The Singapore Gigolo

The Singapore Gigolo

Hey! My name is Kathy and I am a sex denied wife of an exceptionally rich Singapore entrepreneur. I have all the material things and lead and extravagant life. The main issue is that my spouse is excessively occupied with his businesses and doesn’t have sufficient energy or time to pay attention to me and mostly returns late from business engagements with no sexual interest in me. I suspected that he has a special lady some place and is fucking her. Since we are so rich and everything my needs are dealt with, I would not like to approach him over our absence of sex.  However my thoughts have turned to the Singapore Gigolo.

In the event that I feel horny, I will masturbate sometimes using sex toys or take the initiative to fuck my spouse when he returns however that is not frequently as he is dependably on business travel. Amid our restricted fucking, I generally need to stroke my clitoris to accomplish those subtle climaxes. I want to have my clitoris and pussy licked and sucked however my spouse rarely accords me that extravagance with the exception of on extraordinary event like my birthdays. I am a provocative and delightful Chinese woman living in the well-off Asian city, Singapore, and I am 39 years of age. Due to our riches, I have the capacity spoil myself with the best items and supplements and I had the fortune to keep up an extremely young look. My skin is still impeccably smooth, white and inconspicuous. I presumably look 10 years more youthful than my age.

I have 3 house keepers to do all the house works and one driver to drive me around and to pick-up the children and subsequently I have a ton of spare time to do whatever I need. My body is still fit as a fiddle and I am extremely pleased with my provocative edge of 36A-26-36. My bosoms are still firm through the consistent spa treatments that I do. My tummy is still level as I spent a large portion of my evenings in the spa spoiling myself my eating regimen is strict and healthy. I am 5ft 5 inches tall.

It was in the spa and well being facility that I met 2 other ladies; Barbara and Jennifer who like me are rich and exhausted wives spoiling ourselves in spas and well-being facilities. We turned out to be great companions and inescapably our discussions began to swing to our lamentable sexual coexistence.It was Barbara who acquainted me with the universe of Singapore playboys. I imagined that this companion thing only existed in the western world and not Singapore. I was agreeably shocked and I began getting some information about it however not telling that I needed to attempt it. They induced me to try it out as they said that they had their best sex with the playboys and there is one specific that Barbara kept to have customary sex that she guaranteed to be the best. His name is Rod.  Since we are such close companions, Barbara was willing to acquaint Rod with me however I played cool as I am not prepared to tell them that I need to fuck a companion. In any case, she passed me Rod’s phone number. I was enticed. This planted the seed in my brain and considered another man fucking me truly got to me. Just daydreaming about another man fucking me cleared out my pussy wet and sent me shivering.

As my driver drove me home, I began to check out my driver sexually like I never did and unavoidably gazed at his crotch! My pussy was wet to the point that the groin of my underwear was drenched. Be that as it may, I was all the while debating to myself whether I ought to call Rod or not. After three days, in the wake of having my brain loaded with all different kinds of pictures of alternate men fucking me, I chose to call Rod. I was shaking with anxiety when I called Rod.

“Hi, this is Rod talking. Might I know who is on the line.”

Kathy, “Hah..llo, is Kathy and one of my friends recommended you. I might want to meet you and find out more about you.”

Rod said, “It is a joy and I additionally like meeting new companions to share with. When and where do you want to meet?”

Kathy thought for some time and answered, “What about Thursday …err….tomorrow at 8:30pm. Will it be good for you?”

Rod, “That is fine with me and see you at my apartment at 8:30pm then.” Rod gave Kathy the location to his apartment suite and set up the arrangement to be fucked by him.

My husband for once was in town so it was difficult for me to meet Rod the next day and I had to call to reschedule. I was aware that Rod was a very popular playboy and wasn’t used to being blown off or cancelled on. When he got the call he sounded a bit peeved but I explained the reasons and also explained that I am sure that my pretty look and my hot body will turn any men on, so for me to use him was out of necessity that I did not want an affair but a sexual transaction.. We agreed to meet at the same place and time the following day on Friday.


Businessman Driver

I went to bed that Thursday night feeling energized apprehensive and horny about the fucking arrangement. Be that as it may, I figured out how to rest modestly and I woke up around 10am the following day. When I woke up the next morning I went into the spa bath and put the spa on, I felt my pussy shivering and longing to be touched and I let the bubbles and water do the trick. After as I toweled down, I investigated the mirror and was satisfied with the look of my body, my perky bosoms, level tummy, my hour glass body and my triangle of thick pussy hairs. I wondered which perfume I should use as I strolled to my stroll in wardrobe and after that I settled on Allure. I put Allure to my armpits, neck and a little on the sides of my bosoms. An inclination of wickedness overcame me, I connected some aroma on my thighs close to my pussy. My body was overcome with ‘electric current’ as I thought about the sexual enterprises ahead.

