The KL Escort In Singapore

The KL Escort In Singapore

Alan sat in the taxi taking him from the airport watching the sights go by and pondering his life. It had not really gone as planned and his marriage had not worked out. Sarah his wife had left him just a few months before. His career has been on hold for years, he just didn’t stand out from the other workers and he was forever overlooked when it came to promotion. Well, that was how it had been until last month when out of the blue he was offered a big promotion, and just days after he had started the new role, he was sent off to Singapore to meet up with a major supplier.

Alan arrived at the Raffles hotel and it was still early in the evening. He had slept most of the flight and didn’t really want to go to bed yet, so he thought it might be an idea to go for a quick walk around the place, get his bearings and perhaps find a bar to get a nice stiff drink. The city was so unlike the small town of Castle Combe in the UK where he lived.  It was full of sounds, music, and colors that gave it such an exotic feel, even though much of the architecture was very western, not asian like he expected.

Eventually, he took a seat just outside a bar in the Geylang precinct and sat down to watch the people going past. That was when he saw her, a beautiful Asian woman with such an amazing figure, slim, and not the least bit overweight like his wife had been. He was so engrossed by her beauty that he kept his gaze firmly upon her, and eventually, she noticed his attention, walking across to his table. She stood there and smiled at Alan. He was initially embarrassed by the fact that she had seen him staring, but after a moment or two, he realized that she had intentionally come across and was no doubt a hooker of some sort.

Alan’s head was spinning. Suddenly he was imagining taking this woman to the bed and all the things that they would do. His wife had not paid him much attention in the past and she had gone some months before and to be quite honest he had not the slightest inkling of having sex before this moment. Since then he had been celibate and focusing his energies elsewhere his company had noticed his new drive and been very generous with their off to him for his expenses on this trip.   Looking at her he was talking himself into paying for sex, something he had never done before.

With all this running through his head, he did not hear the first few words she spoke to him and realizing that she was talking to him, he was suddenly brought back to reality.

KL Escort In Singapore

‘What’s your name?’ She asked.  ‘Are you American?’

Alan immediately corrected her saying in a bit of an indignant way, ‘No. I am British’.

He realised that it did not come out nicely and apologised and began to explain to her that he was there on business.

They chatted for a while and Alan was becoming more and more excited at the thought he might have sex with this beautiful woman. The trouble was that he did not know the way to go about beginning or concluding a transaction.

Eventually she introduced herself , ‘I am Siti from Kuala Lumpur.  Do you like me?’ she asked.

He said, ‘Yes, you are very attractive,’ he answered.

She was quite blunt and said. “I am from Malaysian, a KL Escort In Singapore.  If you like me, you want to spend the night with me?’

Alan was embarrassed but said, ‘yes I would love to but how much would that cost?”

Siti said, ‘I am independent escort so only do full night charge.  You take me back to your hotel room and I charge $500USD for full night and full service as many times as you want.  If you like very much you hire me to be your companion for girlfriend experience and that is $1000 per day.’

Alan was relieved that she had been so direct and he readily agreed to her spending the night with him.

Siti stood up and said, ‘You take me back to your Hotel room and pay me then.’

Alan stood up and walked alongside her guiding her towards the Raffles hotel, with her clinging to his arm.

On reaching the Hotel she said, ‘You stay at very nice Hotel.  Maybe I should have charged you more.’  She laughed and he laughed to as they walked through the lobby to the elevators.

When they got to the room, she immediately said, let’s get the business side done first so we can have fun. Alan smiled and gave her the agreed sum and he stood there unsure what to do.

Siti smiled at him and said, ‘You not do this often I see.  Maybe you and I get undressed and we have a shower together?”  He nodded as she began unzipping the fly on his trousers.

It was not long before they both were undressed and entered the shower as she took the soap and began to lather him up, taking particular care and time around his genitals.  He could feel his cock begin to get erect as he looked at her perfectly trim body and pert breasts, and it suddenly became a reality that she was his for the night. She guided Alan in the shower and using a facecloth she found, began to soap the cloth and rub his face and body. Alan felt so aroused that his cock was now proudly standing fully erect and as she continued to wash down his body she began to clean it very gently, first of all wiping it with the cloth and then washing off the soap.

