Tourist Rating of Singaporean Sex

Tourist Rating of Singaporean Sex

I am a Chinese Man that enjoys sex.  Sex is one of the basic necessities in life. According to psychological research it has been noted and concluded that for any human being to be complete, he or she must have satisfying sexual pleasure. Traveling is a famous hobby in the world and I am not left behind in that regard, I like venturing different places when in a vacation or during my leisure time. I have been looking for and visiting places to get ultimate sexual pleasures for many years. As I was going through some excellent sex articles about sexual experience in Singapore and I got interested to travel considering some of the five star reviews from different people who had already visited the place.

I set my journey to Singapore and when the day arrived I took off very early in the morning ready to have ultimate sexual pleasures abroad in the Sunny City. While in Singapore city I intend to have interactions with the sexy girls who have excellent skills behind a closed door. The girls know how to satisfy a man sexually in the practical aspect but not only theoretical.

On my first day, I got a five star girl who was irresistible, I got interested in her and I chose to try my best to convince her to allow me sleep with her overnight. I must say that the girl had noted me at a distance and she confidently told me how she had longed to hear my voice and for me to choose her. The girl was very sexy and I had a reason to exhaust all my brilliant negotiation skills to convince her and set a rate. After a short introduction, I told her that I had much interests in her and I could no longer control my feelings towards her and had to have her. Surprisingly the girl smiled with passion and tried to decline like any other shy girl when she is met for the first time. The smile was charming and instantly I saw a sign of hope. I asked her if she would mind having dinner with me . The pretty girl replied, “No.”

At first I could not believe my ears until she then laughingly proposed that we visit V Hotel Bencooolen her favorite hotel. The hotel is located at the centre of Singapore city and after some few minutes we were already in the hotel seated in the comfy chairs that the hotel possesses. We ordered the most delicious meals and made nice conversations. After we were done with our dinner, there was no discussions as rates had already been negotiated and I booked a room that could accommodate us overnight. I was given a golden key and a welcoming hotel attendant directed us to the room number 21.

The room was so clean making it a conducive environment to have sexual pleasure. While in the room, the girl started to remove her dresses to put on the night dress. Wow! The Singapore girl had put on lingerie costumes that could make any man on earth develop a strong sexual urge. The girl for sure has excellent experience and skills in bed. The girl knows how to give excellent clinical massage to men. The girl massaged me to my satisfaction and within no time I was already in a state of euphoria.

After the massage I started touching her outstanding boobs and her very soft thighs and the girl started to wet her pants. As I sucked her boobs the girl was holding my penis tightly. She then moved her lips between my legs and put her mouth over my penis. Believe me the girl sucked me perfectly and at some instance I thought I was in dreamland and within no time I had blown. As we kissed each other deeply afterward, we found ourselves in an orgasmic state. The girl opened her legs very wide as east and west parts to allow easy penetration. As I then fucked the girl.

The girl opened her legs very wide as east and west parts to allow easy penetration. As I then fucked the girl,  she aired out a good number of profanities and phrases that motivated me to fuck and fuck her hard until it met my satisfaction.

I must say that the Singapore girl is worth having her in bed and these are my Rating Of Singapore Hookers:

