Erotic Story In Singapore’s Wheelock Place

Erotic Story In Singapore’s Wheelock Place

Singapore is great for its air-conditioned malls, which are really a necessity more than a luxury in the heat and humidity of the island state. At the time of this story, I was still getting used to the muggy weather, having been there for only a few weeks. The malls and shops of Orchard Road did not hold any real appeal for me – in terms of them, Singapore is still playing catch-up with most major world cities. I was on the famous strip that day to indulge in my favourite sport – the visual delight of people watching.

Singapore’s perpetually sunny weather is very conducive to short skirts and short shorts. If you are a leg man like me, bare legs and tans are a killer combo. Having enjoyed the morning strolling and taking in the display of long legs and deep cleavage from locals and tourists alike, I decided to have a light lunch. A Starbucks near Wheelock Place caught my eye – the entire storefront was glass, which would allow me to continue to work my eyes out as I ate. I probably got the best seat in the house for that purpose – the corner armchair where the glass met the wall. There were tables and chairs set up on the opposite side of the glass under a shade for those insane people who wanted to sit in the open heat. It was truly a marvellous day – it seemed almost every pretty girl in Singapore that day had decided to walk past the strip opposite that Starbucks. Shapely calves and thighs, some glistening with a alluring sheen of sweat, long hair of every shade from platinum blonde to the darkest jet black swaying I the wind – I was spoiled for choice.

Two girls walked down the few steps that led from the pedestrian walkway to the patio of the Starbucks. They caught my eye because of their really pretty, long legs they were showing off in their mid-thigh skirts. I am such a leg guy that I think I noticed their legs before their faces. But when I did manage to tear my eyes off those four gorgeous pins, boy, was I surprised. One of them was an old girlfriend I had not seen since uni about four years before.

I think my jaw dropped. Her name was Samantha, daughter of a Canadian father and a Singaporean mother, who had been studying dance at Michigan Sate. She had been mixed-race pretty then, with that adorable smattering of freckles running below her eyes and across her nose, but she seemed to have really bloomed in the time since we had last met, and retained her lithe, dancer’s body. I was mentally kicking myself for not having kept in touch. The other girl she was with was pretty, too. She was Asian and unlike Samantha’s golden skin, hers was porcelain white. If she wasn’t a dancer, she certainly had the body of one. Her cheeks were blotted with pink from the heat… yet the crazy girls decided to sit outside.

A long, high stainless steel table runs parallel to the glass wall of the Starbucks, about 15 feet away from it. There are high stools with backs, like the kind you see in bars, at this table. The two girls sat side-by-side on them and started chatting when Samantha’s phone must have beeped. She picked it up and the other girl leaned her head it to look at the screen with her. A lock of her shiny black hair fell between their faces. Samantha looked up at her, then reached up and tucked the lock back behind the girl’s ear. They shared a smile before turning back to the phone. It must have been something very interesting because they looked and poked at the screen together for a few minutes, Samantha’s head of brown hair glistening next to the girl’s shiny black. All that time, I was ogling their legs, especially as their skirts had ridden up, and simultaneously wondering if I should go up to Samantha and say hello.

All the plans I was making to go and interrupt them suddenly came to screeching halt. The other girl had slipped off one of the flats she was wearing and her small, white foot was stroking the top of Samantha’s. If my jaw weren’t hinged to my skull, it would have dropped to the floor like they show in cartoons. Seeing two gorgeous, really hot girls engaging in a bit of footsie out in public at Wheelock Place, Singapore gave me a hard-on right away. More so for the fact that I knew one of them, had seen her naked, had had those thighs wrapped tightly around my waist…

For a second, I wondered if I was reading too much into it, but when Samantha giggled and they exchanged a few words before looking cursorily around before the girl started sliding her foot higher, I knew I wasn’t mistaken – Samantha liked girls.

I wondered why they hadn’t seen me when they had looked around, before I realised that the light from outside falling on the glass must have made the dark interior virtually indiscernible to them. Lucky for me. I looked around (very quickly because I did not want to miss the action) and saw that no one else had noticed what they were doing. They had gotten bolder now, and the girl had slipped her left hand onto Samantha’s right thigh. I remembered the feel of that smooth, warm thigh and had to shift in my seat to ease the pressure in my pants. She squeezed the supple flesh before sliding her hand further up, pushing the hem of Samantha’s skirt almost all the way up to her panties, which I could not see… yet.

Samantha’s cheeks were flushed and her expression looked like a cross between ‘I am delirious with pleasure’ and ‘Somebody save me!’ Her body was rigid and she was making furtive glances this way and that. From the rhythmic flexing of the other girl’s forearm muscles, it was clear that her fingers were in contact with Samantha’s panty-clad pussy and stroking it. I remembered that bit of her, too – the satin-soft pink lips, glistening with her moisture, her tiny pink clit poking out of its hood begging to be licked and teased and sucked, the heat emanating from her wetness, calling to me as loudly as her voice… I could not help but slide a hand across the bulge in my pants to give myself a burst of extra pleasure at the memory.

