Abel Rowland’s Young Sex Slave On St John’s Island

Abel Rowland’s Young Sex Slave On St John’s Island

My name is Abel Rowland. I reside in the southern Islands of Singapore just next to St John’s Island. I am a 32 year old fifth grade teacher in one of the suburban elementary schools in Southern Singapore. Most of the students are comprised of middle range pupils, apart from this one spooky girl called Mandy. When Mandy first came to my school, anyone could tell that she was not from a well off family. She always had unkempt hair and only wore faded dresses. Most of the residents of this region are not very rich but they belong to the middle class. However Mandy was obliviously from a poor family.

Despite her unkempt appearance, Mandy was a very attractive girl, she was about ten years old when she was first admitted to my school. She had a height of four feet tall and had long straight dark hair. But her figure was not the typical boyish figure, Mandy appeared to be much older than most of the girls, with full hips and small breasts already in place by the time she turned 16 years of age. She used to be a loner, and always got teased by other older kids. During recess, I noticed that she would wander off towards the beach which was at the farthest end of the school’s playground. When the bell rung, Mandy would rush back to the school and join the other students. I never gave her behavior much thought.

One day, I was on recess duty. While doing my rounds, I saw something strange that drew my attention. I saw several older boys going towards the beach where Mandy used to stroll towards, and some other older boys also coming from that direction. I got curious to find out what was happening in the area because, like any other responsible teacher, I thought that the boys could be smoking down there. St John’s Island used to be a refugee prison and then an institution to keep drug addicts a long time ago and therefore the place was now a quiet spooky place. However having pristine sandy beaches where families would come for their picnics during the holidays it was also a place to hang out in a hideaway place. If any of the students wanted somewhere where they would smoke unnoticed, this was the perfect area, and therefore I came up with a plan to observe the boy’s activities in the area without being noticed. When recess was over, I got some of the school’s cameras wireless cameras installed in the area. I set my computer up so that it could automatically record each and every day during recesses.

During the days that followed, I had a very busy schedule and didn’t get a chance to view what one of the new camera had captured. However on Friday after school while alone in the classroom, I decided to go through my laptop to pass time. I selected one file from the camera’s recordings, and to my astonishment, a show started playing. At first, nobody was in the picture then Mandy appeared. She seemed to be waiting for something for a while before three of the middle classes boys appeared and positioned themselves in one line before her.

Mandy got on her knees facing the boys and the boy in front of the line handed her what seemed to be an amount of loose money, which she kept in her pockets. Then she reached over with her hands, unzipped the boy’s pants then popped out his cock. Quickly, she placed the cock in her mouth and started sucking him off, with the cock was completely inserted in her mouth. After just a few minutes, I guessed that the boy cumming in her mouth because she withdrew the five inch cock and immediately swallowed. This continued with the other next boy after he handed her the money. The second boy’s cock was larger than the first, so Mandy was forced to use her hands and mouth to pump the cock until the boy came deep down her throat. She swallowed his cum too.

The third boy in line said something to Mandy before handing her the money. Mandy stoop up from her kneeling position and lifted her dress, keeping it help up. The third boy bent over and pulled her cotton panties down. From her bent position, I got a chance to view her pussy which was no more than a slit in between the thighs, with no hair or plushness. The impatient boy reached for her hairless pussy and inserted his middle finger inside her slit, and begun pumping. Mandy on the other hand, stretched her hand over, quickly unzipped the boy’s pants and started stroking his already erect cock with her hand. She pumped it with unison with his fingering rhythm. After a few minutes of the action, Mandy’s knees seemed to become wobbly and weak and she started shaking, I knew that definitely she had cum. Simultaneous to her orgasm, the boy started to shoot ropes of semen from his cock which landed on the ground. After this, the three boys left and Mandy, pulling up her panties, run back towards the school compound.

The other recorded files were similar to the first with different middle school boys, with a variation of fingering Mandy’s pussy and asshole and occasionally, one of the boys sucking and pulling her young breasts, while stroking his cock. I fast forwarded and selected Friday’s file. This one was different as Mandy only had one customer. He seemed to take more time negotiating than others had taken. Finally, he gave her a handful of notes which seemed to be more than what other boys normally gave her. Then she quickly lay facing up from the ground and lifted her dress.

The boy pulled off her cotton undies and spread the legs wide apart. The angle at which the camera was place allowed me a clear sight of the activities that were taking place. I counted myself lucky to watch her getting fucked on camera. The boy, who was much bigger than the rest of Mandy’s customers, took out his enormous cock and lowered himself on top of Mandy between the spread legs. The boy placed his erect cock on Mandy’s pussy and begun forcing it in. He seemed to struggle a lot to get the cock inside her pussy but after several unsuccessful attempts, he finally pushed it all in with one mighty thrust. I noticed all this time, that Mandy has a hand over her mouth to suppress her cries, but tears were freely flowing down her cheeks.