  • Ability to give unconditional sexual pleasure: The girl gave me unconditional sexual pleasures. She gave me her whole and did not limit what was I required from her and my little fetishes. This enabled me to give her ultimate sexual pleasure. She could not complain that I was demanding more than was expected, rather she encouraged me to move on and try new things. The Singapore call-girl gave me what I really felt that I had been missing for many years.
  • Beautiful and sexy: The girls in Singapore is very beautiful and sexy. Their cuteness is irresistible and this made me court my girl with passion. The Singapore girl dresses to kill, she puts on very sexy clothing that adds value to the experience and her physical appearance making her more beautiful and adorable. Her sexy pants are appetizing making her all the more attractive.
  • Hygienic: The girl in Singapore observes high standards of hygiene. They are so clean and smell so good it is very good to eat her out. Her cleanliness provides a good environment for perfect sexual Singapore pleasure. Her underpants are extraordinary clean and I could touch them with no worry
  • Affordable: The girl in Singapore offers affordable sexual services – but you must always negotiate price first. The girl is not demanding as such – once price has been set she does not ask for more. She appreciated what I had to give her whatsoever the little of it was. Her affordability enabled me to save a lot of money for other pleasures in Singapore other than sex. I could not previously have imagined having such a queen with my meagre cash. I noted that the girl is not actually money oriented but considers the interests of her clients and serves them to their satisfaction.
  • Welcoming and generous: The girl in the Singapore is friendly unlike many other parts of the world. She responded to my requests with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. She didn’t ask me a lot of personal questions rather she made me feel at home by giving me a warm welcome. The girl is also very generous in bed. She gave me her whole and I was free to touch her very private parts to my satisfaction.
  • Secretive and mature: I have realized that nothing is more interesting than dating a mature and secretive woman. The Singapore girl is so secretive she could not reveal what we did with her in bed to anyone else. Her maturity level is evident considering the fact that she treated me with kindness despite my nationality and race. She also exhibited maturity by not demanding more than I had in terms of payment. Her top maturity generally gave me easy time when I was courting her. Actually this was my warm welcome to Singapore.


Now let me tell you about the morning after. We then went with my new catch to National Orchid Garden in Singapore – my Singapore girl did not ask for any extra payment to do this. We ventured the garden as we strengthen our sexual bond. Anytime we look at each other, we smiled warmly recalling the great Singapore sexual pleasure of the previous night. Inside the garden we had a chance to kiss each other. We booked the swimming costumes and we chose to swim in a romantic mood. The attendants of National Orchid Garden in Singapore are very friendly and they gave us all the swimming costumes we needed. While in the swimming pool, I noticed that there were so many beautiful Singapore girls that were very sexy. I didn’t bother them since I had already a beautiful girl. Singapore sex is really sweet and whilst in the swimming pool, we engaged ourselves in many games that were sex oriented. At times we could even break the rules of the game in the swimming pool to favor our selfish interests that is to touch the private parts of each other.

Anytime I came in contact with the girl, I could kiss her with passion. We then found a private corner and she began to suck my penis. I never knew that having sex in the swimming pool is very sweet. We could massage each other in the pool and find ourselves wanting each other madly. I finger fucked her until she wet her vagina. I penetrated her deeply and she responded actively. She could cheer me up as I fucked her. I actually realized in the pool that actually most people do love sex in Singapore.

Beside us was a man who was swimming with two girls. The man actually gave me encouragement to fuck my girl harder. The guy fucked the two girls simultaneously in the pool while we were there. He could jump from one girl to another without getting tired. At some instance I could felt that I was doing less job because I was dealing with one girl but one funny thing is that the girl I was fucking is that it was too sweet that I could not exhaust it. The colleague on the other side was doing it brilliantly that I doubted his doing it naturally. I think he was using drugs, anyway that is a story of another day.

It was exactly twelve noon on dot. We went to Peninsula Excelsior hotel to have our lunch. After taking our heavy lunch characterized by balanced diet, we went to Singapore Zoo. In the zoo we were able to look at so many types of animals. What made my day and I call this a coincidental is the animals also had sex in the zoo. The animals fucked each other and the tourist could cheer them with thunder like applause – I think that there is something in the air in Singapore that make you want sex more. That is when I actually proved that everyone is mad but the degree differs and also I learnt the sex is an equalizer that unites different personalities together. The animals remind us with my girl the good moments we spent together.

There were so many sweet girls to taste in Singapore that I felt as I was wasting time dealing with one girl only. I took her to Peninsula Excelsior Hotel. After taking our dinner I broke the news to her that I was going to visit some new friends in Queenstown the next day and that she should not come with me as I wanted to do some more Singapore Escort Ratings. The Singapore call-girl could not believe what she was hearing that she wept seriously. Anyway she had to accept and cope with the realities of her life. We retired to the room we had already booked and spent our nice last moments there. Being the last night we spent together, you can imagine that high standards of the sexual games that were going on that very night.