Just then, some idiot walked over from the avenue behind and sat down a seat away from them. The girl’s hand promptly shot back up and they both giggled as they looked to check whether he had seen anything. From his oblivious look, it was obvious he hadn’t. Still, seeing two pretty girls, he started acting like the tool that he was. There were so many reasons I wanted to walk over and punch him in the head right there and then. I had had enough – I was going to say hello and discover what had made Samantha this adventurous almost-exhibitionist. And the other girl was certainly well worth knowing.

I gave myself a few minutes to get my bulge down to the point it could be mistaken for just a crease in the material, keeping my eye on the two girls who were its cause. They were laughing and relaxed now. They had their thighs pressed together and it seemed like they were rubbing them against each other’s, which wasn’t very conducive to my cool-down efforts.

Finally, I got up and walked outside. Pausing at the door like I was trying to get my bearings, I turned towards the pair and pretended to do a double-take.

“Sam? Is that you?”

They both turned their faces in my direction. I loved the way Sam’s perky ponytail swished back and forth with the movement. She cried my name, standing up suddenly. She almost ran over to me, arms open and threw herself at me. The momentum pushed my torso back and she clung on, arms wrapped tightly around my neck, both her legs bent and raised off the ground behind her.

I sure was glad we had broken up on good terms.

The feeling of her flesh on mine, the familiar feel of our two bodies pressed together after so long, her smooth, flawless cheek pressed against my rough one, her alluring laughter tinkling in my ear – I was in heaven. She pulled her head back and we gazed at each other, faces inches apart. I wanted to lose myself in those limpid hazel depths again. Her perfect teeth, just the smallest hint of lipstick and no other make-up – she really was a natural beauty.

“I can’t believe I forgot how beautiful you are!” I said, honestly, putting her down.

“Get outta here!” she laughed, hands on the sides of my waist. I couldn’t believe she still said that like she did years before.

We stared at each for a moment, before she pulled me over to where her friend/girlfriend was sitting.

“I want you to meet my friend, Callie!” she said.

Callie was also prettier in close up. Her flawless skin glistened healthily in its paleness. I looked down at her long, elegant fingers, almost expecting to see them shiny with Sam’s juices.

It turned out Sam’s mother was visiting relatives and Callie was the daughter of a childhood friend of her mother’s who had offered to show her around. Hell, she sure was. Callie had met her a few days before and already she was stroking her pussy in public? If Sam hadn’t changed physically, she sure had an openness about her now that she hadn’t possessed in college.

Sam had a suite at the Orchard Parade Hotel only a few hundred metres from where we were and suggested that we head there. We walked down the wide avenue, Sam between us, holding my hand. Callie was a vociferous talker with animated hands and a loud, happy laugh. It was obvious she was trying to keep from Singlish while with us, but bits would slip in now and then, making her sound really cute. Most importantly, she did not seem to mind at all how physical Sam was with me. I didn’t want to get my hopes up but things were moving in a better direction than I could have anticipated. Sam turned on some music and the three of us sat on the rug in the living room around a bottle of Glenmorangie. The girls were sitting cross-legged at first, but after a while, I was in panties heaven as they shifted to get more comfortable.

The conversation turned to Sam’s dance training and I commented on how toned her legs were. Callie revealed that she wasn’t a dancer and I admitted that she definitely had the body of one.

“Oh, Callie has really firm legs,” added Sam, “Show him, Callie.”

The two girls exchanged a smile and Callie lay on her stomach on the thick shag rug. Sam held my eyes as she started stroking Callie’s shapely legs from the calves up to her thighs just under where her skirt ended.

“Sam has talented hands… as you already know,” said Callie.

“It helps that Callie’s body is so soft and toned and smooth,” said Sam, smiling at her, “It makes me want to practice.”

“Don’t you think my skin is soft and toned and smooth, too?” Callie said, turning to me with a mischievous look.

“Oh, I sure do, I think…”
“Touch it,” she said, “Like Samantha is, touch it.”

I looked at Sam who was looking at me smiling and biting her lower lip at the same time. It was all the encouragement I needed. I slid my hands onto the smooth, full curve of Callie’s left calf. She inhaled audibly, closing her eyes and raising her face slightly with a small sound in her throat. “Come closer to my hands,” said Sam. She took the hem of Callie’s skirt and pulled it up over her waist, exposing her tight, white buttocks encased in surprisingly conservative white panties. My eyes were drawn to the wet patch on her panties. Sam slid her fingers under the V-shaped edge running from the crotch of the panties and pulled the material up, exposing Callie’s buttocks almost completely and giving her a wedgie.

