Public Sex at Tiger Balms Garden, Singapore

Public Sex at Tiger Balms Garden, Singapore

It was on a warm Friday afternoon when I sat on a bench on the Tiger Balm Gardens, Singapore just looking at the people that were passing by, and I couldn’t help but think of the heartbreak that I had just gotten on that very same bench a few days earlier. Little did I know that this is the same bench that I would meet one of the sexiest women that I will ever date in all my life? This place always made me feel like home and the fact I had taken my ex-girlfriend on this bench for the first time that we did it, it always had a sentimental value to me. I remember, we were always wild, always wanted to try new things. Even that sex on this bench for that first time of ours was her idea. It was just one of those moments when passion is driven by the most beautiful face that I ever laid my eyes on as well as a gorgeous set of breasts that my feeble hands had ever held just overtook my sense of reason, and we did it. Right here on the bench with no regrets at all. I remember her moans as she clawed deeper and deeper into my back and at one time I remember she almost bit me but I was lucky enough to pull my finger out of her mouth just in time before she had that orgasm.


Tiger Balm Gardens Erotic Singapore
Singapore Story: Tiger Balm Gardens Young Love


Now, as I sit here alone and just looking at this beautiful garden, I can’t help but think of her and wonder what she is up to right now as I sulk on this bench at the Tiger Balm Gardens. The fact that am having wild memories of my ex-girlfriend does not stop me at all from noticing this incredibly sexy lady walking towards me. At least I think she is walking towards me as this is the only bench in the direction she is headed. Tiger Balm Gardens has a lot of places that you can sit and just soak in the beauty but I have always felt like this is my territory, and I only deserve this spot and with no one but my ex-girlfriend. This lady keeps on coming, and although am trying my best not to look her direction, it is hard not to notice her gorgeous eyes as well as breasts that look like she has just stepped out of a James Bond classic. She is not just classy, but she looks the kind that wouldn’t do the kind of things that are running through my head at the moment.

As she edges near, I notice that her legs are not just stunning but I wonder what it would be like to place my tongue between them. Just take all that in and make her scream my name if I have to. She come and sits next to me, and I must say that this is one of the most palpable moments of my life. After a few moments of awkwardness between us and the fact that everyone is staring at the beautiful scenery that is ahead of us in this elegant and just sheer amazing place, I finally decide to break the silence. I ask her if she comes here a lot and the answer she gives just totally blows my mind away. She says that she has been coming here too for a while now almost each day after work, she is an interior designer in one of those hot shot places in midtown. She says that she always notices me on this bench, and she just thought that maybe she should come over and say hi. I know I have had a lot of free passes in the past from women, but this is a new one for me. She just doesn’t look like my type despite my amazing looks.

She suggests we should look for someplace private to talk but not outside this place. I know this bench is in a more secluded place, so I suggest that we remain here. She moves closer to me, and this further just increases the tension between us. After a few moments of talking, it’s already dark, and we are still talking away. She is even holding hands with me now, and she does one of the craziest things that I have ever done with a woman. She takes one of my hands and gently puts it on her skirt. I can feel the warmth because she is wearing nothing underneath this. She has a lot of hair too, and I have always been aroused by women that never shaved down theirs. I don’t know what is happening the next minute, but my hands are all over her and inside of her and am feeling things that I can’t explain because I have never felt such passion in my life.

As I kiss her, she takes out my man and plays with him in her mouth as I just sit there wishing nobody ever comes this way. My wish is granted, and she almost as immediately pulls her skirt up and climbs on top of the bench and just grabs hold of my neck very tightly as she gently squeezes me inside of her. The wetness there is just something that I have never experienced before and as she moans slowly and gently goes up and down while being inside of her is just out of this world. My face is buried in her breasts as I willingly suck on them while she continues moaning and am scared that one of the security guards might pass by and hear us and that would only be trouble but no security guards ever comes and am grateful for this because it means that I get to distract myself a bit, and I get to last longer while being inside of her. She is almost coming, and so am I and as it simultaneously happens to the both of us; I realize that she was headed for some guy who was behind me. I can’t believe I was fantasizing all that; it seemed so real and the way she looked at me, I could tell she felt it too.

Well, time to get home, goodbye Tiger Balm Gardens, you always make me feel at home.


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