My Lesbian Affair with Our Bisexual Servant In Singapore

My Lesbian Affair with Our Bisexual Servant In Singapore

Morning Routine

My Lesbian Affair – My husband from Singapore gives me his standard bullish fucking, then gets up to leave. I lie in bed, listening to him piss in the lavatory. The shower turns on, then off. His shaver buzzes, then stops. At 6 am, my iPhone goes off; the car is here to take him to the airport. He’s running late. I hear him knocking about and swearing, and he leaves without saying farewell. As the door snaps shut, I feel a mix of emptiness. I move over to avoid the wet patch, pull the covers down, and fall asleep.

Daydreams and Distractions

I lie there for a long time, napping and imagining. I’m still in bed at ten when the door snaps open again: the servant. “Fuck,” I mumble, then call out, “Hi!” The Singaporean servant stands in the doorway, looking embarrassed and saying, “So sorry.” She’s a new young woman, dark-skinned, maybe Indonesian. Our eyes meet, and neither of us looks away. Her lingerie faintly shows through her shirt. Silence. Something passes between us; I don’t know what it is. Seconds pass as she stands there. Eventually, I look down and apologize back: “No, I’m sorry. Just give me a few minutes, and I’ll be out.” She waits in the hallway while I pull on a pullover and trousers and slip out of bed.

Lingering Thoughts

I get coffee in the lobby bar at the Four Seasons and spend the afternoon shopping on Orchard Road. Yet, my mind keeps drifting back to that servant; to that look that passed between us. What did it mean? What did I feel? Later, in the shower, I think of her again and, to my disbelief, feel a flush of excitement. I find myself retreating to the bed, lying where I lay, looking up to where she stood, touching myself. The following morning, I lie in bed again, unable to sleep. I’m feeling confused, stimulated, and worried. At ten o’clock, I hear the snap of her key in the door. She appears in the doorway, unbidden this time. I feel myself blushing. She looks just as I remembered: incredibly young, slight, and strikingly attractive. The look and feelings are the same.

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“Come here,” I say. Holding my gaze, she crosses the room and stands beside me. “Sit down.” She sits close to me. I take a good look at her: the tender curve of her hips, her thin arms, her delicate lips. She wears a sweet, modest scent, but there’s a musky aroma underneath that’s all her own. Cautiously, I touch her arm. She doesn’t pull away. Still looking into her eyes, I lean closer and kiss her on the lips. The kiss is soft and lovely, and I feel her body respond. Lying back in the pillows, I gently guide her to bed beside me, and we continue kissing, long and slow. Our tongues touch, and we murmur with delight.

Intensifying Desire

“Take your clothes off,” I say, surprised by the urgency in my voice. She sits up and slowly removes her pullover, then her lace black bra, revealing small breasts like a teenager’s. She sits for a moment, regarding me with sheer desire, and I feel a surge of yearning. Then, she slides off her skirt and panties and slips into bed next to my naked body. We kiss more passionately, running our hands over each other’s breasts, hips, and thighs. I squirm with delight as her fingers hover around my clit. I swear and groan wildly. She kisses and sucks my nipples, stroking my clit faster until my breathing wavers and everything seems to fall away.

Shared Pleasure

As the climax overwhelms me, she’s there, smiling, still looking at me. We kiss until it’s getting dark outside, and she tells me she needs to go. I realize hours have passed. She dresses and heads to the door. I ask her name. “Shira,” she says. It’s six more days until my husband returns to Singapore, and I fill those days with Shira. At ten each morning, I hear the snap of her key in the door, and minutes later, we are in each other’s arms. We spend entire days kissing, gazing into each other’s eyes, and making love. Around six o’clock each day, she leaves, never saying where she’s going. Every night, I have dinner with the other stockbrokers’ wives, saying nothing about her. Instead, I listen to them discussing shops, dinner parties, their husbands’ career plans, and whether and when to have children.

Surroundings and Ambience

The soft lighting in my bedroom creates an intimate atmosphere, casting gentle shadows that dance on the walls. The delicate scent of jasmine fills the air, mingling with our own unique aromas. Outside, the city hums quietly, providing a distant, comforting backdrop. Inside, the silk sheets feel cool against my skin, contrasting with the warmth of Shira’s body. The gentle sway of the waterbed adds to the sensation, making every touch and movement fluid and sensual.

Emotional Connection

The connection between us is intense and undeniable. Every glance, touch, and kiss is charged with a mix of excitement and anticipation. I feel alive in a way I haven’t in years, every moment with Shira heightening my senses. Our time together feels like a secret world, separate from the daily routines and expectations that usually govern my life. There’s a freedom in our connection, an unspoken understanding that transcends words. It’s more than physical; it’s an emotional awakening that leaves me both exhilarated and yearning for more.

