Singapore Story

Singapore Story

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Singapore could be an extremely frosty spot regardless of the wet warmth of the tropics. The structures along Orchard Road were smooth. The MRT sterile. The characteristics of the group clear. Singapore could be a desolate spot for expats and that is the reason I like to think this happened.


An Ex-Pats Life Can Be Lonely In Singapore (PART ONE)


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I first saw May in the morning at Raffles Place MRT station simply off the Circle Line. All of a sudden, well I ought to say out of the masses and masses of thick driving pedestrian traffic, this lady wound up before me. I'll always remember the dark line that kept running up the back of her nylon secured legs like two slim dashing stripes over her smooth calves (the first thing I saw). Her heels seemed to be too huge for her to stroll in and clunked around behind her. Some way or another those lumbering heels made her amazingly alluring, skanky. She was a splendid distraction to the generally mundane morning

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