The Sexy Woman Chope-ing

The Sexy Woman Chope-ing

It is one of the finest restaurants in Singapore and dining here had always been my dream ever since I stepped into this country a few months back. What I didn’t think was that this was the day that I was also going to meet one of the most beautiful women that I had ever come across in all the years that I had traversed the world. On this fateful night, I thought it would be nice to take myself out for supper because for a while, I was unable to find someone to take out. Of course it would have been romantic if I had taken someone to this beautiful place for supper but as it were I was alone. I put on my best tuxedo and headed for the restaurant, I did not expect to find as many people as I did but it as all worth it anyway to be with different people from all walks of life. The bit that really irritated me was the fact that there was no table at all except for one that was at the corner of the restaurant overlooking the city. It had one of the most beautiful views of the city and I wondered why it was not taken yet. As I got near it, I saw a tissue pack placed on the table but I did not take it for anything.

So, I sat and as I was going through the menu waiting for the waiter to come by my table so that I could order, a very beautiful lady stood in front of me glaring at me like I had just killed her pet cat. I asked her what the problem was and she replied that I was seated at her table. I told her that the table was clearly not reserved for anyone but all the while she was staring at the tissue pack on the middle of the table. I couldn’t begin to comprehend why she was staring at the tissue pack but it seemed to be the reason she was staring at me. I told her that there is enough room for three people on the table so she could have a seat and tell me why this table was hers in the first place. She reluctantly sat and told me that her boyfriend will be here any minute from now and that I should be off. She explained that leaving a tissue pack on the table was a Singaporean tradition known as chope-ing and it meant that the table was reserved. I told the sexy woman chope-ing that since the boyfriend hadn’t arrived and because this was probably the only night I had gotten to be at this restaurant, may be I should just stay till the boyfriend came.


The Sexy Woman Chope-ing Waiting For Date
Photo: The Sexy Woman Chope-ing


We sat there and the fact that she was a really excellent conversationalist, she told me all about the chope-ing and where it had originated from and why it is so significant in Singapore. I learnt to respect the social tradition as I was new in the country and was just learning my way around. She also told me that the boyfriend had always stood her up for some a few dates now so she was not surprised when he didn’t show up at all. We talked for a very long while over some wine and some incredible Singaporean cuisines that she got to tell me about that I don’t know if I would have tasted if I was alone. It was an excellent night and I hadn’t expected to meet such a lovely lady so when it was time to leave, it was no surprise that we had agreed to go back to my place. This is because it was near the restaurant and it was really late and I had been staring at her breasts and how beautiful she was the whole time.

She was wearing a really short dress and her legs were just the perfect shape as well as the right size that someone just wants to just get in. She could tell that I wanted her and judging form the way we ad hit it off, she wanted me too. When we got back to my place, I was no surprise as she jumped on me before I had even opened the door. She started kissing me and it was quite tricky to get the key in the door as she was taking off my coat and shirt which seemed to be simultaneously. I finally managed to get the door and we got inside the apartment.

As I undressed her, it occurred to me how more beautiful she was and why any guy in his right mind would ever think about not showing up for a date with this lady. We got to the bedroom and it was even more amazing to just see her naked. We locked in each others arms as our bodies just took the heat emanating from each and by the time I had climbed on top of her, it was clear that she had never had it for a long time. We did it for almost the whole night and as we lay back, tired and sweating in each others arms, I couldn’t believe the luck that I had that day. She told me more about each Singaporean tradition and most I had never heard of but the one that stuck in my mind was chope-ing, she said that a lot of foreigners had found it to be rude but I found it to be interesting. She told me how she had also come to appreciate it and I could tell her intelligence was on a scale of its own. I learnt so much in a night that could have taken me years and then we made love again and again till I just couldn’t do it any more. She fell asleep as her head rested on my chest and as I stroked her hair, I got to appreciate this beautiful country and all its traditions especially the sexy woman chope-ing.

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