Singapore Story

Singapore Story

Mandingo And The Hag | Pulau Hantu Erotic Adventure

Summer in Pulau Hantu, Singapore


Ebony and Ivory Affair | Pulau Hantu Romance

Summer is always a time to spend and enjoy a good time away from the normal routine and the boring office work and evening classes filled with women of all sizes and shapes with many of them having enormous thighs that leave every man salivating and makes the weak wet their pants. The evening classes are normally thronged by older women who always peep around for possible toy boys to satisfy their sexual desires having been sexually starved by their aging and slowly becoming impotent husbands. I nearly felt into the trap of one of them who started narrating to me about how she has been living a lonely life despite being married for a couple of years to an elderly man who became sexually inactive and had to look for new blood to occasionally leak her cunt and make her groan with the touch of her clit. She even grasped my huge black cock one day and since that time she has been begging me to release the huge monster in her aging cunt, a thing I refused as I don’t want to be a toy boy