Pulau Blakang Mati Island

Pulau Blakang Mati Island

Our beautiful Pineapple Plantation is doomed to be destroyed with the British taking over to build housing for their soldiers. It is a bleak day with the rain coming inward from the tropical forests on Blakang Mati. I must be brave my rescue is at hand with the Japanese attacking Singapore it will take a longer bit of time before they can reach our home. My sister is already to run she claims with a rifle in one arm, back pack full of clothes, and a canteen of water. That won’t save us if the Japanese get here before the British. God will spare us is my sweet Agatha prayers as she says the Rosary.

I heard a knock at the door, it is Jeffrey. “Come in Jeffrey, what is happening?”

“The British have lost at Island of the Dead with many wounded. They are destroying their weapons to prevent the Japanese from getting control. I have a boat and we set sail tonight. Come it is your only way out”.

I turned to my sister and told her to gather up food as well because this will be a long hard trip. Aunt Agatha declared she was staying behind.

Jeffrey exclaimed, “No! No!  This would be certain death. I know Agatha said but it will give you time to get the girls out of here.”
We left her and our home behind with a very heavy heart as we traveled through the rain forest towards the coast hoping to make our escape. We could hear the guns firing off shore in Singapore and wondered if Pulau Blakang Mati would once again become the “Behind the Dead Island”. We knew that this place was haunted with past murders and bloodshed from pirates bringing forth bad luck to all who inhabited it. We had only happiness until now on our Pineapple Plantation that papa had gotten for us. Now to return to England where we hope to be safe from those murderous Japanese.

We had walked all night long and could finally see the coastal waters from a distance. Jeffery had told us the where-abouts of his boat was hidden in case we gotten separated. Jeffrey, Glen, my sister Betty, and myself were very tired from our walk and decided to lay down for a while to rest before we tried to cross over the open territory to the shoreline. Jeffrey and I loved each other very much and realized that once we were safe he would be joining the British Army and possibly not get to see each other for a long time, or with the war perhaps never again.

Jeffrey asked me if I would wear his ring to show that we were a couple and our intentions were clear that once this horror was over we would be we, and I had consented.  I ask him if we could go off to a secluded area so we could be alone. We both walked down the path and over to the side where we found a nice soft bed of ferns to lay on. He took me in his arms and gently kissed me on my lips. He caressed my forehead and ran his fingers through my hair. Jeffrey was a kind man and always a gentleman with me. I unbuckled his belt unzipping his pants.

He said, “is this what you want?”

I said without hesitation, “Yes, I love you no matter what Jeffrey. I want to have your baby.”

He rolled over atop of me and gave me a deep smothering kiss. He gently undid my dress and I removed both my bra and panties. I had not ever had sex before so I was not sure what to do but Jeffrey told me not to worry he would take it easy with me and guide me. He kissed me a lot and I felt his hot breath as we were both getting worked up. He rubbed my breasts telling me this would help me to climax so I should start playing with them as well. My face flushed as I felt his hand go down to my bottom and then when he started rubbing my clitoris I had a wonderful sensation. I willingly spread my legs as he placed one on his shoulder giving me a “French kiss”, then he inserted himself deep into me. I held my breathe as my hymen broke and then once again as I felt the movement of his penis going back and forth slowly at first but then with a heavy thrust inside of me. Before I knew it we both had cum and it was over. He told me that he loved me deeply. I told him I loved him too and that I would never let another man touch me. I prayed that tonight we had made a baby his baby.

We arose that morning with the sun bright as the raining had finally ended for the season. We knew that we would have to make haste in order to get to the boat and clear the Blakang Mati before the Japanese landed. Jeffrey and I looked at each other with sort of a guilty feeling, but a happy feeling too. Now we had known each other in a very special way. My sister of course had to open her mouth and as me

“Did you give him something.”

“Shut up” I replied.

She smiled with a twinkle in her eye and said, “that good.”

As we approached the shoreline we could hear the big guns blasting away and saw where Jeffery boat had been smashed into a thousand pieces. Now we knew that we were in for it and had better run.

We spent days on the trail trying to get to high ground so the Japanese would not find us. Jeffrey, Glen, and my sister had rifles but that would not help if we were approached against a platoon of Japanese Soldiers. We heard a sound in the grass among the tree’s and decided to hide behind some bushes too see what was going through. As we watched a whole battalion of Brits walked down the road. Glen jumped out and yelled at them, almost getting himself shot. But we were grateful that it was the British. They let us follow after them giving us some more food and water. That is when I noticed my kid sister flirting with the boys.

I told her she had best stop that these are men, lonely men who might take advantage of her. Of course, Betty was only seventeen and never listened to anything I had to say. That night I bunked with Jeffrey and thought that Betty was sound asleep in her bed roll. Some of the boys invited her to party with them and the dumb ass did. They gave her some alcoholic drink and she was very light headed twirling around in the light of the campfire.

“Take it off” one man yelled,

Another one said “Take it all off.”

Betty took off her blouse, then her skirt.

Someone yelled “we want your shoes too.”

