Anal at Estheva Spa Singapore

Anal at Estheva Spa Singapore

It was almost a year ago that Yin decided to get his feet looked at the massage expert at the Estheva Spa at the Raffles Hotel Singapore. This was after a long time that his wife had complained about his rough feet and that he should have his feet and nails done at least once a month as if was uncomfortable for her with his rough soles rubbing against her whilst in bed.

So he caught a cab to The Grand Esthetics Spa also known as the Estheva Spa at 328 North Bridge Road, Singapore by the lawn of the world famous Raffles Hotel.  As he walked along he gardens at Raffles he could not help notice the Asian themed on the south eastern side.  It was obvious that this place was 5 star plus and was filled with decadent and opulent people.  He could not help but admire and in some ways be jealous of these people in their $1000 a night rooms wondering around the garden sipping teas and cocktails.

Finally he came to the Estheva where he was met at reception and his booking confirmed by a lovely young lady dressed in their signature brown outfit.  The lady said, ‘Your Treatment is with Maria – she is new to our establishment.  Please if you will take the time to rate her after your luxury pedicure is completed.  Please take a seat she will be along shortly”

I said, “Sure thing.”

In my mind I was wondering what a $150 pedicure consisted of having previously only experienced a pedicure at Wheelock Place Shopping Centre that cost m e $40.  In my mind I was seriously doubting whether this was something I was going to do once a month in my mind working out that my pedicures would be costing me close to $2000 Singapore dollars that I could think of better places to spend… UNTIL…

Maria walked out and she was a thin Singaporean beauty.  Even through the spa uniform you could see that she was thin with bosoms that were either a huge B glass or little C  and she generally wore her uniform elegantly.  “Would you come with me sir” she exclaimed and I obediently followed her to one of the treatment rooms.

I could not help but gaze at her beautiful butt that was silhouetted through the cotton dress that she wore.  I could not see any panty lines so surmised she must be wearing a G-String.  She asked me to lay down on the massage table which I did and she rolled up my pants and began to massage my feet.  My gaze was intent at her top trying to get a glimpse of those ample breasts.  She must have been 21 or 22 years of age and had the face of an angel.  She started massaging my left leg first covering them in a warm towel and then rubbing aromatic oils over them.  The smell was sensuous and her slow professional movement brought them to erotic.


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She then progressed to my right leg and embarrassingly I could no longer control myself and an erection began to rise.  I tried to hide it but laying on my back there really was nowhere to hide and my now erect penis was obvious and looked like a tent peg holding up a tent.  She could not help but notice it and at first she just giggled to herself and then said to my amazement,  “Do you need me to deal with this as well?” Looking directly at the bulge in my trousers where my erect penis was.

I didn’t even have sufficient energy to reply nor did I have the words to answer her which she must have deemed as me saying yes and within moments she had my trousers and boxer shorts off.  Maria climbed on top of me and began stroking my price with one hand as she petted my balls with the other. Her hands felt mind mindbogglingly good on my cock and I would have blown my load right there and then if she did not stop and start teasing me.  This was the first woman to touch my cock apart from my wife in more than fifteen years.  Was this a dream I was in?

At that point she ceased so she could stand up and pull her uniform off and it was only then that I found out that she was not wearing any underwear underneath exposing a small tuft of Singapore pubic hair and beautiful large bosom. My cock began throbbing at seeing her exposed body as she came to over to lean back massage seat so I was laying flat down looking at the ceiling. She grabbed one of her essential oils and began to rub it on my cock and stroking it.  It has a warming sensation, it was marvelous.

She then mounted the massage table straddling me and eased herself down on me.  She held my cock hard and to my amazement she slowly slid my cock into her butt hole. I was stunned by this whole situation and then to be given anal sex by this therapist at The Estheva spa was crazy,  I am no prude but I married my wife when I was 25 and had some experience with women.  More so with my wife but in all those years, although dreaming about it, looking at it online and watching anal sex dvds I had never experienced it personally before.  She pushed down to let my head slide into her sphincter and then slowly began to move up and down my cock that was in her beautiful Singapore Ass.

Inch by inch, I watched his cockerel get gulped by her ravenous rear-end as she let out low groans with every movement. When I was balls in her she reclined against my mid-section and I stretched around her body to her bosoms and place one in every hand before caressing them. She used the sides of the pedicure table to lift herself and then drop herself down with all her body force onto my cock.

She let out low groans as she skewered her butt hold with my raging hard cock. With my hand I began rubbing between her folds then up to her clit. A moment after I did that she pummeled down hard on me and begin shaking as her climax began. I continued rubbing her through her crest to the end of it before halting and she crumpled back on me. After a few moments she got her composure again and got off me and stood up leaning against the massage table and said , “Come and finish off now.”

I got up, made it to her, then slid my hard cock back into her butt in one snappy movement and slammed into her whilst she let out a profound moan. I grabbed hold of her hips and began pushing into her butt hole as hard as I possibly could. She seemed to love it and within a few moments I was spurting my jism into her obliging ass.  Warm streams of cum came out of my cock into her ass and as I finally pulled out I saw a huge cream pie spilling from her anus.

She quickly tidied herself and me up, put on her clothes and said, “Thank you sir.  I have just started here and would be extremely grateful if you would rate you experience here with me at reception before you leave’.  With that she smiled coyly at me and left.

I had nothing.  I could think of nothing to say and as I wandered out in a sexual stupor in a dream like state I rated my experience at the reception.  The receptionist said to me ,’How did you enjoy that sir?”  Was she in on it, what should I say and with some form of intelligence said ,”I have rated my experience thank you,”  She said, “Thank you sir, We hope to see you again soon at the Raffles Estheva Spa.

Quickly I exited and drove home thinking about my next months treatment.

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