The next morning I boarded a taxi to Queenstown purposely to look for sexy girls. It took me a short time before I reached the town. The first thing I saw as I got out of the car was a group of girls that had put on sexy dresses. I imagine fucking one of them. I did not let my imagination go to waste and I took a step to make my imagination a reality. I approached one the girls that attracted my eyes most in a style. After a short discussion she agreed with my proposals and there she came with me. As the name of the town suggests the town is full of sexy queens that is worth having them in bed. To prove this the girl feared that she might lose me for someone else and therefore suggested that we go to Chinatown claiming that the place was very cool. I knew what I really wanted from her and I could decline her requests buy rather I approved her suggestion instantly.

It is the desire of all human beings on earth to have ultimate sexual pleasures. Sex makes one complete and healthy. The need for sex is a global phenomenon. This has attracted the attention of many researchers to investigate and provide more information about sex. Psychological reports confirm that sex is one the most basic of all human needs. This means that human beings can’t do without sex or they can suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. Sex is good for the mind, body and spirit.

I am one of people who value quality sex with all types of people of differing races and beliefs. In fact I have chosen not to get married so that I can experience sex all over the globe. In fact you could almost call me a purveyor of fine sex. For me it does not matter if that sex is purchased or if it is through relationships – however I am always honest with my partners that I will not be the marrying or faithful kind. Often it is cheaper to have paid sex rather than take a woman or man on a date and have to pay for drinks, food and often more. On that note, I like reading about sex and erotic stories as they uplift my spirit and also allow me to compare my sexual experiences to others – sometimes picking up on something new that I wish to try.

As I was going through some erotic stories, I came across a website call that has some links to some great erotica based in Singapore. The stories are amazing and reading them made me want to visit and rate Singapore Sex to enjoy the things that other men have been enjoying. I had traveled all over the world but Singapore had not been a destination I had been to – except in transit going to other destinations. So I booked my trip and marked the day in my calendar to visit Singapore. I gathered all the necessary requirements, booked my accommodation, researched the locations I wanted to visit in Singapore. After I was done with all the preparations, I waited eagerly for the day to arrive. Seconds passed by turning into minutes and minutes making hours until finally the day arrived.

I woke up very early and excited on the morning of my trip to Singapore City. My journey was totally to experience sexual pleasures in Singapore and you can guess what I felt inside my heart. I will once again make my sexual dreams a reality. It took a couple of hours flying time before I landed in Singapore. Like any other missionary going out to convert, I had a mission to fulfill and that was to quench my thirst for sex whilst giving others pleasure. I am one of the people who adapts to new places not forgetting that making new friends is an essential part of my life. I had already interacted by internet with new friends that I would meet in Singapore. One of which I had arranged to meet me at Changhi airport and was to accompany me to V Hotel Lavender hotel a five star hotel located at the centre of Singapore city. I met Yi Ling and on arrival at Airport Terminal 2 Changhi where we had Sushi at the Saboten Restaurant. We discussed our lives, what we enjoyed and more. Once we had finished we walked to the New South Car Park and drove into Singapore City and the Hotel Lavender.

We alighted from the vehicle and the porter took my bags whilst I checked in at reception. After I had checked in both Ji Ling and I were soon seated in the comfy chairs of the lobby, a hotel waitress approached us and asked us if we would like anything. Oh, perhaps in my excitement to document my Erotic Singapore Story I forgot to mention that I was bi-sexual. I have always preferred women but there is nothing wrong with a man’s touch either. I have always preferred to be the dominant partner in any experience and prefer my men a little effeminate.

The waitress was a short buy sexy lady who had a perfect figure 8. She had sexy eyes and excellent natural air. My mission was all about sex and I could see the lady naked in my mind but I had also been corresponding with Ji Ling who was certainly gay and we had all but agreed to have a gay sexual experience in Singapore so much so we had organized to go to some events and sightseeing together. We ordered coffee but as we took our coffee, I noted that my new friend’s mood had changed completely. Ji Ling had realized that I was interested in the waitress and was not at all pleased about it. Ji Ling was gay and he had probably thought that I would be only his whilst in Singapore.   He came close to me and looked into my eyes, we stared at each his eyes as cold as a robot. This lasted a few uncomfortable moments.

Ji Ling Said, “I have very strong sexual feelings for you. You know this?”

I said, “Yes, I know as I do for you. But I could not help but notice how attractive that waitress was and I just cannot keep my eyes off her.”

