My Sexual Apparition On Ghost Island In Singapore

My Sexual Apparition On Ghost Island In Singapore

Summer Escape

My Sexual Apparition – Summer is always a time to enjoy a break from the normal routine and the dull office work. Evening classes filled with women of all sizes, many with enormous thighs, leave every man salivating and make the weak wet their pants. These classes are often thronged by older women who always peep around for potential toy boys to satisfy their sexual desires, having been sexually starved by their aging, impotent husbands. I nearly fell into the trap of one of them who started telling me how she had been living a lonely life despite being married for years to an elderly man.

She explained that he had become sexually inactive, and she had to look for new blood to satisfy her desires. She even grasped my huge black cock one day and, since then, has been begging me to release the monster in her aging cunt, something I refused as I don’t want to be a toy boy. Before taking off for my scheduled summer holidays, I tried to have a word with my best friend and co-worker to bid farewell and catch up for a drink at a popular joint.

A Plan for Ghost Island

We watched strippers swing their behinds as if shaking them off. I ended up telling him about my intended holiday to Ghost Island, Singapore. He didn’t believe me, but I had made up my mind after reading various magazines about the beautiful escorts in Singapore willing to offer you a pussy to lick. I arrived at the club around ten o’clock, as usual, wearing tight jeans and a designer polo shirt that suited the occasion. We silently sipped our vodka as I explained to my friend how I was prepared to bang a sexy lady in Singapore like never before.

He started giving me all the fantasy stories about how sweet huge women are and how watery the slim ones are, explaining every detail as if I were a two-year-old. The next morning, I was off to Pulau Hantu, Singapore, for my holiday with fervent expectations to bang and lick all sorts of women, leaving them yearning for more. Immediately after landing in Singapore, I took a cab to the wharf and a quick boat ride to arrive at Ghost Island, where I freshened up at a local kampong.

Ghost Island Supernatural Sex
Loving Stories On Ghost Island

An Encounter at Sister’s Restaurant

I decided to take a walk while waiting for the evening when my friend would return. I was to stay in one of the huts in the kampong. I went into Sister’s Restaurant for a drink to rest from the long journey to Singapore. Before I drained the first glass of gin neat, a decent-looking lady came and sat beside me. She was wearing a padded bra with a designer tattered top that made her look outstanding, especially her nice, pointed breasts. She also wore white sheer pantyhose and four-inch open-toe heels, making her look even taller than me, which was unusual for the island.

I had been there for about an hour, drinking and playing around with some young girls who were shaking their booties vigorously to the radio. The assorted gin in my hand had me buzzing and feeling pretty good. To my surprise, the pretty lady beside me was staring at me sexily. When she realized I wasn’t making a move, she slowly walked over, swaying her hips more than usual. She looked back at me, scanning my body from head to toe. I smiled at her and took her hand, and she reluctantly smiled back at me.

A Dance to Remember

She looked at me with such sexy eyes that it made me want her right then and there. She whispered in my ear, “I am Jane.” I was about to say my name when she asked if I had ever visited the island before. I told her yes, I had friends from a previous visit. To my utter surprise, she knew my name and said, “I want to welcome you to this island in style.” She then stepped back, looking me over. I could tell from the way she gazed at me that she liked me crazily.

“I never thought I would find a nice girl like you today,” I complimented her. We talked a little more, exchanging gazes as we sipped our vodkas. I started scanning her body, especially her long, beautiful legs. She responded warmly by placing her hand on my thigh and squeezing softly, a gesture that totally aroused me. After a couple of drinks and chatting, I pulled her to the floor, and we started dancing. It wasn’t crowded as most visitors had already left for the day, and we danced to some soothing music.

A Deep Connection

The sweetness of the music made me pull her into my arms, resting my hands above her huge butt, which was driving me crazy. I decided to touch her breasts, and she allowed it, making her feel so hot she started gasping for breath. I slowly lowered my hand and started rubbing both her butt cheeks. “You have the greatest ass; I love that,” I whispered to her as I continued rubbing and clutching her cheeks. I realized she enjoyed me rubbing her bare panty-less butt, which I could feel with my hand when she started closing her eyes and resting her head on my chest.

We began rolling our hips together, turning our slow dance into a slow grind right in the middle of the dance floor. “I desperately need you tonight,” I whispered to her. She just smiled and told me, “We should go back to the table.” I gave her butt a couple of squeezes as I let her go. We walked back to the table, and she opened her legs for me to have a clear view between them. “We should go; I am getting tired,” I told her as I stood and gave her a hand.

Nightfall on Ghost Island

Night had fallen, and we were standing near the Ghost Island wharf. I complimented her on how attractive she was and how she made my evening. She turned to expose her big butt to me, which I grabbed and passionately squeezed under her dress.