“Doesn’t Callie have a nice bum?” Sam asked. Stroking the smooth, white curves, “Come on, feel them.”

She took one of my hands and placed it on Callie’s buttocks. I slid my hand over the firm flesh, then squeezed it, marveling at the muscular fullness. Callie moaned and turned over. Sam lay down on top of her and they started kissing. From where I sat, I could see that each had one thigh between the others. As they kissed, they were rotating their hips, rubbing themselves on each other. Callie’s hand moved from Sam’s back to her buttocks and she pulled up the skirt, exposing her ass to me. Her long fingers squeezed and stroked and pinched Sam’s tight bum. As I watched, Sam pulled her top off, revealing that she had gone bra-less. As soon as she did that, Callie pushed her over onto her back, lowered her head down to her perky Cs, and started sucking the long, hard, pink nipples. Sam cried out in pleasure, her hand moving to remove Callie’s top. As soon as her top came off, Callie unhooked her bra and Sam now moved her mouth to her breasts to return the favour. The soft slurping sounds coming from her mouth, together with the soft sighs and moans from Callie gave me the biggest hard-on I had ever had.

Callie had one hand between Sam’s legs and was stroking her pussy through her panties. I though they had forgotten me when Callie glanced over with a look of unbridled passion on her face and said, “Come!” with such a passion that I immediately went to them.

Pulling herself off Sam, she pulled her up and pushed her to me. Sam was like a wildcat. She threw herself at me, kissing me harder than she ever had, biting my lip and exploring my mouth with her voracious tongue. Four hands were tearing my clothes off me. “God, I missed you!” gasped Sam, breaking our kiss
“Me too!” I said, and bent down to those beautiful breasts I hadn’t seen for so long, noticing for the first time that we were both naked. Sam slid down on her back, her thighs spread. She moved her right hand between her legs and stroked her glistening pussy lips, shaved with a narrow tuft above, just like I remembered.

“Kitty misses you,” she said coyly, using the pet term we used to use to talk about her pussy in public before.  I could not help but notice the lovely vaginal lips hanging down.  God how I used to love to pull on those as I went down on her.  The thought of this got my dick rising and I said, “Does Kitty want a bath? ”

“Ohh yes!” She cooed

I then went down on her first liking around her vagina and then grabbing hold of those dangling pussy lips opening her vagina right up to me.  I licked those lips before sucking on her clitoris.  It was not long before she came and  I saw some of her white cum release from her vagina.  Not wanting to waste such a valuable liquid I lapped it all up savouring on her beautiful taste. I then knelt there with my dick pointing almost straight to the ceiling. The look of pure lust in Sam’s eyes made me very glad I had maintained my gym routine.

“Come,” she said, drinking me in, spreading her legs further in invitation. Her pretty little toes were flexing, the sure sign that Callie was very, very horny. I teased her for just a moment more before pushing her back on the carpet. My penis was throbbing at the entrance to her pussy, the tip just pressed against the heat and wetness and stickiness. Sam was unable to resist a moment longer and with a guttural moan, grabbed my hips and pulled me into her. We both cried out as my thick, hard shaft slid all the way into her, skewering the tight, slick canal. Sam’s hand went to my buttocks, and her legs wrapped around my waist, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she cried. I didn’t need any motivation from anyone; I was pumping as hard and fast as I could, the images of her naked body and her gorgeous, ecstatic face making me harder and hornier. She came almost within a minute, drenching my cock in her thick juices but I was not done yet. Flipping her over onto her hands and knees so I could watch us in the mirrored wall of the suite, I entered her once again.

I held on to her hips and banged her hard, our sweaty thighs beating a rhythm together. I reached forward and grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling it just hard enough to mix a bit of pain in the pleasure, which made Sam moan and push her hips back against me harder.

“Tell me when you are gonna come!” she groaned out.

I did a few minutes later, both of us covered in a light layer of sweat from our twenty minutes of exertion. Sam pulled away and pushed me onto my back. Grabbing my thick rod in one hand , she put her furnace-hot mouth over the bulbous tip, sucking on it as jerked me off rhythmically. When I tended up, she pulled back and let me explode all over her face and chest. The thick stream was so forceful that it almost felt like I was taking a piss. The warm jets, smattered against her lovely flesh as she milked me for every last drop.

“Goddamnn!” was all I could say as collapsed on the carpet.

It was then that we realised that Callie was nowhere to be seen. I decided to tell Sam that I had seen their little encounter.

“I saw you,” I said, “At Starbucks when she touched you.”

Sam smiled, “I know. We were behind you coming up on the escalator at the Wheelock Place Marks and Spencer – we followed you.”

I was stunned.

Sam smiled sweetly, “I was showing Callie a photo of you on my phone when she started touching me.”

It seemed I had a lot to discover about my ex-Samantha.


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