My Erotic Flight To Singapore

My Erotic Flight To Singapore

One time, while on a flight delay in Bangkok, the incoming plane experienced mechanical issues. Something had hit the cockpit windscreen and shattered it. We were told later that there were no extra windshield available for that airplane, so we were re-positioned to do the red-eye on a Cathay Pacific flight to Singapore. We had constantly known about the excellent administration one accomplished on a Cathay Pacific flight, so I was extremely excited to experience their service.  We were all scattered in Economy Class. I was exceptionally lucky and discovered myself on the walkway seat of the last column, beside the kitchen. Daphne was the purser in control. She was Malay Indian and drop dead flawless. She had an extremely adorable face and a really great body judging by her non-complimentary uniform. The shirt was a rosy and pale blue shading made with as arrangement of examples that takes after waves that was uniquely outlined by a nearby architect. Her hair was tied up in a bun that obviously demonstrated her wonderful eyes, high cheekbones and sweet oval face. She had a tight little body and remained around 5′ 5″ tall.

I presented myself and we talked at whatever point she had a minute, which wasn’t frequently. As it would turn out we were in the same line for CIQ upon our entry into Singapore. She wrote down and handed me her name and contact number asking that I call her on the off chance that I ever got into town again.  After she left our ground rep met us at the travel terminal and told us that we would now work the flight the following day from Singapore to Dubai, so this evening we were to stay here and fly out mid-evening. The transport was prepared to take us to the Fairmont Hotel. When we go there, the remainder of the Cathay Pacific team were leaving the Reception Area. I immediately went to the house telephone and called Daphne. She answered and I said, ” Hi Daphne. This is Bruno.”

“Bruno? I wasn’t anticipating that you should call?”

“I got laid over.” I answered

“Where are you?” she asked.

“What’s your room number and I’ll be there in no time.” I said.

“You’re here? How? Why?” she stammered.

“We’ve been reassigned to work tomorrow’s flight to Dubai and out of every other place on earth, they put us up here too. I simply happen to see some of your associates leave the Reception Desk so I thought I’d astound you. Shock!” I giggled.

Chuckling, she reacted with “1208. That is my room.” She said. “Will you be heading up?”

“Yes” I said. “I simply need to weigh in and get my room key, then go up for a brisk shower and change and after that in case you’re still here I can call you. Will you be going out for lunch with your associates?”

“I was heading off to, that is the reason I grabbed up the collector so rapidly. I thought they were calling me to descend as of now. I’m remaining here in my clothing prepared to get changed, yet I’ll sit tight for you.” She tolled.

“Kindly don’t give me a chance to interfere with your arrangements” I said. “Why not go along with them and we can meet later.” I said.

“Gracious, that is alright. I can simply see them some other time.” She guaranteed me.

“Alright I’ll call you later” I said. “1208, yes?”

I got my key, went up to my room and washed up. I changed into my pants and easygoing shirt then called her.

I met her in the entryway and she looked dazzling. She had relax and it streamed past her shoulders. Her dark pullover was tight-fitting that flaunted her conspicuous bosoms that were further highlighted by the profound “V” of her cleavage, I could see her lingerie popping out of her top. She wore a couple of hip-embracing dim pants. She more likely than not had the roundest butt I have ever seen. Little, firm yet noticeable and I’m certain her 3″ white high-heel shoes served to build her effectively staggering looks. I towered beside her and more likely than not given off the appearance similar to the bodyguard of a big celebrity.

“Any inclinations for lunch?” I coolly asked.

“My, you resemble a motion picture star!” she said. “Do you generally resemble this out of uniform?” She asked. “You look like George Clooney but with dark hair.” She included


Attractive Indian in Black Singlet
Woman in Black Singlet



“You’re making fun of me right? I think you look exquisite.” I included

“Much thanks to you, however I feel like a dragon beside you.” She chuckled.

“Alright, so we’ve got this shared appreciation going on. Might I propose some acclaimed food at the eatery of Raffles at the inn adjacent? No doubt understood literati, as Hemingway and Maugham, frequented the inn.” I said.

“Indeed that sounds great.” She concurred.

We walked around to the eatery. “Table for 2 please.” I said.

“Unquestionably sir and welcome back.” The M’aitre D recognized me. “Madam, it is a joy to welcome you” the big man said as he bowed to Daphne. “Right thusly please” as he guided us to a flawless table with a view of the pool. “I slipped him a $20 in our handshake.” I joked

“You’ve been here before?” Daphne asked.

“Definitely, here a few times.” I answered

“You Liar! She snickered.

“Might I offer you a beverage?” we were asked as we were given our menus.

