A Lonely Expat Singapore Story

A Lonely Expat Singapore Story

Singapore could be an extremely frosty spot regardless of the wet warmth of the tropics. The structures along Orchard Road were smooth. The MRT sterile and so busy. The characteristics of the group clear. Singapore could be a desolate spot for expats and that is the reason I like to think this Singapore Story happened.

I first saw May in the morning at Raffles Place MRT station simply off the Circle Line. All of a sudden, well I ought to say out of the masses and masses of thick driving pedestrian traffic, this lady wound up before me. I’ll always remember the dark line that kept running up the back of her nylon secured legs like two slim dashing stripes over her smooth calves (the first thing I saw). Her heels seemed to be too huge for her to stroll in and clunked around behind her. Some way or another those lumbering heels made her amazingly alluring, skanky. She was a splendid distraction to the generally mundane morning.

She was traveling toward me and we both left out into the high rise skies of the Singapore CBD. I could see her better in the tropical morning light. A dark skirt dangled from her wire encircled hips. The skirt seemed to be the material of silk, slim, with sheer pantyhose underneath that. Her hair was colored a light chestnut and trim short, simply over the shoulders. Her hair was flawlessly layered and enticing.  I left her behind and got a look of her doll like face. Her eyes ruled her face. Brilliant cocoa globes that made each other highlight of her face turn out to be little and generally as petite as herself. Our eyes touched for a minute and afterward isolated, skipping off one another as is courteous in Singapore. Her splendor dazed me the way sunshine whips the eyes when leaving a faint building. And afterward she was no more. Lost to the masses. There wasn’t any specific reason she stood out to me out of the incalculable millions of people I passed each morning, other than she was flawless. I saw ladies like her often and they were overlooked as fast as an outstanding nightfall or painting.

Seductive May
May Ling

The minute I entered the anteroom of my office building I disregarded her. We were amidst a serious update of the bookkeeping at the office, with me in charge of correcting It was an unpleasant, particularly since I should be in Tokyo with my family, yet was rather down in this sweat-soaked cooker called Singapore. I won’t go into the points of interest of what line of business I was in except to say it was very much IT and we were interested in the takeover of gigablast, yet my organization had abruptly terminated its VP of the Singapore division after a progression of monetary downturns. Since I was going to start a month long overlay in Tokyo before completely assuming control over the Japanese division, and the living VP was exceptionally content there, I was given the task of going to Singapore to settle the issue. One week had transformed into two months, regardless it didn’t appear as though they were prepared to send me to my intended destination.

I got to my corner office on the fifty-ninth floor and called my wife. A custom we’d set up subsequent to my entry in Singapore. She spoke to me about the pursuit of potential flats she’d seen. Despite everything we hadn’t discovered a spot, something she’d presumably need to do all alone since I was being held prisoner in Singapore by the Asian CEO of my organization.

“Any word on Tokyo?” She asked. It was the same inquiry she asked me each morning. The same waiting tone of trust in her words. She shouldn’t be doing this all alone, that was the arrangement we’d made before leaving the United States: she wouldn’t be all alone in an outside nation.

“Not yet. Mr. Chow should be nearby. Perhaps in the event that I see him in individual it will sound somewhat more persuading that an email.”

“Alright. I really love you.”

“I miss you and love you as well.”

After our discussion I hung up my telephone and delved in for the day. I had an inflexible schedule, which didn’t involve much challenge, being that I was a high positioning individual from senior administration.  There were two camps in this office; most held their heads down and attempted their best to stay far from me, being I’d swung the substantial hatchet that had laid off a large portion of the division upon my landing. The other camp was the ones that sucked up like office government officials.  Mr. Wang happened to fall into both camps. This goal-oriented young fellow needed the top spot when I exited. Following quite a while of deferral here managing inept competitors, I was prepared to offer it to him. The only issue was his inexperience. He was in his mid-twenties and didn’t have the experience that was most important for the position. Wang entered my office with a brisk thump on the wooden entryway. His round face seemed almost to blend in around the mahogany door jamb.

“Sir, will you be making it to my supper today? I didn’t get a reply from you.” He talked emphasized English that was everything except impeccable.  Such a forceful young fellow, I thought. I couldn’t ever envision myself as youthful as him, barging in on a senior supervisor and requesting a reaction to an email.

“Mr. Wang. Great morning to you as well. How’s the – record going? Regardless I haven’t seen an meeting around our department area.”