He said, ‘Where does that leave us?”

I said, “I am here in Singapore to experience all things sexual. My mission is to learn all about Singapore Sex.”

He said, “I can tell you more about Singapore Sex than anyone you will ever meet or anything you will read in a magazine or see on you tube.”

I said, “I want to know more.”

Ji Ling said, “I can see that you are more interested in the waitress than me – but I still want you. So why do we not do this. You do what you have to with your waitress and in two days time I will return and show you things that you have never seen before. I will bring some of my friends from Pink Dot and we will show you Singapore Gay Style.”

I said, “Ji Ling you are so understanding. This sounds like a plan to me.”

We then said our goodbyes and I sat back down at my table waiting for the waitress to re-appear

Well, gaysm is not a new word for me because I have read about in the magazines, social media and even I once got a chance to view a youtube gaysm video. It was quite funny and at some instance I could not believe what I was hearing from many of the men I had met before. They showed me sexy pictures and videos that were narrated to me. But of all the gay erotica I had seen nothing turned me on like the Singapore stories that seemed to have no end. I could imagine myself being fucked by a Singapore man but somehow that seemed ridiculous seeing that all my attention was drawn to the sexy Singapore Waitress. My mission was about sex in Singapore but I was now planning to fuck someone and not to be fucked. Therefore I had to disappoint Ji Ling as I had no option but to decline the proposal of my new friend with immediate effect allowing me to pursue the seductive waitress.

As my gay friend Ji Ling left me at the table I was planning how to go to the counter to clear my bills and somehow take the opportunity to use my silver tongue to have the waitress. I knew opportunity only comes once and I had no reason to waste time. At first she thought that I wanted to make another order little knowing that this time round was a special order and request from me. I told her how much I adored the way she looked and was interested to know her more and to have her in my bed and I could not believe my ears when she told me that she had already noticed me gazing at her and was wondering why it had taken so long to approach her.

She said, “Are you not gay though.”

I said, “No, I am not gay. Although I do like some men.”

To my astonishment she accepted my proposal at once with passion and I felt that only good could come of this.

She said, “ I finish work in five minutes but how about I take a couple of days off and show you the real Singapore?”

I agreed and as she then went to the head offices to request two days off. Shortly she came back and said was free to be with me for the next 48 hours. She was carrying an overnight bag and had changed into some street clothing. She was not comfortable in the place because she worked there and both the staff and many of the customers knew her.


She said, “Let’s get out of her. Let’s go to the Peninsular Excelsior Hotel.”

I agreed and went quickly to my room to also grab an overnight bag with a change of clothing. We then caught a Taxi and as soon as we reached the hotel, we booked a suite and dinner at Coleman’s Cafe there for 6pm. As it was already 4 pm she suggested we go up to the room and freshen up before our date. We went up in the elevator and entered our room which was was exquisitely clean and set out nicely. I placed our bags onto to the table.

She said, ‘Shower! You or me first?”

I said, “Ladies before Gentlemen.”

She smiled mischievously and said, “Why don’t you sit down and watch some TV then.”

She entered the bathroom and I entered the lounge area and switched on the TV. I looked back to the bed and then shockingly saw that there was a clear glass window from the bedroom to the shower. I looked towards this beautiful Singapore woman who was smiling at me as she slowly began undressing. I got up but she put her hand up in a halting motion so I sat back down as she slowly removed her camisole facing me exposing her white Singapore breasts. Her perky nipples were erect and immediately my manhood began to stand at attention. Slowly she grabbed hold of her panties and wiggled them loose revealing the tiniest tufts of pubic hair and exposing her camel toe to me.    All I could think of was how good this Singapore Sex was going to be.

She then turned around so her back was facing me and I saw her gorgeous ass cheeks as she slowly, ever so slowly bent down to pick up her underwear than she placed on the clothes pin. She then went into the shower and lathered up, glistening, shimmering bubbles on her breasts slowly descending down to the floor. This was one Singapore Experience I was really enjoying. My cock was throbbing hard and my balls felt like they were being clamped.

After quite a few minutes of showering she toweled off and put the Hotels Bath Robe out with a towel around her wet hair and said, ‘Now its your turn.”