Sensory Experience

Every sensation is amplified in our intimate encounters. The softness of Shira’s skin, the gentle pressure of her touch, the taste of her lips—all combine to create a symphony of pleasure. The quiet rustle of fabric, the whisper of her breath against my ear, the rhythmic motion of our bodies—all these details enhance the experience. Each interaction feels fresh and electrifying, a discovery of new heights of pleasure and connection. The world outside fades away, leaving just the two of us in a cocoon of shared desire and satisfaction.

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Discovering Desire

I keep a rabbit vibrator in my top drawer by the bed. One day, I take it out and reveal it to Shira, my Singapore servant. She grins. The vibrator is a smooth, half-moon-shaped object from a boutique in Far East Plaza. She takes it, and simply seeing her holding it fills me with yearning.

“Fuck me hard with it, Shira.” We kiss carefully, and she switches the vibrator on. I lie back, and she runs it in moderate circles around my chest. My areolas harden with shuddering bliss. She then moves downwards, taking her time. My body shivers with desire, and I feel myself getting wet. She kisses me, my Singapore servant, and slips her tongue into my mouth as she touches the vibrator to my clit. I’m so aroused I come hard instantly.

My Lesbian Affair

Shira withdraws the vibrator, then moves it back to my chest. As she follows circles, I feel the hot wetness of my cunt against my areolas. She carries on kissing me, direct and significant, and I groan in satisfaction. Shira gradually moves the vibrator over my stomach and back to my clit. She holds it there while she kisses me hard, and I come again. I climax five or six more times until my body can take no more. Sweat-drenched and shaking, I move onto my hands and knees. Shira slips the vibrator inside me and fucks me hard.

Thursday night comes. Dusk arrives, and Shira leaves. I sit alone in a chair by the bed, feeling cold and puzzled. My husband flies back Saturday morning. I make a stiff vodka tonic, sitting in the room. I can still smell Shira. “Fuck.” I get another vodka, then dress and take a cab to Far East Plaza, Singapore.

An Unexpected Reunion

Ten o’clock Friday, and she’s there again. We kiss passionately as she enters, and I push her towards the bed. I open her blouse, draw off her bra, and kiss her stunning chest. I push her onto the bed, sucking and licking her areolas – I cannot get enough of my Singapore servant. She’s still in her skirt, but I lift it and pull down her jeans. She gasps with joy as I push three fingers straight into her juicy wet pussy. Then I go down, orbiting my tongue over her clitoris again and again until it quivers.

I feel her body tense as I suck delightfully on her love juices. I leave her on the edge of orgasm and turn her around, fucking her with my fingers doggie style. First, I insert three fingers, then four, and finally push my entire hand inside her body. She gasps and screams as I fist fuck her. I then withdraw my hand slowly, admiring her wide-open gaps, and circle my tongue over her clit, faster and faster, until she bunches up the sheets, gripping them, and screams out. She gushes and squirts, covering me in her cum until her body collapses on the bed.

Unleashing Fantasies

“Stay here,” I whisper, kissing her and slipping out of the bed. When I return, Shira’s eyes widen. I’m wearing a huge strap-on dildo. Smiling, she moves onto all fours, pushing her shapely ass towards me. Lifting her chemise, I guide the dildo into her. It is the largest dildo I have ever seen, purchased because my Singapore husband is not well endowed. She groans as it fills her, and I push it inside.

I start to fuck her, steadily at first. It feels brilliant to be penetrating her. As my energy mounts, my thrusting becomes faster and more intense until the room is filled with her cries and the sounds of slapping and sucking as her love juices pour from within her. I reach for a bottle of lube from my top drawer, squirting it onto her gorgeous ass. I then slide the dildo carefully into her sphincter and fuck her hard. To my amazement, she takes the entire huge dildo.

The Aftermath

When she can take no more, I remove the dildo, and we kiss and cuddle until sunset. As night arrives, she looks into my eyes. “I must go,” she says. “I know.”

I don’t understand what I feel. She dresses quickly, kisses me, and leaves. I hear the door snap shut. I sit in the room and cry. After an hour, the phone rings. I answer. It’s my husband, calling from his hotel room in Hong Kong. He tells me he’ll be home around four o’clock tomorrow, in time for the Chan’s party. He says he misses me and promises to give me the fuck of my life when he returns.

Little does he know I’ve already had the fuck of my life. Now, what was I to do?

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