At that she tripped and fell away from the campfire. An officer saw the event and made the boys return to their bunk. Betty was lying drunk unable to get up and he said to the men, “Let the little slut sleep it off it’ll do her good.He walked away.


Singapore Japanese Occupancy
Photo: Singapore World War II


One of the men came back and dragged poor drunken Betty off into the woods. I followed, to scared to say anything and watching from the bushes saw him ravish her in a most harsh manner, no kissing, or love making. He just ripped off her panties, pulled down his pants and jumped on for the ride, slapping her as he had his way with her. When he was finally spent he looked down on her as he pulled up his trousers and said, “Your a good piece of ass.  Next time try to give it up without being forced.” I could hear Betty whimpering and after he left I helped her to our tent,

The most horrible part was that we had to march with these men and during the three days walk with Betty was in a complete daze and then we encountered the Japanese. It was a horrible sight and battle and for the first time we saw me bleeding and dying both of Japanese and British soldiers. The Island of Pulau Blakang Mati was living up to its name. After the battle many of the British took off in a full gallop to reach the safety of their barracks without worrying about us – it was up to us to keep up. I ran as fast as I could but Betty just did not seem to care anymore. I knew that the rape she had experienced had left her in a state of not caring.

The Capture

Jeffrey tried to stay with us protecting us along the way but a stray bullet hit him in the back of the head killing him instantly. I don’t know what happened to Glen he just disappeared and so Betty and I were left to fend for ourselves the Brits having abandoned us as we were unable to keep up. Betty started her period so I told her that was one thing she did not have to worry about any more and said, “you won’t become pregnant.”

This seem to help her at the time and we were better able to travel along and she started to come back to her old self. It seems we were walking in circles when we heard someone yell at us in Japanese we froze and did not move not knowing what to do. Some Japanese soldiers had caught us and were talking to us in their native tongue. I spoke to them in Singaporean language too see if they understood. They did so we were able to communicate somewhat. I told them that we were in the field harvesting the Pineapple’s heard the big guns got scared, ran and got lost. They laughed at us.

One of the soldier said. “We are going to be nice to you.  Do you know how to play the game pussy cat?”

I knew that we were in trouble and not sure what to do so I requested if we could play it later.

The soldier said, “No later, you will be with my commander first .He will teach it to you doggie style before the rest of the men have you. Is this not the way Blakang Mati natives like to do it?

My sister screamed out,”You pig! Leave us alone or the Ghost from our Island will set upon you – you will be cursed.”

The men just laughed at her and started chasing after her.

I yelled her “Betty don’t fight them; it will only hurt worse.”

She stopped running and looked at me with eyes that held no hope and said, “Yeah, I know. Been there, Done that.”

I could hear her scream out over and over again from the tent that the men had erected, and it made me sick to my stomach. Soldier after soldier entered the tent and then left zipping up their trousers as they left. I knew that I would be next and I hated it because I wanted to have Jeffrey’s baby, with no one else ever touching me especially since he was now dead.

I heard bullets ring out and to my surprise it was Glen with some other locals. There was a battle but Glen and his men won and shot the soldiers.  We managed to get Betty out of the tent away from them although she was in terrible state. Now we had to run into the rain forest again and hide or we would be tracked down and killed because of their soldiers being dead. I hugged my sister and grabbed her arm as we ran.

She was mumbling over and over again, “it hurts, it hurts.”

Glen whispered to me when he got there he saw two men were on top of her having sex.

I said, “How could they?”

He said, “One was inside her pussy while the other one was inside her other.”

Oh, my that is horrible. My poor sister at seventeen she has been brutally raped and sodomized, ruined probably for life. There was no time to look after her properly as we needed to get across to the other side tonight so we will be in the relative safety of the British Army.

The Murder of a Malay

The legend Blakang Mati means behind the dead. This come about because a Mati native was killed on the Island many years in the past. It is said that this Malay still haunts the Island causing death when battles occur. I did not believe this until the night we were attacked. The people of my Island were saddened and fearful as well because of the invasion of the Japanese. Many died that year because of the invasion. I ended up having my baby on the Island in the deep part of the rain forest, in hiding. Glen was so very helpful too both us girls. I don’t know how we would have survived without him. One day we stumbled upon a Malay resident who had been killed by the Japanese and Betty broke down and cried. Glen came to her and held her in his arms for a long time.

We walked for days before we ended up in the outskirts of the city. We cautiously approached to see what the environment would be as we did not know what had been happening while we had hidden in the rain forest. We soon learned that the British and Australians had come back and took over our little Island. We were so happy to know that we were once again safe. Betty and Glen had formed a good relationship while walking in the rain forest but for Betty she did not want a relationship with a man for a long time – she was damaged goods.

I managed to contact Jeffrey’s parents in London and they sent me the means to come. They wanted to see their grandson little Jeffrey. He had blonde hair and blue eyes looking just like his father. Grandmother Schmitt was very happy to be able to hold him. I went to school and became a teacher. I stayed in England with my in-laws but Betty remained on Pulau Blakang Mati.

