Romance At Henderson Waves Singapor

Romance At Henderson Waves Singapor

I was angry and felt lost. Yet, with equal measure I was at peace and content. It had been five years of marriage and two children to show for it. We could no longer stand the site of each other leave alone living together. The decent conversations we used to have now turned to shouting and yelling at each other. It was neither healthy for our children nor ourselves anymore. We had finally signed the divorce papers.  I needed to clear my head so a walk through Henderson Waves in Singapore was a good idea.

It was an early evening so there were few people. The soft breeze gave me a relaxing feeling as I enjoyed the view and the clean air. Couples would pass me chuckling and running together. That is when reality sunk in deep. I am a single mother of two beautiful children who needed love and care. What about me? Who gets to love and appreciate me as a woman and a wife? I have a good job, a comfortable house, I was sure my children would never go hungry or sleep in the streets because of the insurance covers I had for them. But what about me?

The emotions overwhelmed me and I decided to sit on a pedestal and compose myself before finishing the stretch. With my face in my hands I cried my heart out and let all the tears I had held back during this painful process just flow. Five years of my life had gone down the drain. How do I tell my daughter when she grows up that it is okay to love and be loved. What words do I use to elaborate to her that sometimes you need to love yourself more. How do I tell her that she should not stay in a marriage where treating one sexually transmitted infection after another is the order of the day? As these thoughts crossed my mind, I cried even more.

My heart hurt so much and my eyes could not open. I could see slightly that evening lights were now on and I had to get home to my babies. I quickly reached out for a hankie from my purse and wiped my face. Standing across from me was a tall man sipping coffee and staring at me. I am not sure how long he had been standing there, but I suddenly felt strange. I picked myself up and stood up to leave. He walked towards me and offered his coffee.

What happened to well mannered men? To start with, you are a stranger? Secondly, I do not wish to share a mug with a stranger. In addition, I am in a very bad mood to accommodate male company.


Of course I did not share all that with him. I quickly declined the offer and walked on. He walked briskly towards me and said,” I think we got off on the wrong foot. My name is Arthur.” He sipped his coffee effortlessly as we walked and went on. “I have never seen a woman cry as hard as you just did and in a span of 30 minutes or more. It hurts to see a beautiful woman cry so much and this is why I could not just leave you there.”

All this time I was stealing glances at him. He had the basketball height, broad shoulders, a nice curved out chest, a good dental formula, strong able hands and he sure had an expensive perfume on. To top it all up, he was well groomed and his suit fit him perfectly. It was when he held my hand that I realized he was still talking to me. “It will be alright,” he said. At this point I let down all my guards and hugged him. He reciprocated by hugging me back and holding me in his arms. It felt like home; peaceful and warm.

We walked on and enjoyed small talk as we got to know each other better. We took a stop at the second wave and agreed that we should plan on meeting up sometime when our schedules allow for a free day. In the mean time, we opted for calls since he travels often. He took me into his arms and leaned to kiss me, I arched my neck to kiss him back because that is what I felt at that time. Furthermore, when was the last time I enjoyed a passionate kiss from a man as handsome as Arthur was? Was I being vulnerable to a stranger? I did not want these thoughts to clog my mind from enjoying the moment.

The kiss was deep yet slow. He knew exactly what he was doing with his tongue. He held me closer and I gave in. I could feel his cock pressing hard again his trouser and to my groin. His breathing was fast and so was mine. We did not want to stop. I started to caress his chest as I unbuttoned his shirt. He stopped and looked into my eyes asking, “Do you want to do this?” I moaned a soft “Yes” and pulled him back to me kissing him and never wanting to stop.

My nipples pushed hard against my dress longing to be released. He held my breasts and pushed the dress aside as he sucked them. I could not help mourning with delight. He looked at me with sleepy eyes and removed his coat. Knelt down before me and pulled me closer to him as he held my ass. He took the dress up and found his way to my wet pussy. I could not stand comfortably knowing and feeling what he was doing. He sucked my clit and even went further to get his tongue inside. It feels so good that I wanted to scream. His arms dug into my ass as he pleasured me. I could feel my orgasm approaching. “I am going to come”, I moan. “Oh yes baby, come” he responded. Those words made me relax and enjoy the best sensation a woman could ever have. My legs got too weak to support me anymore. I gave in just in time to land on his arms.

He kissed me on my forehead and allowed me to relax. “You will get the full package the next time we are together.” He said smiling as we walked from Henderson Waves in Singapore.


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