My Guide To A Steamy Spa Encounter at Estheva Singapore

My Guide To A Steamy Spa Encounter at Estheva Singapore

A Luxurious Pedicure at Estheva Spa

Steamy Spa Encounter – It was almost a year ago that Yin decided to get his feet looked at by the massage expert at the Estheva Spa at the Raffles Hotel Singapore. His wife had long complained about his rough feet, insisting he should have his feet and nails done at least once a month. She found his rough soles uncomfortable against her while in bed.

The Journey to Estheva Spa

Yin caught a cab to The Grand Esthetics Spa, also known as Estheva Spa, at 328 North Bridge Road, Singapore, near the lawn of the world-famous Raffles Hotel. Walking through the gardens at Raffles, he couldn’t help but notice the Asian-themed section on the southeastern side.

The place was clearly five-star plus, filled with decadent and opulent people. He admired, and in some ways envied, those staying in $1,000-a-night rooms, wandering the garden sipping teas and cocktails.

Arrival and Reception

Finally, Yin arrived at Estheva, where he was greeted at reception. His booking was confirmed by a lovely young lady dressed in their signature brown outfit.

“Your treatment is with Maria,” she said.

“She is new to our establishment. Please take the time to rate her after your luxury pedicure is completed. Please take a seat; she will be along shortly.” Yin replied,

“Sure thing.”

Initial Doubts

He wondered what a $150 pedicure consisted of, having previously experienced only a $40 pedicure at Wheelock Place Shopping Centre. He doubted whether this was something he would do monthly, calculating that his pedicures would cost nearly $2,000 Singapore dollars annually, money he could think of better ways to spend. That was until Maria walked out.

Meeting Maria

Maria was a thin Singaporean beauty. Even through the spa uniform, you could see her thin figure and well-proportioned bosoms.

“Would you come with me, sir?” she exclaimed.

Yin obediently followed her to one of the treatment rooms, unable to help but gaze at her beautiful silhouette through the cotton dress. He noticed no panty lines, guessing she wore a G-string.

The Treatment Begins

Maria asked Yin to lay down on the massage table, then rolled up his pants and began to massage his feet. His gaze was intent on her top, trying to glimpse her ample breasts. She must have been 21 or 22, with the face of an angel. She started massaging his left leg, covering it with a warm towel and rubbing aromatic oils over it. The smell was sensuous, and her slow, professional movements added an erotic touch.

A Sensory Experience

The room was filled with the soothing aroma of essential oils, creating a serene atmosphere. Maria’s hands moved skillfully, each touch sending waves of relaxation through Yin’s body. He couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her delicate features and the way she expertly handled the treatment. Her gentle voice added to the tranquility, making him feel completely at ease.

Unexpected Connections

As Maria continued the pedicure, Yin found himself unexpectedly drawn to her. They exchanged small talk, and he discovered she had a passion for her work and a warm, engaging personality. The connection between them grew, making the experience even more enjoyable. He realized that this luxury pedicure was not just about physical pampering but also about the human connection that made it memorable.

Steamy Spa Encounter

The luxurious setting of Estheva Spa, combined with Maria’s expert touch, transformed a simple pedicure into a holistic experience. Yin felt rejuvenated and appreciated the attention to detail and the high standard of service. The $150 suddenly seemed worth every penny, as it was not just a treatment but an escape into a world of relaxation and indulgence.

Spa Room Luxury
Singapore Spa Room

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Maria then progressed to my right leg, and embarrassingly, I could no longer control myself. An erection began to rise. I tried to hide it, but lying on my back, there was nowhere to hide. My now erect penis was obvious, looking like a tent peg. Maria couldn’t help but notice it.

At first, she giggled, then said to my amazement, “Do you need me to deal with this as well?” while looking directly at the bulge in my trousers.

