Seduction In A Singapore Street

Seduction In A Singapore Street

A year ago I moved to big Singapore for work. I had left behind friends, family and home to start a new adventure. I always liked to take risks and try new things. Besides, I have the ability to meet new people quite easily. The only problem were the fantasies with the hot Singapore escorts and girls.


I don’t know what it was about this city that inspired me. I usually go to tables next to the windows to eat something while I watch people go by. All kinds of women pass by in their sexy, tight dresses. Moving their whole silhouette through the streets while the air transports their perfumes. I like to wonder what they will work on and where they will go. 


Sometimes I smile thinking that one of them will stop, smile at me, take my hand and take me to a room where I can give free rein to my passion. Look closely at the perfectly placed lingerie that firms up her silhouette. 


One day however, I opened my eyes and felt my dick growing inside my trousers leaving it visible to everyone. It wasn’t the first time this happened, I hadn’t had sex for too long even though I had been personally satisfied that morning. The idea of contacting one of the Bangalore call girls in the city was becoming more and more attractive. I had never tried with an Asian girl, and just thinking about it I could feel my fellow getting wet with desire. 


Suddenly I noticed the fixed gaze perched directly on my crotch. I lifted my face and looked at her, I didn’t mind hiding it. She immediately looked down smiling as she blushed. She immediately looked back but more cautiously as she placed her hair well behind her ear. I, smiling, kept my eyes open. Light skin, dark hair and eyes, slender, sexy dress and cleavage. Her hair was up but some locks fell on either side of her face. She was standing next to another girl, a little taller who seemed to be entertained by her phone. I got up and decided to get closer, hypnotized by those eyes.


I apologized, said hello and asked if I could have my picture taken. A bit of a poor excuse, but enough to get me closer and a first contact. She bit her lip when our hands accidentally brushed against each other. And I felt like Grey in 50 shadows. My desire to kiss her and discover her naked body was growing.


I asked her to advise me on places to visit in the city to start the conversation as I began to approach her. I was so close that I could smell her scent perfectly. Would her panties smell as delicious too?


She must have noticed something in my expression because she stopped talking and asked me if I was listening to her. I told her that I was but that I didn’t understand her very much. So she offered to accompany me to one of the places I indicated. I didn’t care much about destiny as all I could think about was opening her legs and enjoy with her. We got on the Singapore underground while I stayed very close. She didn’t move away, and I felt that it only took one spark, one look, one expression to give in to the passion and sexual tension I was accumulating inside. As I continued with my thoughts the metro slowed down, the next stop caught me off guard. I tried to hold on so as not to fall on it, but the inertia and strength were too strong so my waist ended up stuck to hers. Second physical contact, I could hear her breathing, I took advantage and leaned towards her. She blinked and moved slightly away. 


So when she turned her back to me, she took a step backwards and subtly started to caress my crotch. A shudder ran through my body as I narrowed the space between the two indicating that she should continue.  I took a deep breath while doing my best not to make any sound.


I took advantage of the situation to accommodate one of my hands at the height of her ass, trying to reach the limits of her skirt. A smile was drawn on her face.


  • You tickle me…

  • Do you want me to stop? – I answered playfully. 

  • Come with me – was the whole answer.


She took my hand, we got off at the next station and took me to a hotel. We didn’t get to the room, just the lift, it was my time to tempt her. I knelt down to tie my laces and when no one was looking, without getting up, I ran my hand along her leg until it disappeared inside her skirt. I smiled broadly as I moistened my hand and from then on everything went faster. 


As soon as we closed the door we took off our clothes and kissed each other’s neck. My hands went straight to her ass, squeezing and getting rid of the thong she was wearing. She did the same with my underwear. She also seemed eager to taste my fluids. As I entered her mouth something exploded inside me. 


The temperature went up as she continued to firmly hold the penis and insert it into her mouth. The urge was too much, I took her by the hand to get her to her feet and laid her down on the bed. I watched her from head to toe, I wanted to remember every inch of her body and silhouette. While I kept looking at her, I approached her slowly.


  • What are you waiting for? I want to feel you inside – she said with a short breath. 

  • I want to taste you first – I answered while smiling.


I noticed how she trembled the moment my tongue touched her crotch. It was very wet. Her thighs wrapped around my face, pressing from the sides as the moaning began. I was at the point that I would do anything. I inserted two fingers into her vagina while continued to lick her clitoris, while with the other hand I searched for one of her nipples.  Her taste was also delicious and drove me crazy. So I took her legs, lifted them up and started the penetration. Combining movements, postures and intensities. And when I noticed that she was about to climax, I turned around and asked her for oral sex. 


A perfect ending, for an unexpected day.

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