The Unexpected Supernatural Affair In The Cloud Forest

The Unexpected Supernatural Affair In The Cloud Forest

A Fresh Start at the University

The Unexpected Supernatural Affair – I sat in my chair, trying my best to concentrate since the end-of-semester exams at Singapore University were around the corner, and my grade the previous semester was not all that good. Reading and concentrating had been somewhat difficult for quite some time. Anytime I picked up my algebra textbook to study, twice in a span of two weeks, I woke up the following day having been overcome by sleep in the middle of studying.

Other units were even worse. As soon as I picked up any book to read, many ideas came to my mind, and everything culminated in stress. But after we were given a motivational talk four days ago, I was more determined to turn things around for the better. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I had all the determination, or so I thought.

Unresolved Feelings

In Singapore, I developed a liking for taking a walk in The Cloud Forest. On this particular day, I looked through the window and noticed two lovers passionately holding hands as they entered the forest. What a lovely experience. The emotions were so strong that I couldn’t help wondering how good it would feel holding hands with a lovely girl in such an adventurous place as the Cloud Forest.

There was this beautiful girl, Jane, I once fell in love with but could not muster enough courage to tell her. I would practice telling her before a mirror. That would not happen, though, since anytime I came close to her, my mind would completely blank, and I would always end up appearing like a mad person. Eventually, Jane got bored with my awkward behavior and scolded me.

That was three or so years back. It took a toll on me, but three years later, I can start to think about love again. I even remembered one time when my classmate complimented me for being smartly dressed. The compliment reminded me of Jane, and I became so depressed and withdrawn for the better part of the day.

Dreams of What Could Have Been

I started imagining how if I had behaved well before Jane, she would now be taking a walk with me in The Cloud Forest, Singapore, as I held her very soft hand. Would she allow me to kiss her? Would she hold my public area as I held hers? What would happen if I tried running my fingers through her long hair while looking straight into her beautiful eyes? I was now standing, trembling and sweating as I looked through the window. I then left my hostel and walked down the road towards the Cloud Forest, following the path that the lovers had taken.

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An Unexpected Encounter

Inside the forest, I almost thrust myself within a radius of five meters from where the love birds had stopped. The lady leaned against a tree as the man held her waist, both facing each other. I stopped to see what would unfold next. The man pressed against her further, and I could only imagine how she was now breathing heavily. Was he whispering to her how much he loved her? They must be feeling very nice, I reminded myself.

The lady then started caressing him, her thin hands running up to his shoulders and back. He remained motionless for a moment then started kissing her while holding her head from the back. I felt a sharp urge to cough but resisted, knowing how such an action would spoil the Singaporean erotic story set right inside the Cloud Forest.

A Magical Evening

The lady took a red lollipop, licked it, and then dipped it into the man’s mouth. He licked it passionately, stopping from time to time to kiss her now red lips. The leaves swerved, and I looked up to behold the sight of the gorgeous Cloud Forest swaying from side to side, following the tune set by the whistling birds. It was now approaching nightfall, and food had been served in the student mess for more than 30 minutes.

There was nothing much to worry about, really, since I wasn’t hungry at all. The sight before me was too captivating to abandon. I stood there trying my best not to make any noise that would scare them away until it was too dark to clearly see what they were doing.

An Unexpected Love

I hurriedly left for the hostel and was shocked to learn that I had left my laptop on and every other electronic device connected to the power. What a pity. The following day, and for several other days, I kept on going back to the Cloud Forest and to the leaning tree, and surprisingly, I would experience an inner feel of love and contentment. This would go on until at some point I would wake up from a nap after unknowingly falling asleep while leaning on the tree. One day, during my usual trip to the Cloud Forest to lean against my favorite tree, a strange feeling came over me. I could have sworn that I felt a lady’s body press against mine.

Right in front of me was this gorgeous lady who was breathing warm breath and was wearing a pleasantly smelling perfume. Coming from a strong religious background, any superstition was such a far-fetched idea. But I was certain a lovely lady in a red dress was responsible for my nice feelings. Careful not to spoil another golden chance like I did with Jane, I sneezed, and the lady looked away for a short while, then looked at me and smiled. I frisked myself to confirm that I was not dreaming. I wasn’t.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Ooooh, you are so lovely,” she uttered in a beautifully shrill soprano voice, and I could see you are not experienced with the ladies.

So Many Ideas Flooded My Mind

A thousand ideas ran through my mind. So, the gent who was kissed and hugged his lovely lady actually brought her here. The story I read in my basic education level was a true story after all. I didn’t have to worry about Jane all that long; all I needed was to come here and voilà! A stunning lady was given unto me. She went ahead to tell me that she had always watched me come to the Cloud Forest and lean on the same tree day in and day out.

She further informed me that her name is Raya and that she really loved me from the first day she set eyes on me, and was hoping that when she finally gathered enough courage to approach me, I wouldn’t turn her down. In my mind, I didn’t know what to say. I feared anything I uttered would reveal my desperation for a girl in my life. On the other side, I was determined to do things right this time. She opened her mouth to speak, then let out a feeling of being overwhelmed. I sighed. Then I held her right hand tightly and assured her that everything was going to be okay.

Raya then pulled me hard, with the strength that borders on that of a man. My breathing increased tenfold. Was she going to undress me? What if she did, and I failed to rise to the occasion, considering I had never had sex before? Would she run away?

“Hold me tightly, darling,” she said as her hands ran up and down my body.