I had effectively chosen to wear another pair of coordinating attractive trim bra and thong undies to demonstrate the best of me. I slipped on my provocative white ribbon pushup bra and slipped on the coordinating thong undies. I investigated the mirror and doubtlessly making the most of my hot-wife self. My thick pussy hairs were transparent through the trim thong. Barbara had told me that really turned Rod on. I then slipped on short white dress and after that make up to my effectively delightful and smooth face. I was now prepared to experience my first fuck by another man other than my husband.

My driver drove me to Rod’s townhouse and I instructed him to do a reversal. He inquired as to what time he return for me and I misled him that my companion’s driver will drive me back as I don’t know to what length of time I will be there. I came to Rod’s apartment on time and he opened the door before I could even ring the entryway intercom. He welcomed me in. He is staying in a 2 room townhouse and the spot was tastefully outfitted. He is around 5ft 10inches tall; tall by Chinese Sex standards and he is good looking, admirably sun tanned as his skin was shining. He looked exceptionally well-built and he is youthful. He later let me know that he is 24 years of ageHe extended his hand to me and took mine hand as he presented himself. He kissed my cheeks and remarked that I smell wonderful and I looked truly delightful and hot; more lovely and hot than he had ever envisioned. He invited to me to the couch and inquired as to whether I needed a beverage.

He said that he has put a jug of champagne on ice to settle down and relax. I said that I adored champagne and will love to have one to as I was quite anxious about the whole affair. He opened the champagne and brought 2 flute glasses to the couch. We toasted to our initial meeting and to our advancement in this new sexual experience we were about to undertake.  We spent some time enjoying one another and we had no troubles sharing our hobbies and interests as we spent the following half hour warming up to one another and making sure I was comfortable. The entire time I was respecting his strong body and this made my pussy shiver and began to juice up. I could feel my pussy juice leaking out from my thong, I felt my raised clitoris rubbed against the seam as I was envisioning and longing for the fucking that he was about to give me.

Before long, we were discussing sex and what turn us on. He let me know that ladies wearing hot bras, undies and negligee is a turn on for him. I let him know that attractive and solid muscular men body in a thong also turned me on especially when they have a huge cock that I can see silhouetted by the material. He immediately asked if I wanted him to strip down to his thong so that I could check him out to which I replied enthusiastically, ‘Yes’.

He got up and removed his T-shirt sensually flexing his chest muscle as he did so. Rod has a strong body, not quite a weight lifter but rather simply enough muscles to be sexually arousing and engaging. His six-pack was prominent with his tanned skin and this turned me on colossally as I felt my pussy swelling. He gradually unfastened his trouser and let it dropped down uncovering his dark thong and the sizeable lump that his semi-erect dick was making. He made began to rub his penis and groan and it continued to grow to my amazement it looked to be at least 8 inches long and thick. I got up and strolled over to him and kissed him on the lips and he kissed me back. He kissed me tenderly utilizing his tongue to lick around my lips and after that slid it in my mouth. I opened my lips and took his long tongue readily sucking on it!

I let my hand meandered to his now fully erect penis and touched it through his thong clothing. I understood that his cock is much thicker and more than my husband’s tiny 4½ inches long poor excuse for a man. As I rubbed it it was standing so high that it poked out through the top seam of his G-String. I could see the head of his dick and it glistened with pre-cum that looked so tasty and inviting. I quickly went down grabbing his cock tightly in my hand and slowly and gently used my tongue to lap up that pre-cum. It tasted delicious.

He took off the catch at the highest point of my dress and gradually unfastened the zip, he slowly lifted me to my feet and my dress gradually peeled off revealing my smooth skin leaving me in just my attractive trim bra and thong.Rod moved backwards and appraised me and I could see he liked what was before him. He said, ‘You are truly attractive as are your and thong undies. I adore a hairy pussy and I see that you have delivered. You are my fantasy woman and I am so lucky to have this chance to fuck you. I trust I can completely fulfill your sexual needs. Let’s now take this to the bedroom’.