“Daphne, their gin-based Singapore Sling began from this very inn back in the mid nineteen hundreds. It would be blasphemous to not test this delightful nectar, unless you incline toward a non-jazzed up refreshment?”

“That would be perfect, bless your heart.” Daphne grinned.

“Two please” I proposed to the Maitre D who grinned and left us to examine the menu.

“What might you propose for lunch?” Daphne asked.

“They have an awesome gourmet specialist here who can whip some amazing dishes. What might you be leaning towards? Meat, fish, servings of mixed greens, pasta, and so forth?” I asked.

“Whatever you propose” she advertised.

I flagged the server, “Please advise Chef Miguel that we’d like to test his acclaimed flame broiled fish and his prescribed vegetables. And when you issue him our request, please present to him a jug of Perrier. He’ll know who I am. Much obliged to you.”

“So now you even know the gourmet chef?” she tested.

“My father’s business partner. So let me know about yourself, since we couldn’t talk all that much in the plane.” I reacted.

She began letting me know about herself and I was entranced simply listening to her….. “Bruno! At what point when did you get into town?” Chef Miguel shot.

I issued him a major embrace. “Great to see you my friend. Chef Miguel, this is Daphne and I’m making a decent attempt to awe the blazes out of her, so kindly don’t say anything that would make me look terrible.” I said as I presented Daphne.

“It’s a joy to meet you Daphne” Chef Miguel channeled. “Bruno is a fine chap, yet for genuine quality you ought to be dating me rather!” he snickered. “If you don’t mind give me a chance to settle you with my special dish and after lunch you must attempt my new pastry.”

“You are excessively kind.” Daphne said, “and in the event that he goofs, at any rate I know I can come approaching you.” She channeled.


5 Star Apartment

Culinary specialist Miguel left and we sat down.

“I need to find out about you, however first ……. It is safe to say that you are truly attempting to seduce me?” She said finally rested after the Singapore flight.

“Absolutely!” I said. “It’s not regular that one gets the chance to meet somebody as delightful and as enchanting as you seem to be. Maybe what emerges the most about you is that you are so sensible and I feel so good with you.” I conceded.

“I’m complimented” Daphne said. “Really, I feel the same about you. Are you married or have a young lady companion?” she asked.

“I moved on from University l this late spring and have been far too busy making it impossible to get married. Right now I’m not seeing anybody. You know how difficult it is working for an airline – never in the same place for more than a couple of days. Are you seeing someone?”

“That is without a doubt, so much travel” she said “No, I’m not in a relationship. As you said, our flight timetables make it unimaginable for us to have an “ordinary” life. When I’m on flights I am here and there and get hit-on by the pilots all the time. All in all, they must be the most stuck up people I have ever met. Tragically, most are ex-RAF pilots and have no clue on the best way to treat ladies. There are a couple of male lodge groups that I appreciate hanging out with, however that is about it.”

“Your beverages.” The server gave us a tall glass each.

“Thank so much.” I recognized, “Cheers to you. In the event that you are not used to liquor, relax, this can pack a punch on a unaccustomed stomach.”

“Cheers to you as well and I know you’ll deal with me appropriately if anything happens.” She winked.

We opened up about our lives and past encounters and the contrasts between our flying timetables, work techniques and personal goals. Lunch was scrumptious and Chef Miguel gave us a soufflé chocolate mousse that was eminent in taste and look.

“Since this is such an excellent day, would you want to go along with me by the poolside or do you have different arrangements?”

“I’m happy you said that. I appreciate lazing by the pool, yet I trust you won’t be excessively incredulous of me when you see that I’m blimped out like an infant hippo after this colossal lunch!”

“I said it once and I’ll say it again – you’re essentially lovely – and in the event that you ever ‘zeppelin out’ they’ll be more to love!” I answered. She checked me out and said that ‘did I already hear you say the “L” word’?.

“Check please!” I asked.

The Maitre D came over and said that Chef Miguel has dealt with it. “Might you be able to give me a pen and paper please” I asked

“Immediately sir” and with that he returned expeditiously with them.

“Much appreciated to the Chef, however you’re still not getting her. She’s mine” I composed. Might you be able to please incorporate this note with a jug of Bordeaux and present it to him with my compliments? If you don’t mind bill it to my room 2920.

“So now I’m yours?” she asked.

“When contrasted with him, yes! It is safe to say that you are mine? I trust you will issue me somewhat more time to be completely mine” I grinned.

We strolled back to our the Raffles Hotel Singapore chuckling the whole time. I escorted her to her room then advised her I’ll see her down the stairs in the pool and swung to leave.


Pool Swimming


“Much obliged for lunch and for a beautiful time and yes, I am inspired” she said, featuring at me. I inclined down and kissed her daintily on her lips.

