Singapore Dating Culture: Sex, Passion, Love

Singapore Dating Culture: Sex, Passion, Love

Dating and Finding Love in Singapore

Several dating challenges are the reasons why people search for dating tips from other countries. If you have tried analyzing various countries, you will realize that the general Singapore dating culture is skewed and flawed in a special way. Despite being Asian-based, Singapore is sandwiched between Asian and Western values, which often clashes with individual values, beliefs, and dating lives. While it might not be difficult to find someone from the best dating sites review, several factors guide relationships.

Singapore Dating Culture

Dating in Singapore has many similarities with dating in the U.S. For instance, those who don’t know where to go dating in Singapore can take advantage of various online suggestions. People also meet at bars or Singapore dating apps supported by the vibrant expat culture, making citizens excited to meet new people. However, with the transient nature of Singapore, most citizens cannot establish lasting relationships.

However, unlike the U.S, which promotes the concept of self-reliance, the community of dating advice is smaller in Singapore. The Asian society, in general, is collectivistic. This means that most Singapore dating activities are reliant on groups instead of oneself. Collectivism promotes giving up personal needs or aspirations for the greater good of the community.

Another faction of the Singapore dating guide believes that successful relationships often stems from success in other life metrics, such as careers, monetary wealth, and academic excellence. The notion purports that if you are rich or work for well-paying companies, you will easily attract women and be deemed successful in life.

As a result, most Singaporean men believe that they need external success to succeed with women. Men are discouraged from discussing their emotions, sad feelings, and similar situations. This explains why mental illness and psychotherapy is highly stigmatized, and those affected cannot seek help.

While sexual shame is not exclusive to Singapore, it is more prevalent in Asia. Men grow up without serious discussions on sex, emotions, and relationships from their parents. Such deficiencies in sexual shame and emotional depth are probably why most male Singaporeans are considered unexpressive and boring.

Thin Lines between Lust, Love, and Sex

Males in Singapore often feel ashamed and judged when they bring their soul mates back home to their parents. According to them, sex is an unethical and immoral act. As per Asian beliefs, males should have a strong connection with any female before having sex with her. Another unsaid dating rule is that marriage or a long-term relationship is a must before having sex.

Due to this, girls complain that all men want is sex while men complain that girls are very needy. This causes a lot of manipulation to dating in Singapore, as men end up spending time and buying gifts with the hopes of getting laid. Contrary to this, sex between two consenting parties is not immoral or unethical. Similarly, the desire to have sex shouldn’t be a reason for getting into a relationship.

Are Singaporean Women Materialistic?

Several articles about Singapore dating suggest that women in this region are spoilt with an inflated sense of worth, thus expecting to be treated like queens. While this stereotype holds some truth, an average Singaporean woman can hardly sustain important conversations, despite being educated.

Singaporean women also heavily consider finances when choosing their partners for long-term relationships. This explains the surge in Singapore dating at night, with women competing against each other about the status of hotels or restaurants they were taken out. That aside, there is a rising demographic in the Singapore dating scene, suggesting a surge in the number of women seeing men from foreign countries.

Key Takeaway

Generally, courting related frustration and fatigue is common among singles looking to mingle. While this is common in all parts of the world, the Singapore courting scene has a lot to offer. From emotional dependence on parents to blurred lines between sex and love, finding a long-term partner can be challenging for men, even with the slight influence from western cultures.

Note that the suggestions above are not accurate descriptions of dating experience from every person in Singapore but generalizations. Nonetheless, they paint a picture of what to expect if you intend to try finding a partner from Singapore as a global adventure. That said, how different is Singapore’s dating environment from your country? Let us know in the comments section below.

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