Singapore Model
Photo: Singapore Woman

A Passionate Encounter

“I like how soft, round, and big your butt is,” I said as I kept clutching it. She turned around and went straight for my dick, which was threatening to tear my trousers apart. She reached for my pants and pulled out my hard black cock right beside the wharf. She started stroking and twisting it with her soft hands. She lowered her head, gently taking the head of my dick in her mouth. She moved her tongue over it, and I started moaning with great pleasure. She licked every inch of my dick so gently that it made my whole body shiver.

Pleasure by the Wharf

She put it back in her mouth once again, bobbing her head up and down while playing with my dick. “Oohh Jane, it feels so good,” I moaned, enjoying every bit of her stroking that brought undefined pleasure. I tactically pushed her head down as she went all the way, her lips on my pubic hair with my entire cock down her throat. She began to suck me harder, and I continued moaning even more loudly. The more I moaned, the faster and harder she stroked. I started pumping my hips to her mouth, slamming it down her throat.

An Intense Climax

“Baby, you better stop, you better stop,” I moaned loudly, but she just attacked it more. I was so into it when she paused a little, and I exploded, coming in her mouth. She was very delighted as she swallowed every drop of my semen. I felt so good and relieved as she continued sucking my cock, which was becoming soft. She started biting it softly with her teeth. She sat up, wiping her mouth while still holding my dick.

“That was awesome,” I told her as I caressed her smiling face. She surprisingly grasped my softening dick again and inserted it back into her mouth. She slowly sucked it again and pulled harder than before. I was enjoying it, and it was beginning to harden when someone on the wharf shouted, “Hey! The ranger is coming – I think you better go.”

A Quick Escape

We ran along the shoreline of Ghost Island closer to where my friend lived in the kampong, but she couldn’t even allow us to reach his house. She started sucking me again in broad moonlight, in front of the beautiful shore of the island. I could tell she was really into it as she had closed her eyes, enjoying my smooth hands on her face. She was twisting her head passionately as she continued sucking me harder until I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Oohhh! I need it inside me, honey,” she moaned so sexily. I reached for her dress and lifted it up, feeling her pantiless butt with enthusiasm. She was still sucking me when she mounted me.

A Passionate Connection

“You must be an expert in this,” I told her, but she just smiled at me. She stroked my dick with one hand while lowering my trousers with the other. I was so excited and needed her so badly that I wanted to feel her hot pussy. She eased up on me with her back towards me as I positioned my cock directly to her hot hole. Slowly, I lowered her down, feeling my huge dick entering her. I stroked her up and down, enjoying her moans. I could feel her warmth with my whole cock inside her. I gave her slow strokes, ensuring she enjoyed every bit of my dick.

“Right there, baby, you are so huge,” she moaned, twisting her butt uncontrollably with my stroking. I felt so lucky to be on Ghost Island, Singapore.

Pure Ecstasy

I moved up and down on her, feeling a wonderful tingle in me. She grabbed my dick again and held it close to her chest. She then slowly guided it back to her pussy, which was becoming wet and lubricated. She rolled her hips to me in sync with my strokes, making me feel great. I pumped her so hard in the breezing island wind while holding her waist. I pumped her even faster, and she responded by twisting her butt and moaning louder. We did this for a while, faster, slower, then faster again. We were really working it together. I moved in circles and back and forth, which she really liked.

A Memorable Climax

I continued until I felt I was nearing my climax. I jerked for a while when I felt my whole body shiver, and I totally lost control. I moaned so loudly, calling her all sorts of sweet names, which she enjoyed. I felt my hot semen bulging in my dick so vigorously that I couldn’t hold it back. “Honey, I want you to cum on my breasts,” she whispered to me as she sat on top of me, clutching her buttocks and pressing them hard against my dick.

“Ooohhh!! Baby, I’m cumming, ohh!!” I moaned loudly.

She then rubbed her butt cheeks gently on my dick, an activity that drove me crazy, and I burst out and came like a virgin boy experiencing his first orgasm. I couldn’t doubt her experience from the way she guided me. She kept sitting on top of me for a while after I came on her chest, feeling my huge dick slowly soften. I leaned back, and we embraced in a deep, wet kiss. She gently bit my ear and told me she never thought it would be like this with a visitor from another country. I complimented how sweet and tight she was.

My Sexual Apparition

“I will definitely be looking for you every day until my vacation is over. We will be doing this daily,” I told her.

She smiled at me shyly and said, “I will make your stay on Pulau Hantu amazing. These islands will be the best place to have sex every evening – for eternity.”

I was so relieved by her words and lay on my back, suddenly dizzy. I don’t know for how long I was out on the shores of the island, but I was awoken by the noise of lovers chasing each other on the beach. It was already dawn; I had been out all night on the beach. Jane was not in sight, there was no sign she had ever been there.

As I looked out over Ghost Island, I asked myself, had it all been a dream? Was she an apparition? Or was there more to the tale of Ghost Island, Singapore?

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