The Singapore Fling

The Singapore Fling


Singapore is a beautiful country. It’s been a part of my life for years and I’ve grown to admire the country for many reasons. The Singapore Fling is a name given to the first day of Singapore’s National Day in 2016. It is also the best day of the year to propose to your significant other. Are you thinking about popping the question? Read this article for everything you need to know – or perhaps learn about dating a singapore woman first!

Singapore is lucky to have a long two-day journey, and it is all worth it.

Months in the making, the Singapore Fling is a combination of the National Day Parade (NDP) and National Day Rally (NDR). The NDP is an annual parade that showcases the military strength and prowess of our island state. The NDR highlight is the presidential speech delivered by our country’s head honcho that celebrates everything wonderful about our little Nippon-kings-of-Zia.

From what I have seen, both events go off with flying colors. My mates who were part of the parade said it was a gruelling and physically demanding event, because they had to prepare some three months in advance. They had to be physically fit and mentally prepared for what was ahead of them.

This year, everyone’s top priority was the NDP. I mean, why not? We’ve put all our hard work into it and we wanted everyone in Singapore to be proud of us!

The NDP is a military parade involving many Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) vehicles and equipment. The NDR is a speech delivered by the President of Singapore. The President is elected every five years. But this year, our country’s Prime Minister shocked everyone with his surprise announcement that he would be delivering his own speech instead of standing down in favour of the new president-elect. Rumours were flying around on social media like crazy after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made this announcement at the NDP. It seemed that his speech would be about what the next five years for Singapore would be like and how the PM would lead them.

But none of that mattered to anyone because of the Singapore Fling! It’s a day where we all celebrate everything great about Singapore. Or to be more accurate, we celebrate every single wonderful thing about ourselves. Because that is also the day that we get to propose to our loved ones!

So it’s decision time. Are you thinking about popping the question to your significant other? Maybe it’s not the mandatory National Day proposal but it’s still a proposal nonetheless!  Perhaps you’ve already picked out the ring and are ready for that special moment when you propose. But where should you propose? How should you go about doing it? What if your partner says no?! (She won’t. I promise.)

If you aren’t too sure where to propose and what to do, then I hope this will help you.

Here are my top tips that I have taken from friends who have proposed and five questions I think everyone should ask themselves before they go ahead with their plans!


1. Know what your partner likes. The proposal should not be just a spontaneous act of love but also something that is meaningful.

2. Three Months Prior. It’s not too early to start planning for the Singapore Fling. Those who are more spontaneous and like to be the center of attention should start their planning during the National Day itself.

3. Take up a sport. This will help you prepare your body physically and mentally for the big day that lies ahead of you.

5. Praying or lighting a candle. It’s an accepted tradition that many couples do before they propose. Why not do this to help your partner know how you feel about them?

The Singapore Fling is the first day of National Day and it’s also the best day to propose. Every year, a lot of people plan their proposal on this day. In fact, people come up with all sorts of gimmicks to make it work. So you can say that the Singapore Fling is where all the action happens in Singapore!


1. Sneak an engagement ring onto your significant other’s finger. Make sure they don’t realize that you’re doing it. Because if they do, then they will freak out when they see the ring on their finger! It’s a huge surprise!

2. Activate the mooncake GPS and find a quaint little East-meets-West restaurant in Singapore. People in Singapore prefer to eat at dim sum restaurants on this day. It’s the perfect setting to pop the question.

3. The night before the Singapore Fling, have your friends and family members invite some old friends and family members who you haven’t seen in a while. It will be a great way to catch up with everyone before you propose on this day.

4. Write a personal love letter. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and how important they are to you. It will be a great way to open the door when you finally say “Will you marry me?”

5. Invite your significant other to join a weekend tour in Singapore so that they can see where the best proposal spots are. I’m sure they will make their minds up after seeing these places!

6. Make your special someone watch a movie with you on the night before the Singapore Fling. Pop that question when the movie is over.

7. Make your significant other join you on a date to one of the most relaxing places in Singapore. See here for a list of great dates you can go on with your special someone.

8. Choose any of these top proposal spots in Singapore and plan your proposal there! They’re all guaranteed to work!


There really is no need to go into detail about how to go about proposing if you have all of these ideas sorted out for you. You don’t need me to tell you how to do it. Just make sure you practice your speech beforehand!  Remember, it’s not about the ring or the location but about how much you love your special someone. That’s all that matters to them. Good luck!

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