I then had my shower but was rather embarrassed, not like her who flaunted here womanhood to me so I quickly got out. When I entered the room she had changed into the sexiest Chemise I had ever seen and was seductively putting on some fishnets. Any normal man on earth would not be able to control themselves and I being a normal man walked over to and ran my hands up and down my thighs. She gently cooed and said, “Later darling. This is for after desert.” As she slipped on her red body hugging silk dress.

My blood was boiling but I obeyed and begrudgingly put on my clothing.

We then exited the room an headed for Singapore Peninsual Excelsior Colemans Cafe where the maître d promptly took us to our table. As we sat down I said , “ Could you please bring us your best Chardonnay please’ to which he replied “Of Course sir’.

We then started to chat and I must say we had more in common. The wine was brought over and we ordered our food and happily sipped on our drinks. Then out of the blue she said, “Did you like the chemise I am wearing under my dress?”

I said, “You have no idea. I thought I was going to die right there on the spot.”

She said, “Did you notice I wasn’t wearing any panties?”

I blushed and said, “Ummm, no.” She said, “Do you want to check?” I said, “Umm, yes please.”

She said, “You are so clumsy look – you have dropped your knife.’

With that she pushed forward and my cutlery fell on the floor. I then dove my head under the table and as I did so she spread her legs. I could see her perfect pink flaps through the opening of her skirt. My heart was in my mouth and I forgot that I was supposed to be picking up the cutlery. I don’t know how long I was down there for but she then gently kicked my knees as she closed her knees together. As I clumsily came back up I hit the back of my head on the table with a resounding thump and when I finally was seated I noticed the maître d standing there looking at me.

He said, “Is everything alright sir.”

I stammered and said, “Ah yes, I mean no. I dropped my cutlery could I have a fresh set please.”

He looked at me and remained standing for a few moments until he sighed and said, “Yes, Of course sir.”

She was giggling now and I had turned thirty shades of red. The rest of our meal continued on without incident and we polished off the bottle of Charda’s. We then left Colemans leaving a generous tip and as we left the restaurant.

The maître d walked over to me and said, “Sir have a very enjoyable night. It appears it will be one to remember.” I said, “Ah yes mmm.”

We got into one of the 8 lifts in the lobby and pressed Level 21 the Peninsula Club Level where our room was. As soon as the lift started to ascend she pushed the emergency stop button and moved over to me pushing me against the wall. We kissed each other deeply. My hands could not control themselves, the girl had soft and sexy thighs that took me to a state of euphoria when I came to contact with them. I began to bring my hand up her thighs and this time she did not ask me to stop. The fishnets were turning me on but her silky smooth thighs did even. My hand traveled to her pussy and I could feel it was already wet and hot. I gently put a finger in her pussy and she kissed me deeper, so I put in two.

This did not faze her and I began to finger fuck her right there in the lift putting three fingers in and then four. By this stage she was moaning and her pussy juices were going down my fingers, over my hand until finally she moaned rally hard and I felt her cum. She gushed right there in the lift all over my hand and running down her legs. What a turn on. I then moved her hand onto my cock and she said, ‘No now it is time to go to the room. There are cameras here in the lift and I am sure you do not want them seeing what is in there” as she looked at my pants that housed my erect cock that was trying to break free.

I said, “Now that is the best idea I have heard all night.”

We went to my room and as soon as the door opened we acted like crazy teenagers, deeply kissing and pulling the clothing off from each other. Soon she was down to her Chemise and in the heat of passion I tore it from her revealing her beauty wearing just fishnet stockings. She sauntered over to the bed as I let my underwear fall to the floor as she mounted the bed in doggie position spreading her legs and said, “Fuck me now big boy.”  I could not wait to get into this Rating Sex in Singapore

I needed no encouragement having been totally aroused since I first saw her at the Hotel Lavender and now I had this Singapore beauty in my suite at the Peninsula Excelsior Singapore. What a first day visiting Singapore this had turned out to be. I then walked up to her, my cock erect and throbbing and slowly entered her wet and juicy pussy from the finger fucking I gave her in the elevator. She was fully dilated and there was obviously no need for foreplay so I just got stuck into it and thrust my cock in and out of her as hard as I could. She moaned in pleasure and her head went down onto the bed whilst her ass went further up. I could see the harder I was fucking her cute little asshole would wink at me opening slightly. I spread her cheeks wide and her ass began to gape at me. I then spat in her open asshole and whilst fucking her juicy pussy began to finger fuck her ass.

