Sex on Singapore Transit SBS

Sex on Singapore Transit SBS

I still recall vividly in the back of my mind the first experience I had sex on the Singapore Transit SBS. It was on 8th of August when I woke up very early in the morning before sunrise to prepare myself for the journey to the Singapore city. The day was cool and the birds were singing welcoming a new morning. Indeed it was just the beginning of a new day but it felt like it was going to be a good one. In my heart, I had a feeling that something good was ahead and I was happy. My grandfather had trained me to predict the good things to come and take time to notice them.

After I was set for my journey, I boarded a taxi that took us off to the Singapore city. I arrived at the city late in the night. I didn’t waste any of my time because time was not on my side. I boarded one of the Singapore Transit SBS to take me to the Queenstown after eating dinner at the Peninsula Excelsior hotel. I had my bosom friend in the town and I longed to see her. While in the transit, a sexy woman came and sat beside me, my heart started to race and I felt my body heat up. This woman was actually an angel of her own. Her figure was so sexual it could attract any man on earth. The woman had a sexy black dress on that added to her aesthetic value to her physical appearance making her look like a queen.

The girl had sexy eyes that actually put off my thoughts. All my thoughts were occupied by just how beautiful the woman is. I looked at her with a lot of interests and she blushed because she had already noted that I was admiring her. I could imagine undressing the woman and fucking her pussy even before I said hello to her. I felt that good luck was on my side. The seconds passed by making minutes and I was not comfortable holding my interests. My patience reached its limits and I was no longer in a position to remain cool even for a fraction of a minute.

I moved closer to the lady and say hi to her. She responded to my greetings warmly as she smiled at me. That is when I realized that the woman had very white teeth. Her teeth was as white as snow. Her voice was so smooth that I could hear its echo on my heart. I appreciated her looks from her head to the toes and she was very thankful.

As for me I can’t allow any sexy woman to just go like that. I must seduce her mind and body over. I never fail to convince a woman considering my excellent negotiation skills. My words are so sweet that when any woman on earth who listens to them will always get convinced. We men like what we see in ladies but for the ladies like the sweet words they hear from men. I introduced myself to the lady and she told me her name was Joy. As her name suggests, the girl actually was full of joy. I told her how much I was interested in her and how I desired to penetrate her vagina deeply. The girl hesitated to respond at first but I did not worry because from my experience,the ladies always behave like that at first.

I know well that hard work pays. On that note, I exhausted all my vocabularies trying to convince the lady. When girls are touched, they actually get confused. I hold her hands tightly and I looked at the lady in the eyes. She became weak and leaned on my chest. Opportunity comes once in life. This was my chance to hold her large sexy breasts. I pressed them in a style that she could no longer sit firm on her seat. I turned around and I found that a good number of our fellow passengers were asleep. Actually everything favored me. Being in the night, the transit was dimly lighted. I did not stop holding the breasts of Joy. I sucked her rhythmically that she found herself holding my erected penis. She unzipped me and funny enough my penis did not hesitate, it protruded outside my trouser as if it had longed for a chance to be out.

I can’t explain how it happened but I found my hands inside the hot pants of the lady. I touched her vagina and massaged her clitoris. I finger fucked the lady and it didn’t take long the girl was done. I placed her legs apart to allow me to finger fuck her perfectly. We kissed each other deeply and by then, it was evident that we needed each other madly. The girl hold my 9 inch penis and placed it on her vagina. Her hot vagina was already wet and hungry for sex. I asked the girl to sit on me and she complied with passion. She jumped on my lap and she raised her dress to her waist. Her pants were already on her knees. I lowered my trousers and within a fraction of a minute, my erect penis was deeply inside Joy’s vagina. She almost aired out her sounds of pleasure, I reminded her that we were in the transit and it was very important to have sex very quietly to not wake anybody up. I pumped her for a while before I released all my cum inside her hot pussy. As I released, she held onto me tightly that I felt glued to her sensuality. We held each other closely as we continued with our journey to the Queenstown. At a distance we could see the lights at the Queenstown and this was bad news for us. We were still in need of each other and it’s like we could not accommodate our feelings to the next hotel so we had to draw a plan.

As people got of the coach, we chose to remain behind a little bit to quench our sexual thirst. We moved to the Singapore Transit SBS back seats. We knew that time was not on our side and therefore we had no time to waste. I removed Joy’s pants on an alarming speed.I touched here breasts with a lot of passion. On the other hand, joy was holding my erected penis tightly. After some few minutes, the girl was already ready for sex emotionally and physically. She opened her legs as wide as possible to allow my rock hard shaft to penetrate deeply into her soaked vaginay.

As I fucked this drop dead gorgeous woman, she spoke to me seductively, tell me to cum harder and stronger. I was motivated to pleasure myself with her wet pussy and fuck her to my personal satisfaction.  It was an awesome and fulfilling experience that I did not want to stop. Finally after we had sex we both had to eventually leave the coach to continue on our own journeys. We were both fully satisfied sexually. Joy was traveling to the Singapore zoo for enjoyment and I let her go. As she boarded the taxi to the zoo I walked away as we waved bye to each other.  This was my first experience to have sex in the Singapore transit SBS and it really quenched my sexual thirst. Indeed this is my erotic story that I will live to remember.


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