“I’m eating with their group today. I ought to have an idea of what’s going ahead by this evening. So…will you be making it to my supper? A large portion of the department will be there, even Mr. Chow.”

“Not this time, sorry.”   A grimace showed up all over and he gestured as he strolled off.

I detested turning him down, yet I wasn’t up to a twilight office get together. The greater part of that changed when I made my rounds through the work space bound foyers of the workplace. I was en route to turn on the pot of espresso, which no one aside from me and a low level bookkeeper ever did, when I saw her: the lady from the MRT station.  Her being there left me speechless. That it was so unbelievable to see her in my office. Of all the tall structures in Singapore she happened to be in mine, and of every last one of floors of this building (each of the sixty-seven) she wound up on the fifty-ninth. She was clunking around in her preposterous high heels. Clickety clicking over the bamboo floors. Her modest wrists were positioned upwards in fulfilling womanliness. She hadn’t seen me yet, yet when she neared closer her saucer like cocoa eyes bolted on mine and she lit up.

It had been so since a long time ago seeing a lady had generated my excitement so rapidly. Her puffy pink lips, which were so blameless looking all over, I envisioned squeezed against the swollen tip of my dick. I shuddered at the idea. My stomach whirled in energy.  I felt like a teen. I knew it was on account of it had been so since a long time ago I’d seen my dear wife. Long evenings without sex, consolidated with her young beauty, had driven me to this point.  I gestured to her, energized by the capable desire that had abruptly ascended within me. She quit strolling and grinned. I don’t believe she was wearing any cosmetics. A couple chestnut moles specked her generally smooth white face. A cocoa wisp of hair fell over her temples.

“Hello.” She said. “I searching for Mr. Wang.”

“Mr. Wang? You’re here for Mr. Wang?” That woke me up. What would she be able to need with Mr. Wang?

“Mr. Wang. Yes.” She gestured her head significantly and grinned hard.

“Here, I’ll lead you to his office.”

She gestured eagerly and tailed me. The sound of her strides clattered behind me.

“I think I saw you at the MRT station.” I said, moderating so we were next to each other.

She grinned and gestured. “Yes. I saw you. You work for him?”

“No, I’m the huge supervisor here.”

“Goodness.” She grinned at me once more, this time conservatively, not the sparkling one she’d issued me some time recently.

I politely knocked and opened the way to Wang’s office. He was at his work area, feet on the table. He saw me and rapidly swung his feet from the work area, straightening up.

“Sir…” He said making a sound as if to speak.

The lady strolled in behind me and I saw a look of much more prominent astonish all over, then a grin.

“Might.” He said, then talked in fast Mandarin. She replied in Mandarin.

“This is my wife. Appears I’d overlooked something at home.”

“Goodness, well I’ll pardon both of you then.” As I gestured and took off I got the colorful fragrance of May and something happened:

“Wang, will come to your supper.”

Office in Singapore
singapore sex

Wang originated from big dollars. There was no chance he could have generally managed the penthouse suite at the top floor of his condo building. We uprooted our shoes at the entryway. A wicker rack held around fifty shoes, every one of them either loafers or heels.

I don’t know why I changed my mind, yes I do, it was May. I needed to get close to her once more. It was inept, I know it, yet I needed to have that desire once more. Throughout the day preceding the supper party I couldn’t get my mind off her. Yes I was kicking myself, I was married truth be told, and that as well as she was the wife of my children; yet I contemplated that it was immaculate fiction visualizing myself with May. A repercussion of sexless evenings resulted in this. I may have come somewhat under dressed. Everybody was wearing formal garments. While I then again, the easygoing American, came in shorts and flip lemon Hawaii shirt that was unbuttoned.

“You should have told me it was a formal.” I said.

“Easy up boss.” Wang said to me with a brilliant red face. “Come in, come in.” He grasped a wine glass. “May, pour a glass of red for our guest please.” He called to his wife.

I took off my loafers and lined them up with alternate visitors shoes. His wife approached us and gave me a wine glass. She wore a tight fitting red party gown that embraced her abdominal area and flared out from her waist. It was a short dress that made her look scandalous. Wang constantly discussed how his wife was such a progressive prig, I was astounded to see she was wearing something so uncovering; dark leggings once more, designed with obscured precious stones and lines, shaping a kind of checkered pattern. Her hair was in an adorable chestnut sway that embraced the lines of her jaw. Her eye lashes were long and ink dark, highlighting her enormous eyes. She had a hot sultry look to her that night.