Her gape even got larger and soon I had three fingers and then four in her ass whilst my cock was ramming her pussy. She began to cry out in delight and then started coming.   Gushing all over my cock, she shuddered and then collapsed on the bed. I lay beside her and then pushed her on her side and I spooned her. My cock was still rock hard and I slowly pushed against her ass and ever so slowly entered her. She was still in that euphoric after cum state and did not resist at all and soon my cock was fully up her ass and I began to slowly fuck her anally. Soon she began to respond and began to push back on my cock and soon she was lifting her ass up and I was fucking her ass doggie style in no time.

This Singapore Anal Queen was not shy and could take a real ass pounding as I again fucked her as hard as I could. She again started moaning very loudly and I could feel her sphincter began to clamp down and then release on my cock as she began to have an anal orgasm. This sensation soon became too much for me to hold on any longer and soon I was coming as she came too. I yelled to her, “Spread your ass cheeks as wide as you can,” as I removed my cock from her hot and warm butt.

I was amazed, the gape that she produced was the biggest I had ever seen. Her ass was wide open and it must have been gaping and dilating at least five inches. My cock began to spurt hot semen that I directed in her ass gape. My jism began flowing down her crack and into her gaping butt, I could see the white seminal fluid dribbling into her as I ejaculated over and over again. When my cuming was spent I still had a hard on and I gently put my head back into her open hole. I could actually put my cock in her without touching the sides and I began to rim her hole with the head of my cock. She was still moaning and encouraging me but soon I was spent and I entered her fully, grabbing her and rolling over to the spooning position still with my cock deep inside her.


We both lay there, side by side enjoying holding each other with me deep inside her ass. Slowly I began kissing her neck as she began to push back on me and my cock again. We were both high on our sexual endorphins and were totally unaware of time or surroundings for many minutes. Whilst still inside her ass I dozed off.

It seemed like minutes but was possibly hours later that I awoke. To my amazement my cock, although now only semi erect was still inside her. She was still asleep and looked very content. I looked at her beautiful Singapore face and body and soon my cock was beginning to spring to life again and I gently began pushing my cock in and out of her.   She moaned in her sleep as I continued to slowly enter her – it was a real turn on for me fucking this girl up the ass whilst she was still asleep. Carefully I continued moving as little as possible so that she would not awake.

The sensations that I got whilst fucking her asleep were different to when she was awake. There was no resistance when moving inside her, it was like fucking a cyberskin vagina but with body heat and form. It was not long before I again came inside her without making a sound. I then took my cock out of her and she again moaned but did not wake up. I then went to my mobile phone and set it on video and began to record.

First I took close up of her ass that had some of my cum dribbling from it, then of her ass cheeks and then her body, face and breasts. I wanted to be able to enjoy my Singapore Queen.

I then took my cock out of her and she again moaned but did not wake up. I then went to my mobile phone and set it on video and began to record.

First I took close up of her ass that had some of my cum dribbling from it, then of her ass cheeks and then her body, face and breasts. I wanted to be able to enjoy my Singapore Queen on lonely nights and this way I would have her forever. I then rolled her over gently and slowly began to touch her vagina and clitoris. Gently I began finger fucking her and she again began moaning but spread her legs a little wider. I slowly grabbed her hand and put it over her vagina and autonomously she began to masturbate herself slowly putting her legs wider and wider whilst still asleep. I then began to record her playing with her pussy whilst still asleep.

By this time my cock was hard and throbbing again and I started to masturbate whilst filming her. It was so hot to think that this Singapore beauty was naked and asleep in my bed whilst I was masturbating over her and filming her. Soon I could hold it no longer and I began to cum and my jism sprayed over her whilst I filmed my cock spurting its spunk on her. She started to stir so I turned my mobile off and lay beside her. I then contemplated about the fantastic Singapore Sex I had with her and in my mind began to rate her.

