VR sex in Singapore on a business trip

VR sex in Singapore on a business trip

Ah Singapore, the fast-paced city known for its vibrant culture and diverse attractions like VR sex in Singapore. What started for me as a business trip in the Lion City, ended up in a much more unexpected and interesting experience — I’m talking about strip clubs and VR lcams. But before I spill the tea, let’s start from the beginning: an amazing adventure to one of Asia’s jewels!

From the moment I arrived, I was in awe of this charming city’s atmosphere. Everywhere you looked there seemed to be something new and exciting to explore — too bad I was on a business trip with no time for that. Unfortunately, as it usually happens when the reason of your visit is work, I spent my 3 days in the city rushing from meeting to meeting and admiring the tantalizing architecture and design of just my hotel room.

However, on our last day, with all negotiations already settled and good business results, we took it up a notch and allowed ourselves to finally do some sightseeing in the Marina Bay Area before heading back to our respective countries. We strolled along the waterfront, marvelling at the grandeur of it all. As we walked, we shared stories from our past while learning more about each other’s cultures and customs.

We watched the night settle over Singapore’s skyline, and that’s when everyone’s excitement began to swell, as if the night was an invitation to engage in shenanigans. It was then when my boss suggested to go for one of Singapore’s more risqué offerings: visit a strip club.

So you thought Singapore was all prim-and-proper, nothing but rules, regulations, and unexciting nightlife? Well, you were clearly as wrong as I was.

A dazzling strip club was certainly not part of my itinerary (keep in mind, I’m a gay guy and the closest I’ve ever been to a pair of breasts was when I was still being breastfed), but who am I to turn down my boss’ wish?

Visiting the best strip club in Singapore

When we arrived at the club it looked like any other place you’d expect — dimly lit with flashing lights and thumping music blaring from every corner. We were immediately handed two glasses of champagne each and ushered into one of their private booths. That’s when things got interesting…

The strippers started out slow but soon began getting more creative with their performances. Before long there was twerking, pole dancing, striptease acts… you name it! Everyone around me seemed to be having an amazing time including myself. That’s when one of the performers came up to me and said “Hey handsome! Come join us onstage for some fun?” Before I knew it, I was out there twirling around in sequins and feathers while everyone cheered me on.

By the end of the night we had made many new friends among both performers and audience members alike, and it was in one of those chit chats with another partygoer that she mentioned that she always entered a queer friendly adult site featuring lesbian live web cam action among others. Stripchat was the name. I thought it would be funny to go from a strip club to a strip chat to end the night, so I decided to give it a shot and try it once I got back to my hotel room.

Gay live cam adventure

In different circumstances, it would have felt strange to enter a site that’s so different from what I’m usually used to, but coming from being on stage at a strip club in Singapore a few minutes before… nothing could freak me out after that. I feel like that was the perfect warm-up for what was to come.

Once I entered, I saw a never-ending list of cam guys online. Suddenly, choosing which one to talk to wasn’t the only hard thing, if you get what I mean. I entered different chats and found all the guys to be as friendly as they were good-looking. I chatted, laughed, interacted with cam guys and users alike in the public chat, enjoyed a couple of public shows, and busted a nut (or two).

But the cherry on top came when I noticed the gay spy cam category. There, I saw that some cam guys (or models, as they’re also called) were doing shows in VR. I don’t know if by coincidence or fate, I had brought with me my VR headset, hoping I could use it to play video games on my phone during my business trip breaks. What a great day and moment to be a nerd! I connected my headset to the site, and before I could realize, I was there inside the room with the model. I thought video games in VR was something, but gay or lesbian cam shows in VR are the next level! It felt like I could almost touch him, and the experience got much more immersive. In a way it felt like losing my virginity again, but without all the awkwardness of first times.

VR sex in Singapore

At that moment sleep had become a distant memory, and before I knew it, it was time for me to go to the airport. It would have been the gag if I missed my flight because of being in a VR sex. Although among all reasons for missing flights, it’s the most solid one, if you ask me.

And just like that, my time in Singapore came to an end, grand finale included. Definitely, well-spent time in the city and a very fruitful visit. Would recommend, would repeat. Thank you Singapore and thank you Stripchat, for the fun times.

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