When she handed me the base with the glass she wouldn’t look at me without flinching and dashed off before I could say anything besides bless your heart. I chased after Wang all night but was caught up with the visitors, talking business. We wound up on his expansive balcony with a magnificent view of the gleaming city. A couple of them appreciated listening to me discuss America. Most were mid-level officials who’d been to New York and Los Angeles. The Singaporeans are very much educated about American news and society, as the greater part of the world.

“I’d like to go there one day.” Wang said, mixing his wine glass and guiding it out toward the city.

“Why haven’t you?” A short adviser asked. “You’ve got an incredible view here, definitely you can manage the cost of a trek to America.”

“Work. I’m excessively caught up with working.”

At this point I could get a slight slur in his magnificent English.

“Ok, well, we ought to send you on a business trip soon to Silicon Valley. You and the wife. Yes. Would be pleasant wouldn’t it? We’d cost it all. You play golf, Wang? You can hit up Pebble Beach.”

“That would be entertaining.” May said.

“May, why not be a decent wife and go get us some more beverages.” Wang said, his voice turning chilly. He murmured something similarly sharp in Mandarin.

His annoyance surprised me, yet the others went about as though nothing had happened. When she cleared out he began up a discussion about how he procured the property. He was getting truly plastered, and I didn’t think he’d see if I slipped inside.

The loft was finely outfitted. A great deal of incredible looking workmanship and Asian themed furniture. I saw May in the kitchen. I professed to be checking out one of the artistic creations on his divider, regardless my eyes were stuck to her little ass as she served beverages. I strolled over to where she was and startled her.

“You need help?” I asked.

“No…well, yes, I require a few decanters from the wine room.” She issued me a short grin and drove me past the lounge and down a faintly lit lobby way. Her aroma tailed her. Toward the end of the corridor she opened one of them and turned on the light. Decanters and wine bottles lines three sides of the room.

“What are we drinking?” I asked.

“Doesn’t make a difference, just don’t pick one from top.”

“Those are the expensive ones?”

“His dad gave them to him as a gift. They are special to him.”

“What do you do for a living? You have an exceptionally decent penthouse apartment. One I don’t think I could manage to pay for and I am your husbands boss.”

“His dad left him some cash. He was in the financial industry.”

She looked perfect under the faint light. Two jewel stud shimmered from either side of her white face. I saw she didn’t care to keep up eye contact with me, continually looking down, as though she were anticipating a reprimanding for something she’d done.

“How long have both of you been hitched?”

“Three years.”

“Ok, the first couple of years are the best. I’ve been marriedfor a long time now.”

“Goodness gracious, and your wife…is she in Singapore?” Her eyes fluttered for a minute, then away.

“No, Tokyo. She’s sitting tight for me. Your husband is climbing rapidly in the organization. I see him having my position in a couple of years.”

Damn, she was lovely. Her tremendous eyes twinkled. Her smooth skin looked new and energetic. Simply being so near to her, noticing her scent, inches from her petite Asian femininity…it drove me wild. It dropped my heart to my stomach like a school kid. It raised the hairs on my arms in apprehension. I simply needed to touch her.

“He truly needs it. He doesn’t want his dads money”

“I like this dress you’re wearing.” I said. “Might I touch the material?”

My hand connected and arrived on her right hip without waiting for a response. For a minute her eyes went wide and for a moment thought I had made a big mistake. A quiet overwhelmed the room and debilitated to suffocate us both. I could feel it in her eyes, not that she needed me to touch her, but that she wouldn’t let me know either way.

“What sort of fabric is it? I’d like for my wife something like this, yet I don’t think she has the guts to wear it so short. It’s exceptionally provocative.”

There it was, I’d crossed the safe ground and waited to see how this scenario was going to pan out. She kept her eyes on the glasses of wine before us, her head marginally down as though I weren’t talking. I took this as a green light whether it be wrong or right. Step by step, I ran my fingers down the velvety dress, to the trim over her knees. A feeling of sexual force coursed through me. A manly feeling of power over this quiet but gorgeous Chinese housewife.

Affair With Bosses wife
Sexy Dress

“Your stockings are gorgeous. Are they full stockings or held up by garters. I find women in garters extremely sexy.”

Her mouth opened a bit, however shut and she licked her lips. “Full Panty…pantyhose.” She said, still not raising her eyes.

I took this as a green light as surely if I had overstepped her boundary she would have asked me to stop. I pushed my hand forward and the tips of my fingers brushed against her knees, against the nylon fabric.

