The Witch And Her Forbidden Ritual – Passion and Magic at The Cemetery

The Witch And Her Forbidden Ritual – Passion and Magic at The Cemetery

Cassandra’s Challenge

The Witch And Her Forbidden Ritual – Cassandra looked at the steaming cauldron before her, checked that her insurance charms to ward off unwanted demons were firm, and took a deep breath. It was the last week of the Hungry Ghost Festival, and she had ensured her coven was set up on the most unholy of grounds, the ‘Village of the Dead’ at Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore. If she couldn’t use the witchcraft of evil spirit summoning in next week’s finals, she would never pass her Advanced Witching Degree and would have to return to a 9-to-5 job of fortune telling and herbal remedies.

She was determined to get it right this time, after past attempts had only resulted in headaches and frustration. It would help if her witchery book wasn’t so singed and dirty with powder stains that she could barely make out the ancient script. It was crucial to get the words correct. There was a tale about the witch who got her pronunciation wrong and ended up summoning the devil himself. No one knew how that meeting went as all that remained of the witch was a small pile of ashes.

The Summoning

Cassandra wasn’t taking any chances. She kept her eyes on the page as she recited the Summoning Charm in ancient languages, stepping back so the now-bubbling water didn’t splash onto her bare skin. Despite wearing a robe to the witching exam, it was customary for a witch to work naked, and as she was only summoning a low-level goblin, she didn’t mind her lack of apparel. Yet, the amount of heat and steam that suddenly rose from the pot as she finished the charm was significantly more than she had anticipated.

Coughing and wiping her eyes, Cassandra looked on to see a well-built, man-shaped figure rising from the cauldron, bearing no resemblance to the picture of the goblin in her book. The steam cleared, revealing a naked man-devil who looked every bit a well-endowed human. The only indications he was a supernatural being were his golden skin and crimson hair. That and the fact Cassandra had never seen a human male so perfectly well-made. He stood naked and looked upon Cassandra, his cock resembling a horse’s dick.

Witch And Her Forbidden Ritual

Cassandra realized she was staring and blushed. The devil’s eyes traveled over her body, lingering on her breasts and lips, flushed and moist from the heat, before finally meeting her gaze. He looked almost relieved.

“You have summoned me, and now we must finish this spell and complete your erotic dream. I am Incubus,” he said.

Cassandra looked down at her book, flipping through a few pages, completely bewildered. Nope, Incubus generally came to women in their sleep and had devil wings. This was a six-foot-tall devil with thighs like tree trunks and a massive cock. He walked over to her, his hair delightfully tousled.

“It seems almost a shame to send you back,” she thought, and the demon looked surprised.

He said, “Send me back? Of course, you have cast the wrong spell. I am Incubus, and until we engage in sexual relations, there is no sending back?”

Unintended Consequences

Cassandra dropped the book and hid her breasts with her hands, suddenly acutely aware of her own nudity.

She said “Do what? I was just practicing my witchcraft. I have an exam next week. Exactly what kind of demon are you? I was expecting a goblin.”

The man looked offended, then amused. “Indeed, I’m not a goblin. I am Incubus, one of the oldest demons. Your witchcraft may have summoned me, but until my deed is complete, you will not be rid of me.”

Cassandra looked at the massive horse-like cock that Incubus had, and her eyes welled up with tears. Her eyes went wide as he stepped out of the cauldron. The steaming water dripped off his muscular thighs, his penis becoming erect as he moved toward her. Cassandra was rooted to the spot, her mouth dry as she felt the warmth emanating from his body. For some unknown reason, she began to feel hot and wet between her thighs.

Demon magic indeed.

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An Unexpected Encounter

“You will be mine now,” he said, halting only a couple of inches away.

“Until you formally release me by giving yourself to me, I cannot leave. However, I can guarantee that I will delight you.”

“Oh my,” Cassandra thought, licking her dry lips.

Her hands drifted to her sides, and his eyes followed, craving them. It had been too long since her last sexual encounter. The demon leaned in to kiss her, pulling her toward him. His skin was hotter than any human’s, and his fingertips left scorching trails along her back and over her buttocks as his hands roamed her body.