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He lifted me off my feet and carried me to his jumbo waterbed. He peeled off his thong as he got onto the bed and kept on kissing me. I looked down and was certainly not disappointed with what I was going to be paying for. At that point, he began to kiss and lick me at spots like my neck, armpits, arms, hands and everywhere on my body where I never knew were sexual at all. I felt shivering feelings everywhere on my body that seemed to project form my now soaking wet pussy. He started to massage my body which now felt electrified.  He then began to kiss around my pussy and my ass. Rod kept on kissing and licking and it was all I could not to grab him by the head and force him to eat my juicy pussy. Rod the gently unclasped my bra and began to kiss and lick my areolas and within seconds I began to gasp and orgasmed. Rod said, ‘Strike One.’  He then began to massage my now revealed bosoms and I felt them move over my areolas pulling and pressing them. I had decent firm bosoms in spite of my age. As he touched my bosoms, I could feel my areolas getting to a great degree harder. I felt the cool air in the room as his hands squeezed both bosoms and his mouth again went to an areola. His tongue moved in my mouth, he moved my areolas around between his forefinger and thumb making them harder. Again I began to come and Rod said, ‘Strike 2’.
He grinned and kissed me and afterward licking down my neck to my shoulder and down over the highest point of my bosom kissing and licking his way between the cleavage and after that back over to my erect areola. He kissed every areola taking it into his mouth with his lips and pulling on it delicately. At that point, sucking on them as his tongue licked crosswise over them forward and backward. He licked the very tip of the areola as he held it in his mouth between his lips. I held his head to my midsection as he moved from one bosom to the next and after that back once more.

His lips were making me if possible even more wet between my leg. My pussy lips were completely swollen! There was a shivering sensation in my clit as well. He began to again kiss his way down my stomach and over the waistband on my hot white frilly thong underwear. I could feel his warm breath on my thighs as he separated my legs and kiss around the leg groups of the thong underwear.

My hands held his head down and attempted to move it to my pussy. He kissed the material covering my warmth and his tongue licked around the leg band teasing me. At that point I felt his fingers lifted the thong leg to the side. Promptly, I felt his long tongue lick over my opening! I curved into his face and groaned out: Mummmmmmm!! Gracious God Rod! That feels so good when you do that! I want your tongue and fingers! Lick me! Eat my soaking wet pussy and make me cum again.’  Rod obliged slowly removing my thong he then went down on me licking my clit, opening me wide and then putting his tongue deeply in my pussy, drinking my precious juices that he eagerly devoured. Within moment I began to come, and come and come. My vagina had opened wide, wider than it had ever been before and as Rod gazed at my gaping wet pussy he said, “So are you up for a good fucking now?”

I said, “I am extremely horny and eager to be fucked by you buy please I need to see you huge dick.”

He sat up and let me see his enormous meat. It was flawlessly circumcised and I gazed longingly at the 8 inches in length as my fingers gently touched it. I said, “ I have never had a cock that big before Rod. In fact I have never been fucked by anyone but my husband up till now and he only has a small dick. I am not sure if I can take it all’.

He said, ‘Trust me you will enjoy this’ as I saw pre-cum once again glittering on his massive cock.

He gazed upward at me and gradually pulled my provocative thong underwear down my thighs until they were just under the cheeks of my ass. He kept on sliding them slowly down my legs under my knees and then off the cam. His hand came up between my legs and I put my foot on his shoulder. He rubbed up my internal thigh until his fingers touched my warm and wet pussy! When he put my foot on his shoulder it opened me up for him and he used his enchantment fingers. He let them wander over my wide open cunt gradually. As they moved under me I felt them touching my ass. God I was dribbling from his touch!!

He slid his other hand between my upper thighs and gradually put his center finger into my pussy to rub my G-spot while he kept on sucking my erect clitoris. As he sucked and licked my clitoris his finger rubbed more of my G-spot, I started to groan and my hands held his head as I said: “Gracious Rod!! I need you to fuck me! I need to feel you enormous cock deep inside my delicious pussy! Fuck me!”

He turned upward and grinned as he kept on rubbing his finger against my G-spot. He climbed and kissed my neck saying: “What I need Kathy is for you to let me know precisely what you like best about fucking. And afterward I need you to guide me as I have intercourse to your body that way. You let me know what you like the best. What you like my hands, fingers, mouth, tongue and prick to do that makes you feel the best.”

