Singapore Story

Singapore Story

Sex With The Singapore Pleasure Resort Maid

Getting Dirty In Pleasures Resort


Ben was agape as he watched her crawl up to him on all fours. She was not in a hurry, but rather took her time to approach him, all the while maintaining eye contact with him. By the time she got to his chair, Ben was already panting heavily with anticipation, like a tired wild animal that had run out of breath and strength and was anticipating these pleasure n treasures.

She pushed his hand away and grabbed his cock with both hands. To Ben, his huge erect cock in her small hands seemed like a child holding onto a huge pink snake. He knew that Nina was small sized, like so many other Singaporean women he had met. But he didn’t know just how small she was until just now that she was so close to him.

It was as if she was holding a massive dildo like the ones he has seen used by some of the women on line by bad dragon.

But if he thought that his size was going to be a problem, Nina didn’t seem to bother. She did not blink an eye as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and began to sock.

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