“You made me the envy of all the men in the eatery” I said. “I could see their heads turning and looking in awe of you. They all desired to be with you and they wanted their dates to be you. You make me look good, madam” I said as I took a profound bow. “Alright, see you in the pool your regal blimpiness” I said, as I began moving in an opposite direction from her entryway.

She snickered as she went into her room.

Goodness the things she’s doing to me, I thought. I simply trust I can keep my dick in my shorts when we’re in the pool. On second thoughts not a chance. I don’t have confidence I will get an erection issue so turned on am I by her that Malay Indian beauty. I’ll wear my Speedos under my shorts. That ought to shroud any noticeable erections that may happen.

I quickly changed, went to the pool and was lying back splashing up the sun and my marginally tanned body flickered with the sun moisturizer that blended with my sweat that was beginning to surface. She bowed down and whispered “Hi sexy. I’m here.”

She wore a somewhat blue costume that flaunted her plentiful tits. They beyond any doubt were huge for her size. She had a sarong fabric wrapped around her waist. Her swimsuit bottoms could be seen through the sheer fabric of her sarong. Her tanned skin made her look much all the more charming. Damn, she looked perfect.  I was really now thankful for my flight to Singapore.

“Ok, flawless timing” I said. “I requested you an organic juice. Trust that is alright? It’s somewhat warm over here.” Then I inclined towards her ear and whispered back at her, “You looked amazing in the outfit you were wearing before, however in this swim-suit get-up you’ve gone from a 10 to 11. Everybody here in the pool must think I’ve quite recently struck it rich!”

“In case you’re attempting to woo me, you’re succeeding” she grinned. “Goodness my, do you work out too?” she asked checking out my body.

“A tad and I adore swimming. Need to make up for lost time with my laps. I’ve situated this umbrella over your seat with the goal that you get some shade. I could move it on the off chance that you favor the sun” I said. ‘Mind if I take a plunge?” I inquired.

“Not a chance. Feel free to I’ll go along with you.” She said.

“Just in case I sink!” I laughed and with that I plunged into the water and started doing laps for around 15 minutes. All of a sudden there was a couple of legs inclining toward the dividers specifically in my swim path. I knew it was her. I ceased my strokes and gradually traveled into where she was standing so that I could keep my eyes on her groin, which appeared to open more extensively as I neared. I augmented my arms and went for her waist and pretty much as I drew near, I got her as I surfaced.  She removed my swimming goggles, embraced me and gave me a sensual kiss. I held her firmly and the world appeared to vanish and I moved her deeper in the water. She wrapped her legs around my waist and said, “Alright, I’m turned on where to now?” she murmured into my ear.

I took hold of her butt and tenderly held her groin against mine. She reacted by pushing her groin into me also. I simply moved with her around the pool in that embrace, neither of us releasing the other. I was so absolutely in heaven simply holding her. I ran my hands down her thighs and could feel the muscles in her legs.

“I need to be honest with you that I was gazing at your body from under the water” I advised her.

“I adored that you were checking me out. That is the reason I gave you more time to take a look at me!” she said as she embraced me more tightly.

“Alright, I gotta inquire. Is it true that you are a sprinter? I cherish your thighs and leg muscles. Furthermore, your abs are exquisite”

“So are yours, lover” she said. “I go to the rec center and do weights yet my thighs basically originate from my rowing when I have time off.”

“A woman apparently seeking to win over my affections.” I pronounced.

“Truly?” she inquired. “Hey, I’ve had enough of the pool. Should we go now?” she recommended.

“Yup, I’m done also” I lied.

We rode up to her room and were kissing the whole way. When we contacted her entryway, she held my hand as we both entered. I remained in the room simply kissing her and gradually unfastened the string holding her top. It slipped to the floor. She had splendidly shaped tits. They were huge and firm and there were distinct tan marks. She had substantial areolas and she squirmed when I touched her tits and I simply needed to run my tongue over her bosom and sucked on her areola.

She groaned and squirmed. “I’m extremely delicate there” she said to me. Her hands were hurriedly getting rid of my shorts. “What’s this?” she asked when she discovered my Speedos underneath.

“You turn me on hugely” I said “and I would not like to make it self-evident whilst I was at the pool. You have no clue the effect you are having on me.”

“Truly? Reveal it to me” and with that she pulled down my Speedos. Out popped my hard throbbing dicl in full wonderfulness.

“You trim your hair?” she inquired.

