Singapore Women And Their Virtues

Singapore Women And Their Virtues

Singapore women are desirable because they exemplify the best physical and character traits of a lot of cultures and nationalities.   The origin of the people of Singapore is  originally Malay. Then the Chinese traders joined in the fray as well as Indian immigrants. Then the British colonized Singapore for a long time. Then came World War II wherein Japan occupied Singapore.


If you don’t call that a “melting pot”, I don’t know what it is.


It is inevitable then that the influx of people from North, South, East, and West have made the citizens of Singapore a very unique bloodline of people living harmoniously together.  Many of these Singaporeans have had interracial marriages, while some cultures like the Malays, Chinese, and the Indians have opted to remain within their bloodline and marry their own. Today, 76 percent of Singaporeans are Chinese, 15 percent Malay, and 7 percent Indian. The remaining 2 percent are from other countries who have remained in Singapore due to work or marriage to a Singaporean citizen.


Singaporean women who are pure Chinese, Malay, or Indian still have those distinctive features that typify their roots, and by themselves, are beautiful. But those Singaporean women who are offspring of mixed marriages are dazzling ladies who have blue eyes but Oriental skin. Long torsos but chinky eyes. Dark brown skin and golden brown hair.  Add to the boiling pot of Malays, Chinese, Indians, British, and Japanese the invasion in recent decades of races from Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas – you can just imagine the beautiful result in Singapore women!


Aside from the exotic features of Singapore women, they are basically extroverted and are happy to communicate with foreigners. In majority, they are well educated and are positive about the future. In fact, the literacy rate of Singapore is 100 percent.  Decades of strict rule under Lee Kuan Yew and those who succeeded him have embedded the traits of discipline and hard work in Singapore women. They are inclined to build professional careers, be independent financially from their families and even live separately in their own apartments.


Singapore women are confident about their physical attractiveness and are not worried about getting husbands even after the ripe age of 25. They are not likely to put too much cosmetics on their skin and prefer the natural look. Singapore women are in touch with the latest fashion trends and are among the best dressed ladies in the world. They know how to be flexible with their clothes, whether for work or for casual purposes. They tend to be proud of their heritage from their original country and wear their native dresses when they need to. They also have a calm demeanor and are not likely to start an outpouring of emotions in public, and are very controlled with their feelings. Singaporeans are smart and very analytical about compliments expressed to them, discerning the sincere from the fake ones.


Singapore women, when already earning, would like to give back in return financially to their elderly parents and younger siblings. But they would not like this mentality to be a burden to their future husbands because they would take this out from their own personal earnings.   Singapore women love their kids. But they are not likely to have more than 2 offspring. But when they do have children, they will tend to be so protective and loving to them. And they want the best for them, encouraging them gently into pursuing stable professions like medicine, law, and engineering.


Singapore women would like to take control of the household budget. They will be very meticulous about where both (the husband and hers) their incomes are spent into. They care so much about the nutrition, clothing, health, and education of the family. And the husbands should never worry about the sanitation of their home when they marry Singapore women. It will be very clean, nice smelling, and well arranged. It is taken as a virtue to be very dedicated to their husbands who often will like them to focus on their work and not worry about the household and the children. But they also expect unexpected date nights from their husbands. They anticipate romantic dinners in fancy restaurants, some shopping for clothes and a little jewelry, and just some sort of relaxation with each other.


Above all, Singapore women tend to themselves by taking care of their skin, personal hygiene, hair, and mental health. They want to stay attractive to their husbands and at the same time, also look after their spouses’ needs. They also speak English fluently so communication won’t be a problem.


Singapore women would make excellent wives, don’t you think?

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