How to protect yourself correctly

How to protect yourself correctly

This is not obvious to everyone, but you need to protect yourself correctly when having sex.  Even couples who want children right now need to know about contraception methods. In order for the child to be healthy, so that an abortion does not have to be done due to infections that have not been found on time that affect the development of the fetus, you need to prepare for pregnancy: take folic acid, get vaccinated against rubella, do not drink, quit smoking, get tested for infections. And during preparation – to be protected.

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To better understand how contraception works, you need to know how pregnancy actually occurs.

  • After a man ejaculates into the vagina (although sperm getting on the labia can also lead to pregnancy), sperm at a speed of 5 mm per minute penetrate into the cervix, then into the uterus, and from there into the uterine (fallopian) tubes.
  • If one of them contains an egg, then the sperm penetrates into it, and fertilization occurs.
  • Then, within a few days, the already fertilized egg passes through the fallopian tube into the uterus, where it attaches to its mucous membrane – the endometrium.
  • From this point on, pregnancy begins and the sphere of influence of contraceptives ends.

The effectiveness of contraception is assessed by the Pearl index. By its value, one can understand how many women out of a hundred who practice this method during the year will become pregnant. The Pearl Index can fluctuate depending on how well the method is used. Therefore, for example, ideally, the Pearl index for condoms is 2, but the reality is that, since people do not know how to use them, the index rises to 18.

Free and unreliable

This favorite category of the masses includes the calendar method of contraception and coitus coitus. The first has a Pearl index – 0.4-24, the second – 4-22.

The calendar method is based on the fact that you can calculate the days when the probability of conception is minimal. Ovulation (when a mature egg leaves the ovary to fertilize) occurs around the middle of the menstrual cycle. Sperm can live in a woman’s body for about 5 days, therefore, with the calendar method of contraception, it is usually counted 5 days before the expected date of ovulation and 3 days after it.

During this period (about 9 days), you cannot have sex, since pregnancy is most likely to occur. Why is this method ineffective? Ovulation can shift to a “safe” day for various reasons (move, quarrel, illness), but you will not feel it, and pregnancy will come.

As for interrupted intercourse, sperm cells can appear on the head of the penis not only during orgasm, but also before it (albeit in small quantities). In addition, not all men have a sufficiently high reaction rate.

  • Side effects: pregnancy; sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


For women who do not like hormones and men

Barrier methods of contraception (condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, spermicides) keep sperm out of the uterus and thus prevent sperm and egg from meeting. The best among them is considered a condom, since – in addition to being reliable – it is the only one of all methods of contraception that protects well against STDs.

If you feel uncomfortable using male condoms, you can always apply a lubricant (although oil-based lubricants increase the risk of latex condoms failing, any lubricant can be used with polyurethane condoms).

If you want to improve the reliability of a condom, the worst thing you can do is put on a second one: both are more likely to break. For the same reason, you should not use both a male and female condom. Yes, there are female condoms, which look like male ones, are inserted into the vagina so that the free end remains outside.



Spermicides, substances that destroy sperm, are produced in the form of vaginal tablets, capsules, suppositories, foam, cream, gel, they are also impregnated with contraceptive sponges. You need to know the following about spermicides: this is not an independent method of contraception. Its Pearl Index is 18-28. The only thing worse is the complete absence of contraceptives. Ease of use is also questionable: you can have sex 15 minutes after the injection of spermicide, but not more than an hour later.

In this case, spermicides must be used if the main contraceptive is a diaphragm or cervical cap. Their Pearl index is 6–12 and 14/29 (for nulliparous / giving birth), respectively. A diaphragm is a silicone cup that is filled with spermicide and placed in the vagina so that the cervix is ​​covered. This can be done a few hours before sex. The cervical cap is more like a thimble, it is also filled with spermicide and put on the cervix. Both the diaphragm and the cap should remain in place for another 6 to 8 hours after sex (although if you decide to have sex again right away, add spermicide).

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