“Yes, I like to keep it perfect. It looks unattractive when it’s not trimmed.” I said

She sat on the sofa as she took my throbbing dick into her hands and afterward moved forward and put it I her mouth. I was using her mouth like a fleshlight. She could just take 33% of it in and went to work on my cock that now had the greatest erection I have in my life. It was soon trickling with her salivation that was coming out the side of her mouth and I could feel pre-cum coming out of the eye of my dick that she happily slurped up. I then took my cock out of her mouth and lay her back on the sofa and removed her swimsuit. I saw that she also trimmed her pubes, she then put her ass up to me and I saw tan lines where her bottoms had been. She looked like a photo of crude sexuality, her cunt lips were totally uncovered and were thick and puffy. I knelt down on the floor in front of her and went to work on her pussy. Her womanly scent was delightful and she posed a flavor like warm nectar. My tongue was in heaven as I inserted it as deep as it would go in her pussy!


Sweet Honey

She groaned as she felt my tongue dart into her cunt gap then go down to her clit then moving sensually around her pussy. She turned around and I continued going down on her but moved my hands up to her tits and rubbed them, she quickly started moving and squirming.

“Yes, yes. Pinch my tits and rub my nipples!” she groaned. With my mouth still assaulting her cunt and my hands paying consideration on her areolas, she soon started kicking her hips and groaned so loudly that I thought everyone could hear as her climax hit her. Wave after wave of cum shot from her sweet pussy and shook her body. I was excited to taste her squirt s and stuck my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could get it in as she gushed her juices into my mouth and over my face. When her tremors died down, I pinched her areolas again and by and by she started squirming and groaning. I scarcely touched her pussy when she went into another climax, this time not as vicious as the in the first place, but still a number of squirts.

“Mmmmmmm, that was just devine” she murmured. “Please put your cock in me now – I need it!”

“I’d love to however I didn’t bring any insurance.” I said.

“Try not to stress over that. It’s fine – I’m on the pill.” she answered.

I was up on my feet in a moment and carried her to the edge of the bed. I grasped my hard dick and began sliding it deep into her. As wet as she seemed to be I had some major difficulty at first getting it into her. Her pussy was tight. I gradually crept my way into her as she started pressing her tits and pulling her areolas. I figured out how to get most of the way into her and started fucking her cunt with more force. I was fucking her really hard and she was loving it. Her head began whipping from side to side as she crushed her tits with my prick assaulting her pussy, her body soon shook with another climax. My man meat was showered with a smooth white fluid that served to grease her up even more, which then permitted me to get my whole cock deep inside her. I pumped her with an renewed life and she groaned considerably more – as the fucking got wilder and harder.

At that point, I hauled out and flipped her over doggie style again, making her kneel on the bed, which made it simpler for me to stand up straight and fuck her from the bedside. Her butt was flawless. It was huge and firm and complemented by the white untanned territory that attracts one’s eyes to her butt hole and pink juicy cunt. Her pussy lips were and her internal lips were spread open and the pink dividers of her cunt and the opening of her gap in a huge gape. I couldn’t resist before I put my cock in her and stuck my tongue into her cunt and afterward into her rear end. Gracious, she tasted awesome. She angled her back further and put her head on the pillows. I admired her cunt and ass, however the straining of my prick shouted for the non-abrasiveness of her cunt, so I stood up and pointed my dick at the passage of her cunt. I pushed in to the extent I could go and she cried. I then started a measured strokes gradually fucking this delightful animal. “Unghhhh, fuck me harder please” she asked.

I clutched her hips and started furrowing my throbbing prick into her. I took pleasure in the silkiness of her pussy, yet the pressing of her cunt soon had my balls shouting for discharge. I moved forward and snatched her tits as I plunged brutally into her cunt.

“Mmmmmm, Yes. Yes. Yes.” She groaned as I needed her to cum with me.

“I’m drawing near” I said.

“Shoot your cum in me. I need to feel you put your man seed in me.” She groaned.

“Unghhhhh!” I groaned as her cunt began pressing my almost bursting cock as she again emitted in climax and started to squirt once more. As I felt this I let free with my spunk, every time thrusting hard into her as I came. I shot 4 great streams of white hot sperm into her.

I remained there enjoying the vibe of my dick in her, while my legs were gradually eased onto the bed. My flattening dick slipped out of her with a pop as I tumbled down next to her.

“Mmmmmm, you are such a great lover” she cooed.

“I needed to do this to you as soon as I saw you.” I conceded.

“So did I.” She said. “I didn’t think I’d see you again and was trusting you may call me if and when you flew into Hong Kong.

“I think we were bound to be as one. What were the possibilities of my timetable being changed to tomorrow and afterward to wind up at Raffles in Singapore?” I inquired.

She kissed me enthusiastically and I enjoyed the experience. “I truly appreciate being with you.” She said.

“Me as well” I admitted. “You are one extremely hot and appealing lady and I am so fortunate to have met you.”

She embraced me and ran her fingers down my cheek. It certainly was worth being on that flight to Singapore after all.


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