“Stocking are so sexy – I have never understood why the American women back home don’t wear them more often.” She didn’t move or respond. Jesus lady, I thought, a man who isn’t your husband has his hand about and up your skirt and you haven’t told him to stop? I brushed her tissue delicately. The pantyhose made a static buzz under my fingertips. I touched her little knees and gave a delicate crush.

“Have you got a degree?” I asked as my hand crawled upwards, gradually, till I had my hand on her thigh.


“Is that where you met, Wang?” I said whilst I looked down and saw that my hand was up her skirt and my hard-on began to show in my trousers.

“Yes,” she answered simply and softly as my hand went behind her right thigh. Her leg was tight, an exceptional change from the beefy natural type of my wife. I could very nearly wrap my hand totally around her thigh, that is how petite she was.

“What did you major in?” I asked as I thought was this truly happening?

Business.” She answered as I felt the backs of her thighs which were delicate, warm, sensual. Her muscles spasmed with each and every touch of mine. I pondered going between her legs, however rather went cross so that I could touch the cheek to her butt. Her cheeks were so little. Every cheek was tight and taut with muscle. The pantyhose material was thicker here. I worked my hand to the top of her pantyhose and began to push downwards so that the flesh on my hand was touching the upper part of her buttocks. It was a wonderful feeling and my cock was throbbing in my pants.

I must stop, I told myself. I’m married and she’s married…but here was this excellent youthful Chinese lady remaining before me; not challenging a thing; going about as though we were having a typical discussion and my hand was a million miles under her skirt. The way she took my lewd gestures in step made me think I could fuck her in that spot in the wine room. God, it’d been a long time ago that I’d had intercourse with my wife. I missed the touch of a lady, yet this mystery closeness was considerably more, substantially more addictive than desire.

I moved my hands back onto her butt cheeks outside the pantyhose and gave them a slow squeeze. This seemed to startle her and her hand went to my arm and she pulled it away, then moved away, so that we were facing each other. “I’m married.” She said with her eyes downcast.

“What type of underwear are you wearing”, I asked ignoring her comment.

“We have to leave. My husband will be wondering what is taking so long”.

I said, “Your husband is having drinks with his client – he is not going to come down here looking for you. I want to see your underwear. Will you show me?” I asked yet she didn’t answer me. Her eyes were downcast looking at the container of wine that she grasped. I was just an apparition to her; a phantom. She couldn’t recognize me. She wouldn’t. In the event that she remained flawlessly still I would go away. I ventured closer to her and snatched the base of her skirt. I lifted it up. She didn’t move. Not a word from her mouth. Not a look from her eyes. The base of skirt rose ever more elevated over her tinted gleaming thighs. The pantyhose turned darker the further her skirt rose. A little red thong shrouded among her snow white tissue.

“They are red, such a delicate G-String.” I said. “You have such a hot little ass.” I pulled away, pulling her skirt down. “Give me a chance to help you with those glasses.” I came to and took them from her and left the room. I thought she would take follow me, however she stayed behind. For a couple of minutes I lived in fear as I pondered what might happen next. In Singapore the laws were strict and I would be in a bad position if she told anyone about it. Yet, after a few terrified minutes she returned, and as merry as ever. When she completed the process of serving up beverages she remained alongside Wang, wrapping an arm through his. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her legs and little feet but she would not return my gaze.

It wasn’t really a dinner party but more starters and wine. There was a lot of sushi and tapas. Wang stayed close to his wife, which I had no protest, since May clung to him. I thought that it was exceptionally satisfying to realize that minutes prior I had my hand up his wife’s skirt. “So May tells me she went to college with you.” I asked Wang.

“Yes, we met there.” He said, turning and gesturing gladly to his wife. May locked eyes with him and grinned.

“You both majored in Business?”

“Yes. National University. I dated one of her friends and that is the way we met. She stole me from her.”

“That is not what happened.” May said. “They’d been separated for some time.”

“She majored in Business as well? Why isn’t she in our group, Wang?” I inquired.

“May work? She doesn’t have it in her. She just spends my cash. That is her occupation. The occupation of all wives, would you say?”

“Is that true that you would prefer not to work?” I asked her. The first time I could look or speak with her since I’d lifted her skirt up.

“No.” she answered the first time she had looked at me since my hand had been up her skirt. In here eyes for the first time I could see that she was unhappy with her husband and could almost see a plead in them.

“See.” Wang said loudly clapping his hands –“ men are for business, women are for shopping. That is the way the world goes round. May please go down and get some Brandy for my friends”.

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