This  girl actually had the best sex rating in Singapore to have in bed because she exhibited the following character traits.

  • Ability to give ultimate sexual pleasure; The girl gave me ultimate sexual pleasure. She has excellent sexual skills and is prepared to go to taboo areas of sex. She knows the places to target a man when having sexual relations and made sure that I was totally satisfied. This Singapore woman sucked my penis exceptionally well and when I needed to release she willingly swallowed my load. She was easily turned on and her pussy got wet when I sucked her boobs or played with her pussy. The girl opened her legs apart as east and west parts to allow me to penetrate her vagina and ass easily without having to force or maneuver her. Her body moved with mine and we fucked as one and as I fucked the girl she aired out romantic words that motivated me to fuck her harder and to my satisfaction.
  • She was Clean, Sexy & Obedient;   The Singapore Woman is one of most hygienic girls I have ever come across. She was natural and clean and when I tasted her pussy it was as pure as honey. Her cleanliness encouraged me to fuck her more and her sexy nature was evident. She had seductive bedroom eyes and appealing body shape which made me crave for the girl irresistibly. During sex she was friendly but more important obedient to my desires. It was nice for her to remain in my bed as she had a warm and welcoming nature and despite being a stranger she welcomed me inside her with passion and gave me her whole in the bed. All my desires were fulfilled and she complied with all the sex styles I wanted and in fact I exhausted all the styles I most desired leaving me fully satisfied.
  • Discreet and Secretive; There is nothing interesting than spending time with a mature and secretive girl. Singapore women exhibited a degree of maturity as we were negotiating our sexual exploits. She appreciated my little extra efforts and accepted my proposals willingly and with a lot of interest. She kept her secrets behind the closed door and I am sure she kept what we did in the bed for herself. She also is not demanding as such ,unlike other women who are money oriented, the girl does not prioritize money, gifts and other things – rather she considers the interests of men and caters for them fully. It did cost me a lot of money to get seduce her but of course I gave her something small for upkeep and appreciation of the wonderful time we had together.

The next morning we woke up refreshed enough to start a new day. Since the girl had requested for a day off, we decided to go for outdoors to break indoor monotony and have fun in the Singapore sun. There was so many places to visit in Singapore. Some of the places involves National orchid Garden, Gardens By the bay, Private tours, Singapore flyer and the Singapore zoo among many others. It was our desire to visit all the places but we chose to start from Gardens By The Bay. We boarded a taxi and took off to Gardens By The Bay and as soon as we were comfortably seated in the taxi, we admired each other with renewed fervor.   That is when we realized that we still wanted each other madly the previous night only being an appetizer.

We tempted to get out from the taxi immediately to satiate our desires but at times it is very important to manage ones feelings and to allow other activities to take place that will only enhance the future lovemaking more. I could not imagine that one day I would ever be seated next to such a Singapore queen. The girl was very beautiful and sexy. She made feel like I had achieved my mission in life and God was knows free to come and take us to heavenly seductive paradise. Traffic was bad and it took some time to reach the Gardens By The Bay and whilst in transit we secretly touched each other’s private parts.   I am not sure but I am sure the Taxi driver observed us but we were like two teenagers that could not keep each other’s hand off.

Finally we reached the gardens by the bay and that is when I realized the importance of travelling with the person you really desired. We were given a red carpet welcome by the friendly attendants who are the reception. We saw the amazing swimming pool and I rushed to the shops and bought her a bikini and a pair of swimming shorts for me and then went to the swimming pool and within a few minutes we were inside the swimming pool having great moments like small fishes in aquaria. I realized that those who were present mostly were couples with sexy swimming costumes and all seemed to be having romantic trysts. Going there alone did not seem to be common place and I would imagine have made one behave like a lost spirit in hell. We enjoyed ourselves in the swimming pool as we swam with abandon and developed romantic swimming games that favored our interests. We swam as we kissed each other deeply and fondled each other under the water.   One funny thing about sexual feelings is that they are not predictable and as we kissed each other in the pool, we developed strong sexual feelings that we could not control anymore. Soon I found myself finger fucking the Singapore girl again and within minutes she was again orgasming.

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