How to Look Sexy for Your Man

How to Look Sexy for Your Man

How to Be “The-One-And-Only” for Your Partner

A desire to look more attractive and ‘sexy’ for your man is a great intention. Additionally, it becomes more important today as dwindling relationships are getting common because of a lack of romantic, sexual, and passionate energy. Understandably, intimacy is something that depends on the relationship. Many couples worldwide have managed to maintain the same high level of intimacy after being together for many years.

However, it is usual that most couples tend to find their relationship boring after being together for a few years. It might seem that both partners start taking each other for granted, and the spark starts dwindling. While there are many ways to spice up your private life, one of the simplest ways is to look sexy. If you want to make your lover’s jaw drop, here are some ideas that can help you. 

  • Initiative Is a Good Thing

It is typical for men to think that initiative is their job. However, fixing date nights or coming up with new sexual adventures can become a tiresome experience over time. What you can do here is to arrange date nights or sex at least once in a while. Taking control is so much more than simply swinging the pendulum. This way, your partner will see this as a welcoming change and appreciate you leading the charge.

  • Reignite His Senses

In most cases, men always live in their heads. As a woman, the best gift you can give to your partner is to save his mind off troubles. You can counteract his headedness with some turn-ons that will bring him on his feet. Remind your partner that life is more than reciting numbers and goals. Rub his shoulders and get him in a relaxed mood. Your partner will love this gesture, and you will become a lot more attractive than ever!

  • Choosing the Right Scent

Over time, that sexy perfume that used to get your man all worked up begins to fade. This is the reason why you need to find the one that you can use to seduce him. Picking the right scent is essential because the part of the brain that controls the sense of smell is also responsible for memory and emotions.  

When your man smells something nice, you will become more attractive to him. Ensure that you choose something subtle and feminine. Moreover, perfume does not cost much; for a very pocket-friendly price, both of you will get into the mood. 

  • Make Use of Flavored Lip Gloss and Mascara

While lipstick is considered a barrier to your lips (according to most men), it does not mean that you simply have to leave them naked. A simple lip gloss should do the trick. Consider creating a profile on one of the many best online dating sites – you need to look scrumptious for your partner to stumble. As for your eyelashes, you can try to make them a bit longer and thicker. This will definitely catch the attention of your man as they tend to notice women’s eyes. Make your eyes look bigger, and your partner will surely find you attractive.  

  • Look and Taste Great

If you use a particular body lotion or shimmer powder to shine, you can try something more flavorful; this will enhance your overall sexy look. When your partner bends forward to kiss you, he will get a wonderful surprise. There are a lot of flavored options to consider.

Try to go for something that has a positive impact on your partner’s senses. If you manage to do this the right way, your partner will instantly go head-over-heels with you. The smell is something that men love in their women; if you smell great, you will become much sexier in their opinion.

  • Compliment Him as Much as Possible

Predominantly, men are a bit immune to praise; however, a small yet genuine compliment can go a long way. There are two things that you can complement your partner – the first needs to be something related to his identity. You can praise him for things he is confident about – like eyes, hair, etc. 

The second type of compliment you can throw into the mix relates to his insecurities. For instance, if your boyfriend/husband is upset by gaining a few pounds in the last few months, you can try to work around it and say something nice. Your words will work wonders!

Red is a color that is often used to represent passion and love. Hence, you can wear red to signal your partner for some sexy times that are about to come. Consider red sexy outfits to awake his interest. 

Paint your nails red or put on some red lipstick. As long as your body has something red, it will emit sexual energy. Red will definitely provide you with a sexy look that your man will not be able to resist. 

  • Excite Your Feminine Energy

When you embrace your feminine aura, you automatically become more attractive in your man’s eyes — work towards bolstering your inner radiance. You need to touch your own heart and allow it to shine brightly, opening up in front of your partner.

Surely, the task is not an easy one, especially if you are restrained. Cement your relationship as a woman, move around, wear clothes that make you feel beautiful, etc. Once you connect with your inner self, you will be able to open up more with your partner. 


  • Final Thoughts

Of course, every tweak will depend on your man as well. However, when it comes to pleasing them, these steps can be considered the most common ones. As mentioned above, relationships are something that moves forward. However, this does not mean that your love flame needs to die down. With the help of these tips, you will start feeling great about yourself, and your man will see you differently!

Tell us some of your personal tricks that make you look sexy when you go out with your man. You can leave your tips in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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Rebecca Shinn is a freelance writer and dating and relationship expert with a psychology degree. Her field of expertise is relationship, dating, and marriage. The important part of Rebecca’s practice is to help couples with communication skills, problem-solving skills, stress management, or financial skills. 

Rebecca started writing 2 years ago to inspire and help people to have a better dating life, healthy relationships, or find a way to keep a marriage strong for long years.

With all said above, Rebecca is proud to be a mother and a wife so she doesn’t only use her knowledge for helping others but keeping her family strong and happy.

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