A Surreal Experience

I didn’t have the energy to reply nor the words to answer her, which she must have taken as a yes. Within moments, she had my trousers and boxer shorts off. Maria climbed on top of me and began stroking my shaft with one hand while petting my balls with the other. Her hands felt incredibly good on my cock. I would have blown my load right there if she hadn’t stopped and started teasing me. This was the first woman to touch my cock apart from my wife in over fifteen years.

Was this a dream?

Adutlsmart Erotic Steamy Spa
Steamy Spa at Adultsmart

Unveiling Her Beauty

Maria then stood up and pulled off her uniform, revealing she was not wearing any underwear. Exposing a small tuft of Singapore pubic hair and beautiful large bosoms, my cock began throbbing at the sight of her exposed body. She leaned back against the massage seat so I was laying flat, looking at the ceiling. Grabbing one of her essential oils, she began rubbing it on my cock, creating a warming sensation that was marvelous.

An Unexpected Encounter

She mounted the massage table, straddling me, and eased herself down on me. Holding my cock hard, she slowly slid it into her butt hole. I was stunned by this whole situation. To be given anal sex by this therapist at The Estheva Spa was crazy. Although I had always fantasized about it, I had never experienced it personally before. Maria pushed down, letting my head slide into her sphincter, and then slowly moved up and down on my cock.

Immersed in Pleasure

Inch by inch, I watched my cock get swallowed by her ravenous rear-end as she let out low groans with every movement. When I was balls-deep inside her, she reclined against my midsection. I reached around her body, caressing her bosoms. She used the sides of the pedicure table to lift herself and drop down onto my cock with all her body force. Low groans escaped her as she skewered her butt hole with my raging hard cock.

Reaching the Peak

With my hand, I began rubbing between her folds and up to her clit. Moments after I did that, she pummeled down hard on me, shaking as her climax began. I continued rubbing her through her peak until the end, then halted as she crumpled back on me. After a few moments, she regained her composure, got off me, stood up, and leaned against the massage table, saying, “Come and finish off now.”

The Final Act

I got up, slid my hard cock back into her butt in one swift movement, and slammed into her while she let out a profound moan. Grabbing hold of her hips, I pushed into her butt hole as hard as I could. She seemed to love it. Within a few moments, I was spurting my jism into her obliging ass. Warm streams of cum flowed into her, and as I finally pulled out, I saw a huge cream pie spilling from her anus.

She quickly tidied herself and me up, put on her clothes, and said, “Thank you, sir. I have just started here and would be extremely grateful if you would rate your experience with me at reception before you leave.” She smiled coyly at me and left.

Reflecting on the Experience

I was speechless, wandering out in a sexual stupor. At reception, I rated my experience. The receptionist asked, “How did you enjoy that, sir?” Unsure if she was in on it, I replied, “I have rated my experience, thank you.” She said, “Thank you, sir. We hope to see you again soon at the Raffles Estheva Spa.” Quickly, I exited and drove home, already thinking about my next month’s treatment.

Lingering Thoughts

Driving home, my mind raced with thoughts of the unexpected encounter. The memory of Maria and our passionate experience at The Estheva Spa filled my thoughts. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a one-time thing or if future visits would hold similar surprises. The anticipation of my next treatment grew with each passing moment, making the drive home feel both endless and exhilarating.

Anticipation of the Next Visit

The experience with Maria left a lasting impression on me. Each moment was filled with unexpected pleasure and excitement. I found myself eagerly planning my next visit to The Estheva Spa, hoping to relive the thrilling encounter. The thought of seeing Maria again, feeling her touch, and experiencing the same level of passion made the anticipation almost unbearable.

An Unforgettable Experience

The luxurious setting of The Estheva Spa, combined with Maria’s expert touch and unexpected actions, transformed a simple pedicure into an unforgettable experience. The spa’s serene atmosphere, Maria’s skilled hands, and the intense connection we shared made it a day to remember. The encounter opened my eyes to new possibilities, leaving me eager for more adventures at The Estheva Spa.

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