Betty and Glenn found a “Shack Bar” which they operated together entertaining the British and the Aussie’s. Betty would never have anything to do with the Japanese men that remained on the Island. Glen would not let any of them get near her either. Glen sent me her diary after she committed suicide years later and I read it sometimes with tears in my eyes and sometimes with smiles. She revealed that she did love Glen but he had seen what those men were doing to her so she could not ever give herself to him or any other man ever again. I believe that Glen loved her as well. He remained with her all those years and watched over her.  I think he felt partly responsible for not being able to look after us.

Betty was very reckless with her life I found out through her diary. I always felt guilty because of what happened to her that night with the British soldiers. She too had a part in what happened there as she would never listen to what anyone told her.  Reading her diary I also found that she not only held little regard for herself but also of others, except for Glenn.  After Betty and Glen opened up their bar they found that when the beers left behind where gone there was not enough money to restock.


Photo: House Of Ill Repute


So Betty went back to our old plantation home. Glen fixed up our old house and Betty put some women to work and turned it into a house for jaded ladies. She became the ‘Madame’ and rounded up some of the other girls on the Island that had no place to go. She was able to get some beautiful clothes and makeup making it easy for the men to appreciate their night with the ladies. Betty claimed that she just did not have any feelings anymore and even though she never had sex she felt no guilt or remorse making a living from these unfortunate women that had been forced to earn a living by selling their bodies. There were many young men who were British or Australian who were lonely and far away from home. Many men who were just down right horny but it did not matter, they were all charged the same. The girls would give them a bath if they liked or take them straight to bed. Betty began to select the men who had rank or the rich men of the town so here establishment became exclusive. She felt that was the one’s that received the best treatment also paid the most money.

Whilst the men were waiting she would play a beautiful song on the record player that would help get the man in the mood, she wrote. Then she would be wearing a beautiful gown with a black negligée with nice perfume. She wrote that many men offered her lots of money to have sex with them but she refused and it became a bit of a competition between the men as to who would finally be able to do it with the madame.  She wrote that offers in the 10’s of thousands of dollars have been refused adding a bit of mystique to the establishment.

She would teach her girls how to unbuckle the man’s pants and unzip him. They would usually want to slip out of their shoes and shirts quickly. She instructed them to have their breasts visible so the man could rub them and even suck them. She did not want her girls to lay down with the man right away – unless he demanded it – because it took away from the erotic of the happening. Then down on her knee’s to start sucking him as most men love to have their dick sucked and deep-throated.  Betty took her training seriously and kept a watchful eye through many of the secret peepholes she and Glenn had installed.

Sometimes the men would tear off the girls panties or that would slip them off showing her colitis – these were charged as extras. Laying back on the bed or the couch she would have her girls start rubbing between their legs in a most teasing and erotic manner. Asking the man if he would like a taste. Most men would usually dive right in sometimes they would wet her three middle fingers and rub herself – even insert them into we vaginas. When that was done the girls would offer to have the man rub her with his penis. They would then pull him some more or suck him off. After which the man would be allowed to enter giving  a good screwing – all this she wrote in her journal. She wrote it was basically the same thing time after time. To some of the younger men they thought that they were in love. The older men were not fooled they just wanted sex and did not want their wives to know. She repeatedly wrote that she felt that she had lost her right to have a normal life and seeing that men had taken that away from her – she would earn her living by playing them.

The life of any woman can be easily torn up when she first has sex and it is not properly handled by the man and my poor sister Betty certainly had her life destroyed by it. However having feelings of sorrow and guilt for what happened to her, I felt overcome with happiness with my first time even though it was in the rain forest and in the bushes. Jeffrey made me feel good and satisfied in all my needs as a woman. Now I have met a professor who I enjoy very much when it comes to being with.  I have no hang-ups and enjoy a sexual relation with him. We were married in Chelsea, Britain at one of Larry’s friends flat. Little Jeffrey’s grandparents kept him while we went to Scotland for our honeymoon. Larry undressed me that night and held me in his arms kissing me ever so gently. We got into the hot tub together where he pressed against me letting me feel his genitals. We then went to bed where he held me in his arm kissing me and fondling my breasts. I felt such a sensation as he rubbed my g-spot and slipped between my legs to lick me. This sexual encounter was not done in a hurry or fear. It was done with pure love. We then completed the act having full intercourse. I fell asleep in his arms and he in mine.

I am glad that my life turned out better than my sister Betty. My life began in the beautiful Pulau Blakang Mati Island and Larry took me back home once again to visit. I was able to visit the grave of Betty and my parents. We stopped by to see Glenn who had re-opened his Shack Bar as well. He loved seeing baby Jeff and remarked how much the boy looked like his old friend. Jeff liked the stories that Glen told him about his dad. I sold the old house that once was our home. It did not look the same of course after becoming the establishment my sister made it and I am sure that Aunt Agatha would have been disappointed in how the old homestead had turned out. I took a walk down that path where Jeffrey had loved me so long ago.

I now realize that my heart truly belongs to Larry although Jeffrey remains with me every time I see our son. Life remains the same now on our lovely Island with Pineapple Plantations and beautiful homes, but my life is now in England with Larry – and perhaps, just perhaps we may have a child together..


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