Top Ways To Find Love Brewing At Tiong Bahru

Top Ways To Find Love Brewing At Tiong Bahru

A Memorable Encounter

Top Ways To Find Love Brewing At Tiong Bahru – it will forever remain in my memories. Not because of its beauty or the beautiful people who come to this sophisticated shopping mall, but because of someone I met here. As I drove past the busy traffic, evading the heavy police presence at all the major roundabouts, my heart was beating fast. I knew I was headed for something good, though I had no idea what it was.

Arrival at Tiong Bahru

As I parked my black Mercedes Benz near the shopping mall, the sun heated up the whole area. People moved up and down like bees. Packed to capacity, it was literally too hard to penetrate through the heavy crowd at the entrance. More and more people kept rushing in a systematic manner, and I couldn’t help noticing the strange movement.

The sophisticated nature of Tiong Bahru always caught your attention, but today something was strange. I no longer saw the beauty; all I saw was more and more people moving. I stood transfixed to the ground, wondering what I was missing. It was evident that something was not well with me. I had a deep conviction that something worth being happy about was going to happen.

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The Call

As I came back to my senses, I started moving towards the shopping center. Suddenly, my Samsung Galaxy rang, and as I stretched out my hand to fish it out of my pockets, the vibration was so strong that I could feel it affecting my skin. It was my sister asking me whether I could pick her up from the other side of Tiong Bahru. After dropping the call, I decided to have some buffet from the food court since I hadn’t eaten anything since morning.

The Mysterious Lady

As I headed towards the food court, I noticed a lady looking out the window. I couldn’t help but wonder why the whole place looked so strange on this particular Sunday. As I entered the food court, I almost knocked over a lady rushing out with food still in her mouth to pick up a call. Looking at her, my heart started beating fast. Something strange about this lady was really turning me on.

Was she all I had been waiting for the whole time?

I couldn’t help but wonder. Or maybe I wished that she was what I had been waiting for. The beauty of this lady convinced me that she must have been created while the creator was in no hurry. All the curves on her body made me think she could have been a statue sculpted by the gods.

Introducing June

With every detail of her body well-defined, I was certain she wasn’t just any lady. “What is your name?” I asked her as she finished talking. She looked at me as if I had been speaking in some strange language. I repeated the question once more, and to my surprise, she responded. She told me her name was June and that she had come with her boyfriend to have a good time. I was shocked as sweat droplets ran down my face.

Disappointment was clearly written on my face as I looked at her in disbelief. Did I hear her right? I asked myself as trains of thoughts ran through my mind like fire burning dried grass. Amid all the confusion, I started laughing as if life was a cosmic joke and I had just gotten the punchline.

Singapore woman looking out window
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Find Love Brewing

“What did you say?” I asked, trying hard to come to terms with the reality.

She clarified that she had come to Tiong Bahru with her boyfriend to have a good time. As we talked, a well-built man passed by. From the way he looked at us, I could sense he had an issue. His long unkempt hair had turned into dreadlocks, not because he was a Rastafarian, but due to a prolonged lack of acquaintance with a comb.

Meeting James

Looking at his face, I noticed a large scar running from his forehead down to his lips. This scar made him look like one of those crooks in the movies. His bloodshot eyes and red lips made him resemble some blood-sucking reptile. What was certain was that this man was not handsome.

“That’s him,” she said in an uneasy tone that told me she was not well.

Her Story

It was crystal clear that unless the sky was not blue, such a man could not be her boyfriend on a level ground. From that moment, I sought to find out how the two had become a couple. To my surprise, she told me how the man, named James, was a billionaire and had demanded she become his girlfriend to cover her mother’s medical bills.

I was shocked at such barbarism, considering the era for such incidents was long gone. As she told me the whole story, I couldn’t help but sympathize with her. It was clear that given an option, she would not choose to be with him.

Financial Desperation

She made it clear that she would have preferred to be with someone else if she had the money to support her ailing mother. It was clear that financial instability was her only mistake, and destiny had decided to punish her harshly for it by making her sell her beauty to such a person. Although I didn’t have too much money, I had enough to take care of such a beauty. I sweet-talked her into having me for a boyfriend, and as the man waited patiently for her to collect the money, we walked out together to some unknown and uncertain future.

A New Beginning

As we entered my black Mercedes Benz, I couldn’t help but thank Tiong Bahru for bringing such beauty my way. As darkness approached, we were alone in the car, in some isolated place in Tiong Bahru estate in Singapore, having a ‘nice talk’ that turned into a lasting relationship. That was the reason I could never forget Tiong Bahru. I even forgot to pick up my sister that day.

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