The Lady at The Garden Spa Singapore

The Lady at The Garden Spa Singapore

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a spa enthusiast and when I moved to Singapore, I had to look for a place that I knew would be ideal for me. It was a new country to me and I had never been out of my country before. So, I set out to look for a place that I would actually like for all my spa needs. My intentions were never to find the woman of my dreams in the process but it just happened. As I was just strolling along Bishan Park on Mo Kio Avenue, I came across this lady seated on a bench just looking at the road as the cars passed by. My instinct just told me to go over and talk to her and I have never been one to ignore my instincts as it has never been wrong for all the days that I have always trusted it. She was the kind of girl that you could just tell she was beautiful from the first instant that you saw her. Beautifully shaped legs under a dress that accentuated her features making her hips just seem right and her breasts even firmer.

She noticed that I was staring at her as I walked towards her and she immediately moved to create space so that I could sit. I don’t know why people have always felt at ease when with me, even strangers. I have this sort of handsome face and innocent look to it that sort of makes anyone trust me the instant they come in contact with me. As I sat down, and after a few introductions, I asked her if she knew any spa around that had the best services and she told me that she knew jus the place that I was looking for. So, she just stood up and told me that she’d walk me to it. The instant that she stood up, all her features now were in full glare and I could see everything that made her the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. The breasts were even firmer and I noticed that she had no lingerie on but they still had this firmness to them that was so inviting. I got an erection by just looking at her breasts and as I made my way down her body, the dress that she had on was short and her thighs were just right there in front of me looking as petite as I had never seen. Just looking at her got me to thinking what it would be like having her in my bed.


The Garden Spa Couples Massage
Erotic Story: The Lady at The Garden Spa Singapore


She noticed all my stares and told me that she had gotten so many of those before and she was not interested in what I was thinking about. Though I could clearly tell that I too had captured her imagination and I was sure that she would love to see me naked too. As we got closer to the spa that she was taking me, it occurred to me that she looked tired and I could also have a clue from the way she talked. So, I suggested we go in for a double massage together. She agreed. The place was called The Garden Spa at Bishon Park and it was one of the best Spas that I had ever visited. She told me that she regularly came there when see just wanted to feel at peace and connect with her inner self. All the while am waiting for our turn to come as we had the massage in the same room. As she took off her clothes and slipped in to a towel, she was even more beautiful and I just wanted to have her right there and I could have if it wasn’t for the two handsome gentlemen that came to give us the massage. I loved the fact that they are really professional and I have never been more relaxed in my life. As the massage was going, I thought to myself what it would be like to go home with her even though it was our first time together.

So, after the massage, I invited her to my place for some coffee and she obliged. I got to learn so much about her and after a cup of coffee; I got set on preparing dinner for us as she told me all about The Garden Spa and Singapore as a whole. I learnt so much about Singapore in those few hours than all the books that I had ever read about it before I moved there.  We ate supper and as we did so, she slipped her leg under the table and started rubbing on my crotch and I immediately knew that this was on. I got to her side of the table and kissed her, she kissed me back so much that I knew that she was the one I had been looking for all my life. I carried her to the bedroom and as I undressed her, she became even more beautiful with every piece of clothing that I took off of her. When she was completely naked and I could see all of her, it was one of the best sights that I had ever set my eyes upon. I got on top of her and as we made love and she moaned to my strokes, I felt there was the connection that I had always wanted.

We made love a couple more times and neither of us wanted to get off each others arms that night. She just lay there in my arms as I smelt her air which looked even more beautiful in the light. I knew that I ad found the girl that would make me happy for the rest of my days here in Singapore as well as anywhere else that my job might land me next. As I was thinking all this, she woke up and started kissing me again and I knew that that was the second chapter of the best night of my life.

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