My Sexy Singaporean Girlfriend at Sungei Buloh

My Sexy Singaporean Girlfriend at Sungei Buloh

She was beautiful. Everything around her could not compare to how her body moved, how the dress clung to her hips, how she smiled and how she looked my way.

It took me a while to realize that she was staring. She must have been staring at my slack jaw and blatant drooling for a while because she laughed. God, that laugh. How can anyone’s laugh sound more like a song than a laugh? It was music to my ears, and I could listen to it all day. Some days, I would.

That was my memory of the first time I saw her. It’s been 2 years, but everything is still so vivid. When I close my eyes, I still remember how the sweat made her lingerie stick to her body. The thin material left little to imagination, but god, she was sexy just like Miss Universe Singapore.

She was even sexier when I undid the first button of that dress, when I lifted her against one of the stalls and when she tried to muffle her whimpers as I pushed her legs apart.

“Hon” I heard her calling me from the bedroom. She must have finally woken up. Moments when we could get away and spend time with each other were scarce. When we did, we make sure to make it count, if you know what I mean.

“Hon, you here?” She was now peeking in the kitchen, where I sat having coffee. If anyone could see her right now, they’d know what I was saying was true. She’s a fucking 10 even in the morning, no make-up, groggy and her hair all over the place. I can already feel myself getting hard, and even with all the activities last night, I still had it in me to bend her over right now.

“Don’t even think about it, baby” She warned, winking playfully at me “We have to be at the Sungei Buloh Reserve by 10am. It’s already 8:30am, and we haven’t even showered.”

“Speak for yourself. I don’t need to shower” I teased back. She hates it when I don’t put myself together. I’ve made a habit of teasing her. See, she was much older than me. By 10 years, I think. We stopped counting when we realized it was past 5. It didn’t matter to me. She was beautiful and sexy. She is everything I’ve ever wanted. Who cares how old she is? Besides, she barely looks a year older than me.

“Are you sure? I was thinking we could do it together” She said, dropping her shirt on the floor. Now, that’s an invitation. Fuck this, I’m definitely showering. I followed her retreating back into the bathroom. God, that ass. I would be slapping that in less than minute, and that thought is making me so hard.

Under the shower, both naked, I could feel her breathing. That alone makes me want to fuck her so hard I she’d scream my name, but I take it slow. I want her to feel my throbbing member against her. I want to hear her whimper at my touch, wait for her to beg for more as I kiss her neck, my fingers playfully trailing between her legs. And she does, she always does. I want her to come this way, so I pushed her against the wall. The water from the shower still soaking us, making our breathing even more labored.

I pushed a finger inside of her and she gasps “Uh, fuck yes, baby.” I love that foul mouth. She’s always so proper, and only I can bring her to this. I pushed my finger further, hitting just the right spot. That’s when I felt her hand on my cock. God that felt good. She just knows how to touch me, how to mold those fingers so the suction is perfectly addicting.

She kept pumping my cock, while she moaned each time two of my fingers pushed inside her, hitting her spot every time. While my fingers were busy, my tongue found their way to their nipple. I sucked on one, while my other hand squeezed the other. “Shit, shit, shit,” she kept chanting, and I did something I knew would drive her crazy. I bit her nipple lightly.

“Ah, fuck!” She screamed and squeezed my cock tight. I knew better than to stop, so I moved to suck her other nipple. I first figured out how much she loved this one afternoon, when we were supposed to be watching birds at the Sungei Buloh Migratory Bird Trail. I had to muffle her screams as I fucked her against a tree, 5 meters from touring guests. It was hard to keep her voice down when I bit her nipple then, and it was still impossible now.

“Uh, god damn it!” I knew she was close, her body way shaking and her breathing was shallow. I was right there with her. Her thighs tightened, so I pushed my fingers faster, timing my sucking with my finger’s rhythm.

“I’m cu—“ She didn’t finish her words, but she did finish something else. I knew she was tired, but she wasn’t the type to stop when her partner hasn’t finished yet, so she kept pumping me, faster and faster. Looking at her this way, spent, stroking me was driving me closer too.

“Fuck!” I screamed when I could take it any longer. My load shot directly in her hands, and she kept stroking me until every last bit of it was on her. When I was done, she looked at me, brought her hand to close to her face, and licked her palm. And my god, that was hot. Watching her lick my cum off her hand was making me hard again, but before I could entertain that thought, she whispered, “Now, we really need to shower.”

We finally got to the Sungei Buloh Reserve and we were both late. My shift already started, and the people she was meeting had been waiting for half an hour. If he was here, we’d be in big trouble. Thank god, he wasn’t. The manager would have dragged both our asses out and paraded us to the whole team, lecturing us on punctuality and respect. He was an old fart, if you ask me. He was probably nearing 60, and he still had the stamina to embarrass that shit out of his staff, not that I didn’t deserve the scolding. He just went too far, especially with her. I couldn’t take it. It was just too much.


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But, we weren’t caught coming in late, so I was in a chipper mood. I was even happy to pick up a mix of rowdy and disinterested high school students from the café to give them a tour. Because of my annoying enthusiasm, half of them hated me by the end of tour and the other half was converted to a bunch of bird-loving teenagers.

