Private Screening Room Singapore

Private Screening Room Singapore

I never knew that having sex in a private screening room is so sweet until the day I was given ultimate sexual pleasure by a hot girl at screening room Singapore. I used to hear theoretically how people share their intimate love in the screening room. I like experiencing things myself rather than basing on a second hand information. It is for this reason that I didn’t let the story go just like that rather I made a decision to visit the screening room at 12 Ann Siang Rd #03-00, Singapore. I still recall vividly in the back of my mind. I was on my vacation and had all the time on earth to enjoy myself. Normally when on a vacation,I normally look for a place to get ultimate pleasure so as to restore my mind after professional frustrations. Venturing different places when on a vacation is one of my hobbies. I chose to visit Singapore city because the city has so many places to get ultimate pleasure. I marked the day to visit the city on my calendar . Actually I was longing for the day to arrive.

Days went very fast and finally the long awaited day arrived. I woke up very early in the morning before the dew evaporated . I started my preparations for the journey and as soon as I was through, I boarded a taxi to the Singapore city. It took me a couple of hours to reach the city. On my arrival to the Singapore city,I chose to visit a nearby hotel to take some refreshments as I draw the plan for the day. Of course I knew that I was going to the screening room in the night but going alone won’t yield the fruits as I expected. As I was seated at the hotel admiring the appealing photos placed on the wall, an angel came to take my orders.

The lady was very hot and for sure her features didn’t lie. She was very pretty enough to attract any man on earth. Her perfect figure 8 was evident. Her eyes were very sexy and suggestive. She was really blessed with natural hair that added the aesthetic value to her physical appearance making her look more beautiful and adorable. Her sexy clothes were irresistible and it actually took off my thoughts. It was quite funny as instead of letting the woman know what I want, I ended up only admiring her. I greeted the woman and she responded to my greetings warmly. I ordered some wine that could at least uplift my spirits. The woman responded quickly and in some few minutes she had already brought me the wine and a glass.


Asian Woman
Singapore Woman


I asked the lady to sit near me if she didn’t mind. She hesitated for a while before she sat at a reasonable distance near me. I knew my chances in life to meet someone like this doesn’t come often so I had no reason to waste even a fraction of a minute. I spoke to her and she told me that her name was Angela. Her name reminded me about a sexy girl in the novel “The Girl Was Mine” . I think we spoke for 15 minutes and I told her that I thought she was cute. I asked her if she could accompany me to Screening Room Singapore tonight. She accepted my request. I couldn’t believe my ears that such a pretty girl could agree with me.

I couldn’t wait until I would see her again and time was moving very slowly. Seconds passed by, minutes passed by and minutes turned to hours. Finally the night approached. I meet up with Angela at a taxi stand and a boarded a cab to go to the Screening Room in Singapore. It took us some few minutes to reach the screening house. We were given a warm welcome by the receptionists and they directed us to sit on the comfy chairs at the back of the room. We sat comfortably, holding our hands together with a lot of affection. The action movie was playing a lot of sexual and lustful moments because the women were attracted by the hero. I call this a coincidence because my mission in the room was all about sex.

The two main characters in the movie started kissing each other. Angela follows closely behind and began to kiss me deeply as if we were competing with the actors in the movie. After a deep kiss, I realized that Angela was actually sleepy and she took to my chest to close her eyes. I raised her mini skirt and slide my hand in her lingerie. Her lingerie was soaking wet. I penetrated my fingers through her soft thighs to her hot vagina. I placed her legs apart to allow me to finger fuck her deeply. The woman held onto my chest tightly and I could feel some vibrations in her vagina that called for immediate action.

The woman dropped slowly to her knees and started to unzip my trouser. She held my hungry penis and sucked it perfectly. The woman made me feel I was in a world of my own. She actually took me to a state of euphoria. I lowered my head and sucked her breasts which had already raised a little bit. It is at this point that our sexual feelings reached their limits and we could not control the feelings anymore. Angela sat on my laps and she raised her skirt to her waist. I helped her drop her hot pant to her knees. My erected penis came into contact with Angela’s hot vagina and I can’t explain the sweetness I felt. I penetrated her vagina deeply. She made me more aroused by airing out romantic words and phrases. So I fucked her to my satisfaction. As I released my cum, I held onto Angela tightly and she received all of it.


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