Malay Escort Gave Him a Rosebud

She then knelt at his feet and her face was just inches away from his cock. Moving forward Siti took his cock into her mouth and gently massaged it with her tongue. Alan was concerned that he was going to blow his load there and then, so he was relieved when she used her hands to turn him away from her. She continued washing his rear and then grasped his cheeks with her hands and pulled them apart, moving her head forward until she was kissing his anus, twirling her tongue around its edge and occasionally pushing her tongue hard into its depths. She was giving him a rosebud, he had read about it but never thought he would ever experience it.  Alan’s wife would have been appalled at even thinking about doing this, and it was a totally new sexual experience for him.

Siti knew what she was doing and she turned off the water from the showerhead and patted Alan dry with the towel. That done she directed him to go and lay down on the bed while she washed. Alan obediently lay down on the huge bed with his cock rock solid and pointing directly up.

He closed his eyes and was imagining how good this experience felt and was stirred by Siti sliding up his legs and placing his cock at the entrance to her pussy as she sat astride him. Alan lay looking at her magnificent body that was on display to him and she smiled as she lowered herself onto his cock. she was certainly skilled and he could feel her muscles massaging his cock as he entered her. He felt he should raise himself and be more active but she told him just to lay back as she raised and lowered herself up and down his cock

Alan knew that it would not be long before he came and he tried to distract himself so that he would last longer, but it was to no avail and he began to pump his seed deep into her. It seemed to go on forever, and probably not having sex for months before resulted in an even greater volume of white cum. She pushed herself down so that he was fully inside her and milked him with her vaginal muscles. When she finally lifted herself off of him white gobs of cum dropped down onto his legs and his cock was coated in a mixture of their juices.

Siti smiled and leaned forward licking up the drops of cum that had fallen onto his legs. She then took his semi-erect cock into her mouth and cleaned off the cum and juices before swallowing them.

Alan felt a little disappointed that it was all over, assuming that now he had cum that would be it. Siti had other ideas and spread his legs laying between them. She then lifted his legs so that she had access to his rear. Before she buried her head in between his arse cheeks she said, I could tell you liked this when I kissed you here in the shower.” she then proceeded to work on his anus with her tongue until once again his cock was standing rigid, pointing at Alan’s face. She lowered Alan’s legs and moved to his cock where she began to suck on his balls before once again taking his cock into her soft mouth.

It was while she was doing this that Alan began to think of something that he had always wanted to do with his wife, but that she had refused. Alan wanted to fuck Siti’s ass. He felt confident asking her as she clearly had no limitations. So he asked. “Siti, can I fuck your ass?

Ass Fucking A KL Escort

Siti removed his cock from her mouth, looked up at him, and said that of course, he could.

She reached into her bag, which was at the side of the bed, and gave him a tube of gel, which she instructed him to massage into and around her anus. She then repositioned herself on the very edge of the bed on all fours, so that Alan could stand behind her.

Alan stood behind her and held open her cheeks so he could see her tight little button and then he smeared gel around her anus and gradually worked it into the hole using his finger. He was fascinated at how his finger moved in and out of her ass. Suddenly she told him to use two fingers and he slid two fingers together into her as she started to make a little moaning noise. Then she screamed at him “Fuck my ass!” This escort from Kuala Lumpur was really into this.

Alan stood close and fed his cock gently into where his fingers had just been, and he pushed. He was pushing gently so as not to hurt her, but she screamed for him to “fuck her hard!

Alan did this and was really quite rough, thrusting his cock in and out of her ass. He never fully entered her for fear he would hurt her, anyway it felt so good just entering her a couple of inches. This was not enough for Siti, and she pushed back hard, just as he was about to cum. His cock was pushed deep inside her at the very moment he started to spurt even more of his white cum.

He stood for a moment with his cock deep inside her, and as it started to shrink once more he pulled it out and lay down on the bed exhausted. Siti went to the bathroom and when she returned she lay alongside Alan with her head nuzzling his chest before they both fell asleep. Alan was aware of her at around dawn but when he finally woke once again, she was gone.

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