Man Computer Photo
Photo: Mandy’s Naughty Walks in St Johns Island, Singapore – Man Computer


Could it be that this was Mandy was a virgin and this was her first time? Did I just witness the uncensored deflowering of my student? What a time to be alive. As the boy pumped, it took him only a few minutes before his body stiffened, and he shot his cum deep within the virgin cunt. As he withdrew his cock, I noticed loads of cum and blood flowing down the young girl’s pussy. This confirmed my suspicion. Mandy had been a virgin. They both stood up, straightened and started walking towards school, with Mandy walking with a lot of strain.

Watching this recorded files got me both excited and shocked. At least, I would end up with a treasure of forbidden spooky videos which would serve to satisfy my fantasies. I closed down my computer to contemplate on the next move I would take. After giving it a short thought, I decided that I should talk to Mandy about the issue.

The week that followed, I asked Mandy to arrange for an after school tutoring on Wednesday in the pretense of tutoring in Science. Wednesday came and Mandy stayed back after the other students had left for home. I hung a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door then locked it from inside. I called her to where I was and told her “Mandy, you are not here for science tutoring.” I then logged into my laptop and showed her the first file on the recordings. As the recording begun to play, I could tell that she was shocked. “Why do you have that?” she asked, fear showing from her eyes. “Never mind, the real question should be what I will do after this” I replied. “Oh please, don’t show this to my parents I beg you please” she pleaded. “Well all that depends on you Mandy, what do you have to say for yourself?” “I just need that money. You know am from a poor family, I use the little money I get to buy the nice stuff that other kids have. I have no other way to make money and my parents cannot afford it.” She said, tears flowing from her eyes. “Please Mr Rowland, can’t we talk ad settle this in any other way?” she continued straddled on my lap holding my hand.

As she straddled, her dress rolled up such that I could feel her soft crotch inside her panties, which was rubbing against my erect penis. There was an extraordinary heat that was being emitted by her pussy she wiggled on me begging. I also picked out an amount of moisture coming from her pussy. I was at her mercy, instead of the other way round. “We could do those things you saw me doing from the recordings, if you promise to keep this between us” She suggested. “Well that is a good plan” I agreed. With that, she got up from my lap and knelt down before my crotch. She reached and unzipped my bulging pants and popped out my ten inch fat cock. I don’t mean to brag but my cock is quite huge, this being one of the reason why I can’t keep any girlfriend. They always break up with me after we fuck for the first time because I almost split them up. Back to our story, Mandy, just like my girlfriends, was shocked to see the size of my manhood. “Oh God, that’s a monster” she said.

She placed the tip of my cock on her mouth and it could barely fit. After getting it wet and nice, she slowly slid half of it down her throat and started sucking. I couldn’t help it and I started pumping. Her mouth was a wet, hot vacuum heaven and I couldn’t last very long, therefore I quickly withdrew. “I want us fuck like you fucked that boy Friday” I said. “Oh sir, I have only been fucked once but, alright, we will do it” she answered. She lowered herself further towards the hard floor and pulled out her panties. “No, I want us to do it right at the spot where you do it with other boys” I said. She got up and I also got up and arranged my desk in such a way that I wouldn’t need to come back. Then unlocked the door, checked carefully to make sure that nobody was in view and beckoned her to follow me. We waked quietly to St John Island. I made sure that we were in a position where the camera would capture the whole action.

“We are here” I said. Mandy had not bothered to put on her panties back up after sucking my cock in the classroom so she lay straight down to the ground with her legs spread apart like an expert whore. I followed suit and lay down on top of her, with my super erect cock positioned on her pussy slit which was by now agape waiting to receive my cock. Her pussy was already dripping wet, so the tip of my cock slid right in. We struggled a bit before we managed to push it in. Surprisingly to the two of us, the whole of my ten inch cock slid all through in, until it hit the hilt. I stayed in this position for a while, and Mandy seeing that I was hesitant, continued the action. She pushed me up away from her pussy, withdrawing my entire cock and the pushed me back down, burying my entire shaft again up until it touched her hilt. She continued this motion in slow, deep stokes. The sensation cannot be explained, her pussy was the tightest pussy ever and it gripped my cock on the entire circumference. Mandy’s cunt was smooth like velvet and very hot.

The sensation made me continue with the action without being beckoned in fast, hard strokes. Her breathing also quickened and the walls of her cunt started contracting. After a few more strokes, her body stiffened and she started making some sounds like she was gagging. I couldn’t keep it in anymore and with one final hard thrust, I shot my load deep inside her young womb. Her orgasm also shook her a lot and she held on tight onto me. We stayed in this locked position for a few minutes, then I lifted my body. She stood up and I noticed she was staggering. My semen started flowing down her thighs. We waited a while for all the semen to drip down before heading home. That night she spent in my house and I fucked her the whole night. She called her parents using my phone, lied to them that she was at a friend’s place. I gave her some money the next day and we left for school in different directions.

Mandy has been my sex toy ever since that day except when I use escortslocator.com. I fuck her in my house and at St John’s Island beach anytime I want to. Her pussy has become loose with time, but I know it is because other teachers have started fucking her too. I guess she also gets fucked by other strangers outside the school. All in all, as long as she is okay with it, I don’t mind.


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