Singapore Story

Singapore Story

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Hey! My name is Kathy and I am a sex denied rich wife of an exceptionally rich Singapore entrepreneur. I have all the material things and lead and extravagance life. The main issue is that my spouse is excessively occupied with his businesses and doesn’t have sufficient energy or time to pay attention to me and mostly returns late from business engagements with no sexual interest in me. I suspected that he has a special lady some place and is fucking her. Since we are so rich and everything my needs are dealt with, I would not like to approach him over our absence of sex.

In the event that I feel horny, I will masturbate sometimes using sex toys or take the initiative to fuck my spouse when he returns however that is not frequently as he is dependably on business travel. Amid our restricted fucking, I generally need to stroke my clitoris to accomplish those subtle climaxes. I want to have my clitoris and pussy licked and sucked however my spouse rarely accords me that extravagance with the exception of on extraordinary event like my birthdays.


The Singapore Gigalo � PART ONE


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I am a provocative and delightful Chinese woman living in the well-off Asian city, Singapore, and I am 39 years of age. Due to our riches, I have the capacity spoil myself with the best items and supplements and I had the fortune to keep up an extremely young look. My skin is still impeccably smooth, white and inconspicuous. I presumably look 10 years more youthful than my age.

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