Rough Sex In A Singapore Mansion

Rough Sex In A Singapore Mansion

My husband and I were in sort of a sore spot lately. Believe me; eight years of marriage can suck the fun right out of a relationship. Our sex life was sort of non-existent. We both have jobs back at home in Chicago. I’m usually home early, but Roger was always coming home late. Even when he did make it back on time, he’d be too tired to even cuddle, let alone make love to me. I was never the cheating type, but I certainly felt myself drowning in a pit of metaphorical celibacy.  I’d been using a vibrator I found recommended on Vibrator Vixen but there is no substitute for the real thing and I was still really sexually frustrated.

Anyways, I was relieved when he told me we were going on a vacation to Singapore. But, I didn’t know that even the vacation was work related. I was thinking about the quality time we’d have together after the rough patch for about a couple of years. I can’t say it really surprised me when he said that he was actually going to attend a seminar and I was the “plus one”. Saying that I was pissed off would be a huge understatement about how I felt. Eventually, he got through all his business things and we were invited to a work party.

Image: Singapore Mansion

The party was in a massive mansion that his boss owned. The place was massive and was doubly impressive because massive homes like this are very rare in Singapore.  I thought to myself, if the boss has this much money he should be paying my husband more!  Unfortunately the ‘party’ was not worth the travel. Even my husband looked bored. We were just sitting at the bar when he grabbed my hand and told me he had a surprise for me.

That really surprised me. Knowing Roger, he’d never miss a chance to suck up to his boss, let alone clearly embarrass him by leaving the party early. Anyhow, no one noticed as he took me down the hallway where we weren’t meant to go.

I had no idea what was happening, if we got caught in a part of the house we weren’t meant to be in I’d be fired.  My mind loomed to a fantasy I’ve always had. But, I didn’t think my husband was capable of this. I thought that we never even have sex at home, he certainly won’t be determined enough to do it at a work party at the house of his boss.

Well, I was proved quite wrong…

He opened a door and quickly checked around to make sure no one was watching and then he took me into the room.  I was still unsure about what was actually happening, till Roger picked me up and threw me on the mattress.

Now it was quite clear to me what was about to happen.

He said in a vicious tone, “I’m about to make everything up to you”.

My busy husband was about to relieve all of his built up sexual frustration that he clearly hasn’t had time to exhibit on someone else. He slowly lowered himself onto me while kissing me passionately. It was quite obvious that he wasn’t gonna stop there.

In just a few seconds, I was down to my bra and he was eating me out. Oh, it felt really good to finally experience something again. I never even knew that my husband was so good with his tongue. It was unlike something I’ve ever felt and I was close to an orgasm when he stopped.

He got out of his pants and shoved his cock straight down my throat.  And judging by how far he was pushing, I almost thought he wanted me to swallow his dick a couple of times.

He shoved his cock as far as it could go. I was gagging and choking. My eyes were watering but I loved every second of it.  I just loved how his velvety balls kept hitting my lips every time he pushed inside me.

He put both his hands on my cheeks and pressured him hard and screamed “Swallow it!”

And I did. He didn’t even feel like my husband. The anger and the passion combined felt like someone else was fucking me.

Once he was sure I swallowed every drop of that cum, he fiercely picked me up and threw me back down on my stomach.

I tried to tell him that I wanted him inside me. I tried to speak but no words came out. But, it was like he understood what I was about to tell him.

He thrust his cock right into my ass. He’s never had anal with me before and it was absolutely surreal. The pain was excruciating, I’m not sure but I think I started to get tears in my eyes from the pain halfway through it but strangely, even though I was in pain, I was loving it.

Again, it was like he’s practiced every stage of this, he flipped me over again and pushed me firmly against the mattress.

He whispered in my ear “Do you want more?” I nodded my head because that was pretty much all I could do at this point.

He started fucking me hard. I thought he was about to rip my pussy apart because that is what it actually felt like.

He let go when he cummed inside me. The pain I was experiencing in every part of my body overwhelmed me. I just laid on the mattress with cum reeking from every orifice. I thought to myself, “Maybe this trip wasn’t so shabby after all”…

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