By the time my shift was over, I had done 3 tours, and I was craving another dose of her before I went home. I wondered if I could sneak into her office an encourage her to come “walk” the Coastal Trail with me. There are barely any people now, but the view is perfect for another rendezvous. Before I could walk in the direction of her office, I got a text from her.

“Meet me at the exhibition gallery. Help me clean up.”

Oh, I will help her clean up alright. When I got to the gallery, it was already close to visitors. “Perfect,” I couldn’t help but say. She was looking at one of the photos of a bird. Everyone thought that photo was beautiful. It was mysterious and hard to capture. It travels from one place to another very discretely, but that one time, it allowed one of our guests to photograph it.

The bird reminded me of her, and I was as lucky as that photographer. She let me have her, and I’ll show her just how grateful I am.

She didn’t turn when I started kissing her nape, moving her hair out of the way and revealing her open back. “Mmm, hi baby,” she whispered, barely audible because her whimpers were taking over her words. “Hi” I said between kisses “Missed me?”

I spun her around, so I can kiss her, really kiss her. I want her to know she’s all I want, and I need to feel she craves me just as much. She doesn’t disappoint. She returned my kiss with as much passion, opening her mouth for me to take and ravish. Our tongues fought, and she let me take control. She tugs at my hair as I kiss her deeper and my hands wander from her breasts to her perfectly sculpted ass. I pressed her closer to me, so she can feel just what she does to me, how hard I am for her. She gasps at my erection, looks at me and says “Fuck me, baby, hard. I want you to fuck me on the floor until I can’t stand.”

She doesn’t need to say anything more. I will fuck her until she screams, until she exhausted out of her mind and until I’m all she can ever thinking of fucking. She tugged at my shirt, motioning for me to raise my hands, so she can take it off. Then, she undid my pants, taking her time with zip, palming me, teasing me. “Baby” I begged. I didn’t want to come before I can fuck her, and I was getting really close just from looking at how sexy she was tonight. She laughed at my sexual frustration, and said “Hurry then, take my dress off.”

Knowing exactly what I want to do, I pushed her to the closest wall, and without even thinking twice, I tore her dress off her. No underwear, nice, now I know she really wants me too fuck her ASAP. I looked at her with knowing grin and she replied, “What? Don’t like what you see?”

I wasn’t going to tell her that she was the most beautiful when she’s naked like this. I’d rather show her, so I reach down, and felt just how wet she was. I pushed my finger into her and started rubbing her clit. She was moaning loader as rubbed her clit faster. I could feel my cock throbbing, and I could only squeeze her breast and suck her neck as I got more excited. God, no matter how many times we’ve done this, she’s always so fucking tight.

I wanted to taste her, eat her tight pussy out, so I knelt in front of her. I motioned for her to lift her leg onto my shoulder, and she grabbed onto my hair to help her balance. Her eyes were already shut when I looked at her. She knows what was coming, and this was her way of surrendering herself to the pleasure, to me. I felt her grab my hair, and guided my face closer to her pussy. “Please, baby,” she begged, “I want you to—“

She didn’t get to say the rest because I was already sliding my fingers in and out of her as I licked her clit. Her body was shuddering, and she was moaning so loudly now. She kept coaxing me to go faster, so sucked one her clit. “Mmm, yes,” was all the encouragement I needed. I was getting more and more aggressive, and I can feel that she was close. That’s why I was confused when she screamed, “Stop!”

Unsure of what to do, I stood up and looked at her. “What?” I asked, “Is something wrong?”

“I was gonna cum” she responded, and I laughed.


“I want you in me. Fuck me,” she said, sliding down to the floor. As she laid there, I knew she had me. I loved this girl, and I was going to show her. I started kissing her between her breasts, moving to suck her nipples. I swirled my tongue around each one, biting them lightly. She rewarded me with moans and screams of pleasure. I was taking my time, enjoying her body, from her chest, her bare stomach to just above her pussy.

I started kissing her inner thigh, but she insisted, “Please, take me now. I need you.” Her need was enough to encourage my lust to take over, so I laid on top of her and pushed her legs apart. She opened her legs wider, and I can already see her dripping.

“You’re so wet, baby,” I said, smiling. The sight of her legs spread in front of me, her pussy waiting brought out my primal desire to just take her. In instant, my thick cock was fully inside her. We both moaned loudly. God,that felt good. The feeling of being enveloped by her tight pussy all at once was fucking good, so pulled out fully and ploughed into her again. Each thrust was hard, fast and deep. I didn’t stop until I was balls in deep in her, and all she can do was scream. I felt her nails dig in to my back each time my cock filled, and I can feel her returning my thrusts. Fuck, it’s so deep this way. I want this. Each thrust was taking us closer to both our orgasms, and I can feel her thighs tensing. With one last thrust, I rammed my whole cock in her, and we both felt each other reach an orgsamic climax. We were both thrashing wildly, riding the full length of a powerful orgasm. It was perfect. She was perfect.



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