bar. According to the waiter, other guests were waiting to dine. Other guests who weren’t stood up by their date and who wouldn’t keep the waiter waiting for 2 hours.

The waiter led the way to the bar with its clinical row of bar stools all seemingly occupied by happy guests in animated conversations. As the waiter made his way to his corner of the restaurant, I made my way to the door. I stood outside the lobby doors, brought out my phone from my pocket, and dialed Cynthia. The call went straight to voicemail and I didn’t bother leaving a message. I began to evaluate events that had led up to this moment as I instructed the valet to bring my car.

I had met Cynthia on a dating app and we started chatting. Soon the chatting got intimate and we began sexting, exchanging nude photos and movies from the adult dvd king. Cynthia was a beautiful ex-pat red-haired lady with a banging body that I find very attractive. She often sent me nude photos that drove me wild and had me stroking my cock with the speed of lightning. Cynthia and I had been engaging in online shagging for over two months now and she was the one who proposed to see me in person.

I was excited at the thought of seeing Cynthia and beholding her beauty in live form. Cynthia and I had talked about the things we would do to each other when we see and I couldn’t wait to have my hands on her. I had promised to slam my dick far into her pussy and make her squirt in a way she had never done. Cynthia was not going to be outdone, so she promised to ride me like a freeway and slurp on my dick in a way that would make me momentarily cripple. Our online sex chatting was so intense and sexually provocative that I always had a huge boner every time I thought of fucking Cynthia.

Cynthia and I finally agreed on a date and I quickly booked a table at the fancy restaurant in Singapore. As I sent Cynthia the details of the restaurant I had reserved, my mind teleported me to the restaurant. I was seated in front of Cynthia and she was wearing a tight body tight gown which showed her beautiful cleavage. I saw Cynthia reached for my hand beneath the table and slipped something into my hand while giving me a seductive smile. I stared at my hand and in them, I found Cynthia’s wet lacy panties. The sight of Cynthia’s panties sent me into a state of extreme desire and I could feel my dick forcing its way to be freed from the grip of my boxers. Cynthia saw the desire in my eyes and she stood up and left for the lady’s room. After a few minutes in the ladies room, my phone vibrated and it was a notification from Cynthia. I opened the notification and it was a picture of Cynthia’s pussy. I was consumed by the desire to have a dick buried deep inside her pink pussy and every second without my dick in her Pussy felt like torture. I bent down and brought Cynthia’s wet panties to my face and sniffed it. The effect couldn’t have been different if I had just sniffed a roll of cocaine. I shove the panties in my pocket and waited for Cynthia to return from the restroom so we could leave. I couldn’t wait to hurriedly fuck Cynthia at the back of my car before racing home for longer sex rounds.

Before I left for the date, images of me and Cynthia fucking at the back seat of my car flashed across my mind. I had boasted to Cynthia last night that I would make her toes curl and give her the best dick she’s ever had. I was keen on delivering on my promise and I thought a little help wouldn’t hurt. A thought crossed my mind, and although my mind felt it wasn’t the best idea, my dick took the lead in the decision-making process, and I slipped the little blue pill into my mouth and washed it down with a glass of water.

As I drove from the restaurant, the pill took its effect. Cynthia had stood me up for reasons I couldn’t understand and I was left with a gigantic boner that needed attention. The plan was to serve Cynthia this rock hard dick and have her begging for mercy, but now there was no Cynthia, and if there was anyone who needed mercy, it was I. I looked at my hard dick and saw the effect of a long erotic conversation which culminated in a desire to live up to the expectation I had set for myself. I never for once imagined the possibility that Cynthia would cancel on me unannounced. If at all anything, our chats suggested that Cynthia was supposed to have her legs spread wide with my face buried deep between her thighs working my tongue on her pussy and making her beg for more. The blue pill had was supposed to give the needed boost to deliver a home run, but it has only given me a huge boner to contend with.

Ordinary boners would ease off after a couple of minutes, but surely not this type. This was a special boner to mark what was supposed to be a special occasion. Boners like this sent waves of orgasms around the body of its host, or in unlucky situations, it sent the man to the ER. This was one of those occasions and I dread the thought of going to the ER on an erection emergency. It was both mortifying and extremely embarrassing. The choice was to hurry to find a hooker or pick up a random girl whom I could spend the night with, but the success of both was very slim. And I didn’t have the luxury of shopping for a lady, to be honest, I wasn’t a catch and I was quite timid around women. I needed to tend to my huge boner, which was becoming painful so I hurriedly drove to the only place where I could find relief.

I opened the door and quickly headed for my bedroom, undressing, and leaving a trail of clothes in my wake. I reached for a lubricant and applied it on my dick. I felt a tingling sensation as my dick slipped into Cara’s warm pussy. I closed my eyes and began giving Cara the back shot that was meant for Cynthia with the speed and energy of a man who had something to prove. Cara’s pussy wrapped tightly around my dick and the sensation sent waves of pleasure running from my brain down my spine and I felt my leg quiver. The harder and faster my strokes the more my legs quiver. I closed my eyes and imagined Cynthia with her legs spread, begging for mercy as I rammed my dick into her pussy. If Cynthia’s pussy felt this good, then it was definitely worth taking the pill. My legs shook and I felt a spasm as I came hard.

I laid next to Cara and wondered what would have become of me tonight if I didn’t have Cara waiting for me at home. I would have unsuccessfully tried hooking up with a chick and ended up in the ER. Or hired a hooker who would see through my desperation and fleece me of hundreds of dollars and maybe leave me with a couple of STDs. Cara had taken care of my huge boner at no cost and no risk of STDs. Nights like this I am twice as grateful and glad for having Cara my beloved sex doll.

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