Cassandra’s Surrender

The atmosphere around them crackled with forbidden energy, the ancient trees of Bukit Brown Cemetery standing as silent witnesses. The cemetery, overgrown with vines and moss, was bathed in a hauntingly beautiful moonlight. The air was thick with the scent of earth and decay, mingling with the fragrant herbs from Cassandra’s potions. It was a place where the veil between the living and the dead was thin, perfect for her dark rituals.

His mouth left hers to lay a path of butterfly kisses down her neck.

“I am Cassandra,” she managed to whisper, panting as he claimed her mouth again.

His tongue darted between her lips, and she was relieved it wasn’t forked. The thought of how it might feel on her clit sent shivers down her spine. His teeth were also pointed, but she was too far gone to care. She grasped a handful of his hair, pressing her body into his, standing on tiptoes. Completely under his spell, her silky juices ran down her leg in anticipation of taking his monstrous cock.

The Ritual Begins

The abandoned cemetery seemed to pulse with their shared energy, the shadows dancing around them. Flickering candles cast eerie glows on the ancient tombstones, adding to the supernatural ambiance. The scent of incense wafted through the air, mingling with the earthy aroma of the cemetery, creating an intoxicating blend that heightened their senses. The environment was both thrilling and terrifying, a fitting backdrop for their forbidden union.

In a smooth motion, he lifted her off the ground, his hands measuring her rear as though she weighed nothing. Wrapping her legs around him, Cassandra felt his prick pressing against her wetness and moaned again. He was so huge she didn’t know if she could take him, but she felt hot there as well and was suddenly desperate to know how he would feel inside her. Incubus the demon carried her over to the table where her herbs and potions were, threw them aside, and placed her on it. He spread her legs, gazing at her now open pussy, which was dripping wet.

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A Night of Pleasure

The interior of the coven was dimly lit, with the warm glow of candles casting long shadows on the stone walls. Shelves lined with ancient books and mystical artifacts added to the room’s enchanting atmosphere. The air was thick with the scent of burning sage and fragrant oils, creating an ambiance of magic and mystery. The cauldron, still bubbling from the summoning spell, filled the space with an otherworldly presence.

He lowered himself over her, his mouth moving to her breasts, a hand slipping between her legs. Cassandra buried a hand in his hair and closed her eyes, surrendering to the delightful sensations coursing through her body. He circled one nipple with his hot, pointed tongue, then sucked it forcefully into his mouth as his skilled fingers found her sweet spot and stroked her gently. His touch was perfect, and she kicked against his hands and mouth, arching her back like a cat.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Incubus knelt between her legs, his thumb circling her clit while he plunged fingers inside her. Cassandra reached for his prick, feeling its hot weight in her hand, unable to grasp it fully. When she went to sit up, intending to take him in her mouth, he gently pushed her down.

His voice was almost a growl as he said, “Lay back.”

He pushed her forcefully onto the table, his desire evident. Lowering himself between her legs, he tasted her slowly, his tongue flicking around and over her clit until she thought she would scream with pleasure.

She did scream when three fingers entered her, then four, and then five. As he sucked on her nipples, her climax peaked, and she writhed under him, surrendering to her orgasm as his fist slipped inside her. He kept his mouth on her until she finished, then came up and kissed her with astonishing force. She could taste her juices on his lips.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked.

Without waiting for a reply, he said, “Now you are ready to take me.”

He withdrew his fist from her pussy, opening her legs and wrapping them around his waist. Cassandra pushed his cock to meet her with her thighs.

The Aftermath

The moment was filled with a blend of pain and ecstasy, her cries echoing through the ancient cemetery. She moved with him, her hands grasping at his ass, feeling his muscles tighten and flex as he plunged in and out of her with his massive cock. The warmth from his prick seemed to fill her body, transforming her into liquid heat. When she climaxed again, it lasted longer than she thought possible. She was a trembling, boneless mess in his arms, groaning softly as his body tightened and he nipped at her neck, climaxing with a low growl.

They lay together, not speaking, as the phosphorescence of the moment subsided at Bukit Brown Cemetery. Cassandra moved back into his arms and smiled.

“That was better than I ever thought possible,” she said, smiling as he flushed at her achievement of taking all of him.

She watched as he rose and said, “I must leave now, but I have left you a gift.”

Cassandra passed her witchery examination with flying colors and is now a practicing witch. Three months along, a noticeable bump can be seen. She wonders what it will be like to bring up a demon child in Singapore.


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