Singapore Story

Singapore Story

Ultra Singapore Dance Party | Getting Laid At Ultra

Getting Laid At Ultra, Singapore


Erotic Adventure At Ultra | Singapore Nightlife

I had a need to get laid. Well…need might be too strong of a word. How about I had a very strong desire to get laid – I think that sounds better.

With where I live In Texas, it’s difficult for me to accomplish this, because everyone fits into an already created stereotypical box. In addition to this, almost everyone is already married, and those who aren’t married are either way too old (which does not sound attractive), or way to young (which just sounds creepy). Once someone turns 18, they typically end up leaving this sometimes barren land for more fruitful places. Except me – I have stayed here so I could help learn how to take care of my dad’s machinery repair business. Although college seemed like an ideal situation, I don’t do well with crowds, or making new friends; my grades were decent enough to go to college, but the atmosphere seemed like it would be a place where I would freeze up. I know this, because it has happened before

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