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A Dreamlike Encounter

I was experiencing a certain feeling that only comes to me in a dream. She started gently kissing my neck, jaws, and all over my face. Still, my hands were folded back like a scarecrow. Her aggression was increasing as time went by, and before I knew it, she was unbuttoning my shirt. I felt an urge to stop her, but my resolve not to disappoint stopped me. Once she was done, she held my waist with both hands and whispered, “Kiss me now.”

Overcoming Fear

A strange strength and courage took over me. I started kissing her, first on the forehead, before slowly descending. Just before I reached her lips, I got scared. I had long believed that when I eventually kissed the lips of any lady, let alone a beautiful one like Angel, I would faint. Noting my reluctance, she held my cheeks with her soft hands and began to pull my mouth towards hers.

“Sorry,” I told her. “I have never done this before.”

“Stop your cowardice. I want it now.”

A Moment of Intimacy

Unexpectedly, I felt my lips wet, and I knew I was kissing her lips. Determined to hide my now firmly standing arousal, I sat down on a trunk and pulled her over to sit on my right thigh. This was the feeling I had longed for. Everything was right before me, and I was free to do what pleased me.

Meanwhile, Angel was busy grabbing things and rubbing her tender hands against my bare top. With emotions running high, I wished such a moment would last forever. I decided to explore more by kissing her neck downwards. Eventually, my hands were trying to widen the space between her dress and her shoulders to kiss her downwards, but Whoa! She suddenly pulled back, held the forefinger of my left hand, and said, “I have to go. My time is up.”

Confusion and Relief

My mind was spinning. Had I done anything wrong to her? Why did I spoil yet another chance? She seemed to read my mind and quipped, “Not because you have done anything wrong. You are so good, huh?” I was now sweating profusely from my forehead.

“Thanks, Ray!”

“Raya,” she corrected me.

“Sorry, Raya! Thanks a lot. I enjoyed your company.”

“Never mind. I enjoyed it far more than you did. Thanks for not turning me down,” she said as she disappeared into the brush inside Cloud Forest.

Reflection and Surprise

When I looked at my watch, it was a quarter past 4 p.m. It occurred to me that I had been in Cloud Forest for a whopping four hours! That evening I studied with utmost concentration the entire evening. I even realized the exam that I had performed dismally in was actually wholly out of my notebook. If only Angel would meet me every day in Black Forest for a nice chill, I would beat all the bright students in my class. I am not foolish, after all.

The following day, I went back to Cloud Forest at exactly 11 a.m., the exact time I went the previous day. I forced a nap, but it wasn’t forthcoming. I decided to close my eyes, just in case Raya would feel shy approaching while my eyes were open. Two hours later, I opened my eyes, and Raya was nowhere to be seen. Tired and hungry, I sat down on Cloud Forest’s green grass and lied down.

“When she comes, she will wake me up,” I told myself. “After all, she enjoyed my company more than I enjoyed hers.”

A Revelation

After what felt like a whole day, Raya finally appeared to me. She apologized for what she was going to tell me next and then informed me that she was actually more than human.

“What do you mean! You are of exquisite beauty but more than human?” I questioned.

Understanding Raya

She pulled my right hand gently and placed it on her chest before asking, “Do you love me?”

“Raya, stop it! Of course, I love you,” I answered. “I have been waiting for you my whole life.”

She said, “I know, but do you really love me? Even though I have told you I am more than human?”

Commitment to the Unknown

“Of course, totally,” I replied.

“Good. Then come with me,” she said.

She led me deep into Cloud Forest. I followed her to an old abandoned room and said, “What I am going to do to you will make you remember me forever. Please understand that we will never meet again after today. So make sure you enjoy this time we have together physically – because after this, we will never be apart but also never able to touch each other again.”

The Transformation Begins

She took off her little red dress, exposing her smooth hairless body, and sat on a table in the middle of the room, beckoning me to come over. I obeyed.

As she pressed my head between her legs and told me, “Don’t fear; we are alone here. Do what you will with me.”

Unexpected Supernatural Affair

Determined not to disappoint, I licked her as if I were an expert. She began groaning louder and louder. She then came on top of me and unzipped my trousers, starting to suck my penis. After a short while, she signaled for me to lie on the table, and then came on top. She pushed and pushed, reminding me that I should help her. I moved my waist to and fro, and she groaned even louder.

As I was about to climax, she started shouting in what sounded like multiple voices, and my vision became hazy. She looked as if dragon wings were silhouetted against her body, and then a mist swirled around her as finally, my loins exploded from 23 years of built-up tension; she disappeared totally and abruptly, a fine mist entered my body as I inhaled.

Aftermath and Realization

I lay there gagging as what felt like a warm, slimy substance entered my throat and I felt it move down to the pit of my stomach where it remained. I coughed and hacked but could not shift it as I slowly made my way back to my campus room.

It is now three weeks down the line, and I have sat for two exams now that I got straight A’s in, and I did not even have to study. I am more aware of my surroundings and have become a very popular man with the ladies now. My whole outlook on life has changed, and I see things now that I couldn’t before. I now know that I am possessed by the Hantu Raya – but I tell you something – I like it.

Read on to Part two of Raya Possessed Me!

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    “The Unexpected Supernatural Affair in the Cloud Forest” is a captivating tale that seamlessly blends the natural beauty of Singapore’s Cloud Forest with the intrigue of the supernatural. The story’s vivid descriptions transport readers into a world where reality and the otherworldly coexist in perfect harmony. The protagonist’s journey is both thrilling and heartwarming, offering readers a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences. The author’s skillful storytelling and attention to detail make this a compelling read that is hard to put down. This enchanting narrative not only entertains but also leaves readers pondering the mysteries of the unknown. Highly recommended for those who love a blend of adventure, mystery, and a touch of the supernatural!

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