I groaned as he moved back to lick and suck my clitoris. Goodness!! He was driving me wild with yearning! A longing to be so gravely fucked! I was trickling cunt juices into his mouth as I began to divulge to him the deepest and darkest sensual desires I had ever had! I told him of all the positions I wanted to experience, of how I wanted to be fucked, of taboo desires I had never told anyone in my life before. All whiles he gradually rubbed his finger against my G-spot and sucked my clitoris. I could feel my pussy crushing his finger! The inclination was hair-raising. My hip was off the quaint little inn into his face and finger until I lacked the capacity talk any more. I shut my eyes and groaned as I let his hand, mouth and tongue satisfied my body as my body had assumed control and was moving me towards my third and most intense climax so far.

I moaned and yelled and growled like an insane beast. Never before had I experience feelings like this. When I thought I could cum no more I continued to gush out pussy juices that Rod, my Singapore Gigolo, drank down. His finger and tongue made delicate tenderly adoration to my hot pussy. He sent many, many more thrills over my whole body. It was similar to enchantment. He knew precisely when to rub or push or draw his finger around my throbbing cuming pussy. My pussy was so swollen now and continued to climax and he said ‘Keep coming for me. You need to release it all’.

I lifted my ass up off the bed, my hips pumped and pumped and pumped against his face and hand. I shouted out because of the feelings of his touch. I continued to climax! Gracious my! Did I climax!! My hands got his head and held it tight against my pussy as I crushed it tight with my legs. My head was tossed back and my eyes were shut as I bumped and bumped my pussy up against his thick finger and tongue not thinking about whatever else on the planet. Never before had I ever of I think anyone experienced such a climax! I shouted so loud everyone must hear as I came to and accomplished the height of my climax! I yelled at the top of my voice, ‘ Good God. I can’t stop coming!’  Then, “Good Gracious it was more than great! I never have experienced anything like it and I have not even been fucked!” I groaned. I verging on went out as I entered the fantasy universe of post climax! When I at long last started to return to earth, I murmured and with a low and murmuring voice groaned out his name. Finally as the sensations and contractions began to die down he said with a smile, ‘Strike 3 and now it is time for some fucking!’

He moved and kissed me tenderly. As he held me and gradually stroked my body, he said: “Amazing! Did you enjoy that Kathy!! How was it? Did I satisfy you? Is that why you came here for, so I could get you off child? Great!! I’m happy you needed me to be the one to give your delightful and provocative body joy! Was your climax the best ever? Is it safe to say that it was awesome? Long enough for you? It beyond any doubt appeared as though it was! Are you fulfilled?”

I opened my eyes and said: “God yes! Lord yes Rod!! It was so great! You do satisfy me to such an extent! I adore your touch!! You satisfy me to such an extent! In any case, you know I need your dick now in my hot pussy to finish this off! It’s like a damn dildo. I never have felt so great in my life. Fuck me, Rod!! I need you to fuck me! I need to make you come long and hard Rod! Cum inside my pussy! That is the thing that I need you to do for me now!”

He grinned and kissed me saying: “Great its simple Kathy, you are so provocative and wonderful. By what method would you like for us to begin? How about we attempt you on top initially, Kathy. I want to watch your provocative body as it proceeds onward my cock and that way you can control the speed. I love to see the yearning in your eyes and the enthusiasm all over as you ride here and there on my prick and we both cum together.”

I grinned and let him know: “Alright Rod you angel, I will do this for you.”

He moved on his back with that huge piece of manhood of his staying upright, hard and erect. I looked as he stroked it all over. I focused myself over him and straddled his hips with my knees. He came to up and squeezed my bosoms delicately feeling my hard areolas in the palm of his hand. He grinned as he felt them! He then said: “Rub your areolas for me Kathy! Give me a chance to see you pull them and make them harder!”

I giggled and let him know how fucking fiendish he made me feel. I did! Be that as it may, it was a so fucking great being naughty! I pulled them and rubbed them with my fingers and after that took his hands and put them to my bosoms and let him know, “Now you do it my darling!” I moved my hands to his throbbing cock and started to push down on the base of it. As I pushed down, it pulled the skin beneath the huge head tight and made it stick up high and hard. I grinned down and said, “You are prepared for me?”

He groaned yes, as he kept on playing with my areolas. I gradually let my body down until my wet pussy was touching and covering his penis head. He groaned as I teased him by sliding my pussy down until possibly 50% of the fat head would go into me. At that point, I pushed somewhat more before moving my pussy back off until it was simply touching his head once more! I did this a couple times and I had his hips hoisting up, and his legs were falling off the bed attempting to push a greater amount of his circumcised enormous penis into my trickling pussy.

He held my hip as I gradually chipped away at his huge dick taking his head and a few inches of the pole. The inclination was stunning. I know he could feel the juice dribbling from my pussy as I felt it running down his long thick shaft making it sparkle.

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